Furniture Rental & Leasing in Singapore

Furniture Rental & Leasing in Singapore


The Ease of Furniture Lease and Rental

WTP has played a leadership role in Singapore furniture leasing and rental with its flexible packages. Its wide range of furniture, custom made designs and end-to-end services have made the process of leasing hassle-free and cost effective.

Furniture leasing from WTP does come with the flexibility to hire just one item or for the entire home. Contracts available from one month to thirty-six months or more. Moreover one has the option to own the furniture at a nominal cost at the end of the lease period. Many corporate companies, expatriates and locals in Singapore have benefited from the WTP furniture leasing advantage. Whatever the clients choose, whether it’s outright purchase, short term furniture rental or  long term leasing, we will assist in them in their decision making process and we will do our utmost to ensure they receive a high standard of service.

Our service also includes making up the beds and laying the linen so that clients can walk in with just their suitcase. Moving is a very hectic and traumatic experience, we do hope we can assist in making the transition as seamless and hassle free as possible. We are confident that we stand out amongst other vendors in the industry based on price, service, range, ability and capability.

Within WTP’s store is The Outlet that is home to the budget furniture. The Outlet caters to the needs of the value conscious  buyer offering a range that’s within a range. Click here to find out more about budget furniture rental at The Outlet.


Worry-free. Our team delivers and setup your entire home. We also includes making up the beds and laying the linen.


No detail is too small or over-looked. Walk into a home fully decorated to your needs.


Flexible lease terms. Packages as low as $500 monthly to lease furniture for the entire home.

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Furniture rental versus Retail

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