Guide To Renting Furniture For A Studio Apartment

Guide To Renting Furniture For A Studio Apartment

Everyone knows that shopping for furniture can be equal parts exciting and frustrating. Furniture renting is an avant-garde concept that aims to transform how you view furniture and furniture shopping. As it turns out, furniture leasing in Singapore has never been easier.  It is not only worry free and affordable but you can add personalized touches and decorate your home according to your specific needs.

Once you’ve decided on renting furniture, rather than buying, it’s time to determine your furniture needs, keeping in mind the space available to you. A studio apartment is a challenge to decorate and furnish. How do you fit all your requirements within a restricted space? We’re here to help you with that! Just follow this simple guide to renting furniture for a studio:

Use smart shelving

Instead of opting for a large and space consuming shelving unit, chose shelving that can lie flat or stand upright. Choosing a vertically or horizontally situated shelving unit will not only save space but also be able to hold more of your stuff.  Shelving units can often perform more diverse functions as well. For example, a horizontally placed shelf can double as a bench or even serve as a makeshift divider if you want to create layout divisions in your studio.

Take the help of a mirror

A large mirror should be on top of your list when looking into rental furniture in Singapore. It is especially useful for a studio apartment. A big mirror instantly transforms a small space by making it look bigger and brighter. For optimum usage and light, position the mirror across the room from a window.

Use smaller sofas and chairs

Large sofas may be more comfortable, but given your space constraints, it is better to opt for small, lean sofas and armchairs. In a tiny living room, create more seating space by using armless sofas. A sofa, encased in a soft, floral fabric will add warmth and a little bit of whimsical vibe to your overall décor theme.

Placement of furniture

The trick to renting furniture for a studio is to utilize space to the maximum. Create a layout using your furniture that is inviting, spacious and well-coordinated. If your space is wider, then arrange your living and bedroom furniture opposite each other to maximize seating capacity. You can also put in a TV which you watch while in bed or on your sofa. Create natural divisions between your kitchen, living and bedroom space by using furniture. For example, a low settee can be used as a seating space as well as create a division between your kitchen and living room.

Like with everything else, one may get bored of seeing the same furniture for a long time. If that’s the case for you, renting furniture can change the outlook of your home frequently while keeping it cost-effective for you. Happy Furnishing!