How to Choose Furniture Color


Color plays a significant role in your furniture choices. Bigger pieces like sofas and beds wouldn’t be changed for a while, and hence, the color has to be versatile. However, if you definitely want to have a certain shade, you can get furniture on rent. Another option is custom made furniture, which lets you blend your favorite colors and designs. If you’re still confused about choosing color for your furniture, here are some tips.

Factors influencing your choice

There are three considerations to pick your furniture color. The first is the scale of the piece. If the piece is small, generally it can handle bold colors. Large scale furniture is best suited for muted, toned-down colors, like grays, blacks, and whites. Furniture at stores is usually made following this rule. However, if you want to skip this rule, custom made furniture is the solution.

The second factor is style. Masculine pieces, with sharp edges and straight lines are better of painted in plain, neutral hues. Feminine pieces have elements like carved wood, molding, and curves, gives you the freedom to experiment with color. However, with a little creativity, you can still give character to an otherwise modest dresser. For instance, paint the drawers Winter White, accenting the box and the handles using a Swiss Coffee style shade.

The third and the most important question is whether you would want wood tones on a furniture piece. Generally, people prefer to leave stained wood while reworking their furniture. This can be done in new furniture as well. It is good idea because it balances out the non-traditional elements you are adding.

Popular colors for living room furniture

There is no dearth of paint colors to choose for your furniture, neutral colors are mostly a safe choice. These work for chairs, couches, and love seats. Some examples of neutral colors include grey, beige, black, and chocolate brown. However, if you need quirky colors, you can opt for softer shades of lavender, gray-green, and even relay red. Slate and oyster white are turning out to be popular, too, and you can experiment with them by getting custom made furniture.

What color should the sofa be?

The traditional strategy is to opt for colors that match the colors of the wall. You can accessorize by having accent pillows in vibrant and glossy colors to add excitement. Grey and orange are great choices. Darker grays and greens can help emphasize the sofa as the focal point of the living room.

Popular colors for accent furniture

The most popular colors, when it comes to end tables and coffee tables, are espresso, light pine, and shades of brown/black. You also have the opportunity to experiment here, so opt for metallic tones like silver, brass, and wrought iron. Glass is another popular option.

Tips on choosing furniture color

• Keep in mind the color scheme in the rest of the room. This includes the flooring, wall color, carpets, lighting and so on.
• To incorporate a color pop effect, bring in cheap accent chairs. Or get a couple in colors like Heritage Red or Blueberry Myrtle, from a furniture rental store.
• To keep refreshing the color scheme, invest in a good collection of blankets and throw cushions, which can be changed when you wish.

Also, opt for custom made furniture as it provides you with both more designs, sizes and colours!

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