Here’s How You Can Furnish Your Rental Apartment on a Budget


Historically, the apartment rental market in Singapore used to be associated with expats or foreigners who wanted a roof over their heads for a limited period of time. However, things have changed over the past few decades and more and more locals have also started renting apartments, thanks to the sky-high property prices and lower apartment rents. The increase in the demand of rental apartments has also benefited the furniture rental business in Singapore to a great extent. Locals as well as foreigners who want a roof over their head for a short period of time prefer furnishing their apartments with rented furniture instead of buying it. In case you are running on a tight budget and you are renting the apartment only for a short period of time, you are better off finding a reputable furniture rental company in Singapore and renting your desired furniture to furnish your apartment in the short run.

Furnishing a rented apartment without over-stretching your budget is a trick that only a few people know about, but it is very simple and easy. Here are a few handy tips for some inspiration!

Make a Wish List

Do not enter a furniture shop with no aim or idea of what you want to get. When you do not make a plan of what you need, the choices can become overwhelming and you may end up getting more than you need. After all, it is hard to resist the temptation of getting a piece of furniture when it appeals to you. By making a wish list, you have a clear idea of what you need and that prevents you from overspending. Furthermore, the furniture retailer will be better able to help you find something to suit your budget and need.

Look for Multi-Functional Furniture

One way of saving money on the purchase of furniture for your apartment is to look for furniture items that are multi-functional in nature. This is especially true if you live in a studio type apartment with limited floor space. A couch that can be turned into a bed in the night will not only save you money, it will also save you space. Similarly, you can look for other furniture items that are multi-functional in nature and do not require a lot of floor space.

Use Rented Furniture

Another good way of decorating your rented apartment with limited budget and little experience is to look for an experienced furniture rental company and find the most suitable furniture for your apartment. Whether you are planning to stay in your rented apartment for a few weeks or months, renting furniture is the best option to decorate your apartment without over spending your budget. You not only save hundreds of dollars by renting furniture, you also end up saving yourself from a lot of botheration of shifting the furniture. A good furniture rental company always offers free delivery, pick up and even arrangement services whenever you rent furniture from them.