Giving Your Dull Living Room A Beautiful Facelift

Giving your Dull Living Room a Beautiful Facelift

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home after your master bedroom. It tells a lot about you and your style. Many activities take place in the living room. After a long day at work, you desire to retire home and enjoy the cosiness and warmth of your home. It is also the place where you host your guests and spend time together. Hence, it is often seen as the heart of your home.

Envy what you see online and in magazines? You too can achieve a grand living room with a little bit of touchup here and there. However, you require time and dedication to elevate your dull living room to the kind of status you are envisioning. Here‘s what you can do:


Before you start working on your living room, just check around and identify items that you no longer need in your living room. They may occupy space that you could use for better things. Some may have gathered dust over time because you no longer use them. For you to achieve a stunning living room, you will first need to get rid of unnecessary items and create some space. You do not have to replace them with more items. Instead, you can just consider leaving the area unoccupied to give your living room some breathing space.

Improve lighting

What kind of lighting do you have in your living room? You can combine different types of lighting to achieve a beautiful and warm theme. Use energy saving bulbs to ensure you achieve an eco-friendly home and conserve power. Consider using a dimmer light for the walls and a brighter one on your ceiling. Chandeliers are also an excellent way of adding a touch of class to the lighting.

Utilize space

Your living room could be suffocating because of the presence of too much furniture that you have piled up over the years. You cannot achieve the kind of living room you have in mind if you have an overcrowded space. Look at the space you have and consider working with furniture that suits your kind of space. If you have some old sofas that have seen better times and they are looking dirty and worn out, you can start by disposing them to create space.

Do not rush to purchase new ones before knowing what works for you. Instead, consider visiting a furniture rental company in Singapore and choose furniture that you feel will work for your space. With trends changing frequently, you can keep up to trend by renting furniture that are in season and switch it up every few months or years. This is a great option for furniture like coffee-tables, sofas or your display cabinet.

Work on the floor

The kind of flooring you have for your living room plays a major role in changing the overall outlook for your living room. Luckily, Singapore has several options for you to choose from when it comes to flooring materials. If you have tiles in your living room, you can consider changing to a wooden floor. The wooden floor will add some elegance and warmth to your living room. There are different designs and colours when it comes to wooden floors. You just need to visit a dealer in Singapore and choose one that suits your taste and budget. If the wooden floor is not your thing, there are still several options for you to experiment. You can still go with tiles since they are available in different types and design. You can also consider marble tiles or granite depending on your taste.

Create a focal point

If you do not already have a focal point in your living room, it’s time you consider creating one. It could be a large antique masterpiece, a beautiful mirror or even a large painting. Such a focal point will add elegance and beauty to your living room. However, ensure the surrounding items do not compete for space with the item you have chosen to create a focal point.

You may not achieve your dream living room in just a day. Do not stress over the transformation and rush over it as it requires resources and time. You can consider approaching it in phases. Start with those that do not require any or little finances. Decluttering, for instance, does not require any money. With the tips above, you will enjoy the transformation and love the peace of mind you can get from it.