Home Offices: Tips for productivity in small spaces

Home offices: Tips for productivity in small spaces

Working from home can be a chore, especially if you do not have a good space to complete your work. Productivity can only be maximised if you have a workspace that allows you to focus on the tasks that you need to complete.

Furniture purchase and furniture rental can help you accomplish the tasks that you need to get down to completing, by helping you look for ways to improve your productivity with new furniture.

Here are a few tips to help increase productivity in your personal home workspace.

Make use of existing spaces

A home office can be in any part of the house – a corner in the living room, in the bedroom or the dining room can be refurbished to create a home office.

However, in order to do so, consider the existing use of the space. It is much better to create your productivity corner in a space that’s not frequented by others, such as the bedroom. This helps ensure that the space has there is no disturbance when you begin to work in it.

Sometimes, it’s all about making use of a space that is underused. A walk-in wardrobe that is never used is the perfect place to turn into your own little workspace. Imagine the quietness that comes from the cosy corner, a lone table lamp shining sufficient light to illuminate the space.

To convert an existing space into a work station is quite easy. Consider the pieces of furniture that you will need to enhance your productivity. A simple work station would need a comfortable chair, and a table, at bare minimum, along with the necessary tools for your work to be completed: a laptop or a wooden backing for making sketches.

Besides that, you may want to include a space for archiving the work that you’ve done, in the form of folders or shelves.

Keep the work space vibrant and cheerful

While you might ignore this when you first design the work space, motivating yourself when doing the work can be a very big factor in making your work space productive.

As you begin to consider the visual complements of your space, think about a visual design that makes you happy. Will you be fulfilled with a classy monochrome design, or are you the type that loves loud and vibrant colours?

It would also be useful to place personal motivations around your work space. Motivational quotes, photos of your loved ones or memorabilia from your favourite places can serve as visual reminders of your personal long-term dream. Accessories such as picture frames will be useful for storing such reminders.

While a home work space separates work from the clutter of your house, you should also remember to keep the space relaxing and laid-back. The easier it is to relax in your work space, the easier it would be to get work started. In this regard, choosing cool colours on walls like blue or green might be better than choosing stark, bright colours like red. Bright colours should be reserved for things that warrant attention, like your mouse or drawer handles.

All in all, plans for a grandoise overhaul of a home office may sound challenging at first, but it really isn’t. Start looking for things that you want to change, and then source the furniture pieces that you would need from furniture rental or furniture shops. It takes only little more than your own design to turn your dream work space into a reality.