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The team at WTP facilitates highlighting the strengths, dressing the home with the right accents and bringing out its true potential beauty. Ideal for those looking to lease or sell their home.

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Furniture rental leasing retail singapor
Furniture rental leasing retail singapor

What is Home Staging

Home staging is the arranging of furniture and décor of a home for the purpose of showcasing it for sale. It creates the first impression and helps bring out the real character of the home for viewers to either buy or rent the property. It is an art and there are only a few in Singapore who are skilled to bring alive the home, one of them being WTP.

Furniture rental leasing retail singapor

Benefits of Home Staging

Sell/ Lease Properties Faster

Home staging can help leave a great first impression among potential buyers or renters, increasing the likelihood of closing the deal.

Increase Property Value

Staging your home can appeal to the emotions of a home buyer or renter and make the home more appealing to the eye. This will make them more willing to pay a higher price.

Attracts More Viewers

A well-furnished home is useful when marketing your home online and will help attract more prospective buyers or renters to come and view the property.

Flaws Are Leveled Out

We level out the flaws and reveal the key features of the home with the right decor- be it the curtains, cushions or the main furniture items.

Why Choose Us

Range of Furniture

We offer a range of furniture rental products, one of the finest in Singapore, for the short-term that can work effortlessly in creating the home.

Experienced Team

At WTP we have a deep sense of interior design and our team has over the years staged many homes.

Our Approach

To us, it's not just work - we take pride in what we do and we aren't satisfied until you are.

Our Portfolio

Past projects we have done. Click to view more.

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