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The Ease of Furniture Lease and Rental

WTP is one of the leading companies in Singapore with our flexible packages for furniture leasing and rental. Our wide range of furniture, custom made designs and comprehensive services have made the process of procuring furniture wonderfully hassle-free and cost effective. In our stores, you will find an impressive range of furniture.

We are extremely flexible when it comes to furniture rental: you can choose just 1 item or you can rent enough furniture to deck out your entire home!

We have contracts that last a month to thirty-six months. Your home is your own, and you should furnish it however you like it. Our short-term rentals allow you to experiment to find that ideal furniture piece, where it fits perfectly in your bedroom or any place within your house. You will have the opportunity to purchase and own your favourite pieces of furniture, at nominal costs, at the end of your lease period.

Countless corporate bodies and individuals in Singapore have benefited from WTP’s furniture leasing plans. Whatever our clients choose, whether it’s an outright purchase, a short term rental or long term leasing, we aim to provide the best customer service, both in our stores and online, in Singapore and guide them to the best solution for their furnishing needs.

Our customer service doesn’t end at our store. Delivering your furniture won’t just be placing it at your doorstep. It also includes preparing it so that our clients can simply walk in and enjoy the latest addition to their home, be it a cabinet for your bedroom or a stunning sofa.

Moving can be a very hectic and traumatic experience, and we hope we can assist in making the transition as seamless and hassle free as possible when you rent furniture from us. Of the companies in our line of work, we are confident we stand out due to our prices, services, range and commitment to excellent customer service. You can also check out our selections online.

Within WTP’s store is the Outlet, where you will discover a range of excellent value for money pieces for all places in your home. The Outlet caters to the needs of the value conscious and savvy buyer, offering a range of furniture, from headboards to sofas, at fantastic price points. Click here to find out more about budget furniture rental.

Furniture Leasing Singapore

Worry-free. Our team delivers and setup your entire home. We also include making up the beds and laying the linen.

Rent Furniture Singapore

No detail is too small or over-looked. Walk into a home fully decorated to your needs.

Furniture Rental Singapore

Flexible lease terms. Packages as low as $500 monthly to lease furniture for the entire home.

Contact us now to find out more about our services (including custom made furniture home staging).