Home Staging in Singapore

The Art of Home Staging. With a Heart.

Often, as a landlord and investor there comes a time when the market is just right to make that sale or rent the place out. However, it sometimes takes more time for the transaction to occur than what one hoped for.

Home staging is the art of transforming a property for potential buyers or tenants to have an immediate blow of heart and make that purchase offer. Home staging highlights the home’s strengths, dressing it with the right accents and bringing out its true potential beauty. Often, it’s how one feels when one enters a home and it’s tapping on the senses that makes the buyer connect with the home.

Home Staging also allows the seller with investing a minimum to have a maximum gain by attracting the preferred price for sale or rent. WTP has over the years perfected the art of home staging and with its wide range of furniture and interior design skills, is well equipped for setting the right stage.

Benefit from Home Staging:

Attract potential buyers and tenants.
Attract higher price and yields

Furnish projects without incurring huge initial capital outlay.

Wide variety and flexibility for any type of furniture and furnishings desired.

End-to-end solutions comprising of furniture selection, space planning delivery, installation and showroom staging.
To all people wanting to start a business or change direction, decorators, real estate agents wishing to increase their turnover.

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