Get Your Home Organised with These Simple Hacks

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People get stressed about finances, family issues, work place and other aspects in life. When you come back home, you want to feel as if you’re stepping inside a sanctuary, removed from the stress of life. However, this begs the question: does your home offer a safe haven from stress, or does it bring you further stress that you may not be aware of? A cluttered and disorganised room renders relaxing at home almost impossible.

Many people are not sure where to begin. In fact, many starts to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and defeated at the thought of decluttering their living space. While this is unfortunate, it doesn’t have to be this way. Getting your home in order is less tedious than what some think it to be. This article provides simple insights that can help you transform your home into a stress-free oasis.

Introduce the wastebasket

Consider adding a wastebasket to your family room if trash tends to build up every so often. Not many family rooms have a wastebasket, as they can be unsightly and produce offensive smells. To offset this, pick a wastebasket that complements your interior décor. Choose one that comes with a lid as well as deodorising trash bags. When it is full, grab it and empty it right away.


Do you have that ‘small’ space that you don’t know how to utilise? Well, you could do with shelf units in these small spaces. For instance, the space below the staircase is suitable for a shelving unit for storing various things. Floating shelves give your home a refreshing design because you can innovatively arrange them as you please. You can use them for books, photo displays, artworks, vase arrangements and other items. Thanks to floating shelves, your floor space will remain free for Singapore’s custom furniture.

Nesting tables

Nesting tables always keep their promise to remain compact, inconspicuous and versatile. They sit quietly in a quartet or quintet in the living room, one on top of the other, always ready to be pulled out and be used as tables for arriving guests. Nesting tables offer a unique option for tucking away remote controls, coasters and magazines instead of leaving them lying on the floor or rug. They free up the area in front of the custom made sofa, where a coffee table is always stationed, allowing you and your guests to stretch your legs after a tiring day.


Every living space should have a set of trays. When items are arranged on a tray, they look more orderly. Consider placing a tray on top of the coffee table or nesting table to accommodate common living room clutter, like magazines and remote controls. By using trays, you can easily put these items out of sight and access them when you need them. This is the best way to conceal some visual clutter without impairing t accessibility to commonly-used items. Consequently, the room will look tidier. Besides, trays also protect your rent to own furniture from rapid wear and tear.


For families with young kids, toys are a must-have and often litter the house. Keeping your house tidy is never an easy battle especially with the ever-growing number of such toys. The best solution to keeping toys under wraps is to get baskets that come with covers. Baskets are appropriate as they are lightweight and thus can be used to ferry and store the toys.

Remember, getting your home organised does not mean that you have to throw away your favourite pieces of furniture or objects that you have accumulated over the years. Place them in storage so as to afford your living space some breathing space again.