How to arrange your living room for a party

Your living room should be spacious, and you should plan it in such a way that it can be utilised for various activities. If you’re going to have a party soon, you will have to figure out the location and orientation of the media centre and the seating. The centre table will host the drinks and the snacks. Another point to keep in mind is the styling of your furniture, and customised furniture solves that purpose, apart from being comfortable and spacious. Read how you can arrange your living room space and mix and match your furniture¬†for a perfect party.

Settees can be better than sofas

If you are someone who frequently hosts parties, have your furniture rental company deliver sleek seating, instead of bulky pieces. Settees are a versatile option, and they are said to encourage conversation, which is the soul of any party. You can combine settees with loveseats as well. As far as pairing is concerned, ottomans and poufs also make for great options. If you are thinking more than one mini-seating zones, daybeds can connect them well.

Have separate mingling spaces

Have a furniture layout which allows you to have multiple mingling areas. If your living area is spacious, it is a bad idea to leave it underutilized. This can be done by floating the main furniture to the centre of the room. Furniture pushed to the walls gives off the illusion of restriction. Avoiding this helps to have vignettes that lets people mingle and converse all around the room. Ask your furniture rental company to deliver high cocktail tables to serve as mingling centres. Alternately, arrange a couple of armchairs around a small table.

Nesting furniture is good planning

You do not want people crowding around the area where the food and drinks are. Do not place all your consumables around a central dining table. Instead, have nesting tables all around the room and disperse drinks and food. It is, moreover, a warm gesture and lets the guests self-serve. Alternately, break up the menu and have different nesting tables all around the area, accordingly.

What furniture to have for meals

Transforming tables can be your saviour when it comes to final, grand meals. You can have one as part of your custom made furniture as well, especially since it is so versatile. While it can serve as a centre, during a party, it can be extended to its full size at the time of dinner. If this is not your idea, instead arrange narrow tables that can be pulled over, along the walls.

Arranging furniture for facilitating movement

The arrangement of your sofas or chairs should not make the layout look stuffy or complicated. Pulling sofas and seats away from the walls also help leave a passage for guests wanting to cross over. Movement and mingling is equally important in a party. As far as your drinks corner is concerned, it is a bad idea to place it near the entrance, since it can lead to overcrowding near the very entrance, blocking the guests’ way. Also keep the bar away from the food table to avoid congestion.