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We are extremely flexible when it comes to furniture rental: you can choose just 1 item or you can rent furniture for your entire home!

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Short Term Rental in Singapore

We are extremely flexible when it comes to furniture rental: you can choose just 1 item or you can rent furniture for your entire home!




Home Staging

The team at WTP facilitates highlighting the strengths of the home, dressing it up with the right accents and bringing out its true potential beauty. 

Home staging is an art and there are only a few in Singapore who are skilled to bring alive the home to attract those who wish to rent or buy the property. 

At WTP we have a deep sense of interior design and our team has over the years staged many a home. We’ve helped bring out the right character of the home for viewers to either rent or buy the property. We reveal the key features of the home with the right decor- be it the curtains, cushions or the main furniture items.

The team at WTP helps in decluttering, reorganising and accentuating the home. 

When a renter or buyer comes to view the apartment, they typically do it for five or ten minutes and it’s this first impression that needs to create a lasting one. 

We offer a range of furniture rental products, one of the finest in Singapore, for the short-term that can work effortlessly in creating the home.

Renting of furniture  makes for an interesting option, as an alternative to buying.

For almost three decades, the process of leasing and renting of furniture has been made hassle-free by WTP. The flexibility of its leasing packages, length of the lease, a range to suit different budgets, the need to hire individual items or then for the entire home, all make renting from WTP an ideal ‘go to’ place. 

Benefits of Furniture Rental with WTP

  • Short term and long term contracts available.      

  • Hire from one item or furniture for the entire house.  

  • Itemized quotation is available.  

  • Lease re-writing flexibility at the end of the lease period or earlier.

  • Product maintenance during the lease contract period.

  • Comprehensive insurance policies.

  • Option to lease to own at the end of term.

  • No initial capital outlay or temporary accommodation charges.

  • Free interior design service with furniture tailored to personal taste.


With delivery being made in advance one can move into ones new place immediately. WTP even provides loan furniture prior to the ‘actual’ lease furniture at no extra cost. With these loaner pieces to start with, one no longer has to rush into decisions to find the right pieces for the home, which can be discovered at leisure at the WTP store or selected from wtpstyle.com.


Style, budget, number of pieces, length of the lease are all variables to leasing. Hence, one has the option to choose from different packages. The furniture can even be customised to one’s personal tastes. Leasing of furniture also allows for replacement of furniture when one renews the contract, should a new trend knock for some décor changes within the home.

  • ​The duration of the furniture lease matches the duration of the tenancy agreement.

  • Free temporary furniture while making a decision on the actual items.

  • Freedom to change furniture styles with each renewal of the furniture contract.

  • For landlords, it is easier to attract a higher rental with a well-furnished interior.

  • For companies, the leasing option is tax-deductible. 

  • No shipping and handling and warehousing charges incurred by the company.


It takes away the worries of shipping of furniture, the unnecessary paperwork accompanying it, the unwanted storage costs, the risk of fitting the furniture to the new living space, damage in transit and disposal costs etc. Moreover, it minimizes one’s initial capital outlay for the purchase of furniture and allows freeing up some money for other ‘settling in’ expenses.


Leasing comes with service and repair of all the items under the lease. With round the clock maintenance and with the items under warranty during the lease period, the renting of furniture is truly worry-free. Separately and sometimes an overlooked advantage is that furniture lease payments are tax-deductible.

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