How Short-Term Expatriates Can Furnish Their New Homes

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Short-term rentals are always the best option for expatriates or residing in Singapore temporarily. While some people opt for a furnished apartment, a significant number of expatriates are looking for a house they can furnish to match their tastes and preferences. The fact that the furnished apartments are increasingly becoming more expensive and hard to find in Singapore is also making the unfurnished ones the best alternative. Therefore, the guide below will show you how to furnish your new home, if you have not been successful in finding a fully furnished house in the country.

Rent Furniture
Renting customised furniture in Singapore is the easiest and the preferable way of furnishing your short-term rental home. You are free to choose from an extensive collection of items ranging from kitchen equipment, bathroom essentials, living room furniture, and other furnishings to complement your style and your home’s interior décor. Renting furniture saves you the hassle of hiring a delivery van and incurring any damage costs when transporting the items. Additionally, you do not have to worry about selling the items when it’s time to leave the country. Therefore, renting furniture is not only going to save you a few bucks, but it is also convenient for any expatriate looking to live comfortably without stressing about the furniture when moving out.

Buying Furniture
You can quickly transform an empty place into a homely residence by simply visiting one of the showrooms in Singapore and buying everything you need. It may not be the best furnishing option for anyone living in the country for just a few weeks, but you should go for it if you intend to stay for a few months. Some colours may be hard to get in most rental showrooms, but you can always get one from companies that make customised furniture in Singapore.

Go For a Partially Furnished Home
A partially furnished home has the basic items that everyone requires to use in a new home, for example, a washing machine and a cooker but leaves out some items such as the pans and side tables. Partially furnished homes are more readily available compared to the fully furnished ones, so you won’t have a problem finding one for yourself. One big advantage for partially furnished houses is that you can add more items at your own pace without worrying about the basic items that you need in the house. It also allows you to incorporate items that reflect your taste and personality, so you won’t end up feeling like an alien in your own house.

Go For Second Hand or Repurpose Furniture
You are lucky if you know a few expatriates in the country since they can offer to sell you some furniture at discounted prices. Furniture from a tenant or expatriate moving out of the country will usually be in good condition. You are fortunate if you are looking for an apartment since you can opt to occupy the house and everything in it hence cutting down on moving costs. Other places to find second-hand furniture are second-hand stores.

Furnishing a home is a daunting affair especially if you are new to Singapore. Some people opt to forego the hassle of furnishing a house. However, this is close to impossible in the country today following the increased number of people entering the country for work or business and reducing the number of furnished homes available. Most rental shops and showrooms will provide customised furniture in Singapore, so you should look around your local area and other online shops before settling for one.