Furniture ideas for modern apartments

Apartments have their own set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to interior design. Smaller spaces mean smarter, more functional, and yet trendier furniture layout and designs. With furniture rental companies you can keep changing your scheme. You can bring back styles from the past. You can also experiment with scales. Custom-made furniture helps you design according to your style and save space at the same time. Read about some furniture ideas for modern apartments.

Have a modern furniture scheme

Modern style furniture is a necessity in your modern apartment. Modern furniture refers to hard, defined edges and sleek designs. For tops and legs of chairs and tables, you can have gloss and matte. Modern apartment atmosphere is well complemented with geometrical shapes and symmetrical patterns. Modern furniture pieces go well with linen, cotton, wool and jute for upholstery. Neutral shades can help with a minimalist furniture scheme. Retro styles bring life to otherwise dull spaces.

Incorporate curvy furniture

Apartments can get boxy at times. Keeping in mind the rectangular shapes of your rooms, adding curves to your furniture scheme or doing a mix-match furniture concept can be a good idea. Include a round table to lend curves to your living room’s main seating area. For a modern kitchen-cum-dining area, consider having a round glass or copper top. You can even get it designed from a custom-made furniture store. Aesthetically, round tables and chairs look more inviting. If you would like to persist with rectilinear furniture, have round area rugs.

Smart shelves

Apartments are compact spaces and need better area management. Shelves are an interesting way to manage storage while adorning a space. In carved out spaces, go for open shelving. Reduce clutter on tables and kitchen counters by opting for hidden closets and pantries. Floating shelves in kitchens, too, can help claim vertical space. Custom-made furniture stores can help design bookshelves of your chosen dimensions. Wall mounted shelves in contrasting colours are an effective way to blend utility and decor.

Bring elements of mid-century furniture

Mid-century furniture is both vintage and modern at the same time. These are pieces inspired from the middle years of the 20th century. Folding screens, pretzel armchairs and screened cabinets are interesting mid-century additions to your neutral interior design. Interesting combinations include traditional teak dining tables and contemporary chairs and Danish chairs in soft colours and handcrafted arms. Marble topped tables with traditional legs can be set up in open areas. The mid-century century style calls for eclectic lighting as well. Ask your furniture rental company for vintage style furniture.

Raised toe kicks for kitchen furniture

Modern apartments need ergonomic styling. Toe kicks in kitchen cabinets help you stand as close to the top as possible without losing your balance. Raised toe kicks are all the more necessary if you have someone using the wheelchair at home. Another idea to get greater toe clearance is to ask your custom-made furniture company to replace toe kicks with furniture style legs. Match this style with flat-panel cabinets, cabinets in traditional brown and countertops in stainless steel.