Furniture Customizing Guide For First-Time Homeowners

Furniture Customizing Guide For First-Time Homeowners

Many first-time homeowners may have a certain idea of how they wish to decorate their new homes, making the furniture an essential part of this expectation. With such specific ideas of what they want, first-time homeowners may prefer to purchase customized furniture instead of pre-build furniture from shops. Although this will be more expensive, it will certainly be a good investment into your new home. While getting your furnishings customized, you will need to be very careful about the factors listed below to ensure that you get the type of customized furniture you are looking for.

Here are a few tips on selecting material for tailored furniture:

Type of wood used

There are different types of woods used for making furniture where the one most commonly used is timber. However, it will be important to note that using timber for the entire interior of your can be very expensive. This is why professionals suggest that one gets their customized furniture made from recycled and reclaimed timber that is more affordable and adds a vintage and classic look to your room.

Quality of the furnishing

When ordering bespoke furniture, you should definitely give them clear instructions about the kind of finishing you want. This is because the finishing of tables, beds and chairs can reflect a lot about the quality of wood used to make it. Hence, to ensure that you can get the best possible quality for your budget, you should consult professionals before making any final decision.


While selecting the designs of your furniture, do not be surprised by how different the designs can be. At times a customized chair can cost more than a whole set of furniture due to the type of design or wood. If you are looking for more affordable customized furniture, it will be advisable for you to choose simpler designs, as they are generally cheaper and also easier to maintain.


The total cost of most furniture will depend on the per unit price and the number of pieces you are purchasing. This is why it is advisable for you to order all of your furniture from one shop as there are a higher chances of you being able to receive discounts when you order more pieces.

Type of fabric

Most customized furnishing will use different kinds of fabric. The kind of fabric you choose can alter the cost and the look of your room. If you are selecting a dark colored fabric, it will likely make your room look smaller than it is. On the other hand, using light colored fabrics will make your room look brighter and more spacious. Textured fabrics will add an interesting edge to your room, as they will look more unique than normal fabrics.

Type of finishing

There are two types of finishes; clear and opaque. Each of these finishing has sub-categories, clear finishes includes linseed oil, Danish oil, Tung and varnish while opaque includes paint and lacquer. It is advisable for you to chose opaque finishes if you want a vintage look and clear finishes for a more modern look.

For extraordinary customized furnishing, it is definitely recommended for you to consult an expert before making any final decisions.