Furniture and interior décor tips for the minimalist

Minimalist interior design is taking over homes all over Singapore. The reasons are clear; minimalism is less stressful, looks more sophisticated, and makes it easier to clean the home. Moreover, it lends balance and harmony to the arrangement. In a minimalist home, quality is preferred over quantity.

Custom made furniture is perfect for such homes because it provides the right mix of style and substance. Here are some tips on minimalist furniture and interior décor.

Give the focal point prominence

Minimalism is all about cutting out unnecessary elements from your home and streamlining your life. Focusing on the right things starts from your home. Identify focal points in every room. If it is the living room, the focus could be on your understated fireplace, a sleek couch, or a piece of wall art. Additionally, let there be lots of empty space around the focus so as to let it interact with the latter.

Do away with the clutter

Clutter can refer to the pile of magazines on a cupboard top, clothes dumped in a wicker basket, or even extra furniture pieces. It could also mean unnecessary knick-knacks lying here and there. Instead of having bedside bureaus, utilise vertical space and get a cupboard from a custom made furniture store. Even while decorating, do away with pieces that you don’t need. Keep surfaces clean and clutter-free.

Keep similar elements together

Owners of minimalist houses swear by harmony and consistency in their home décor. Items should not be scattered all over the home. Consolidate similar objects by designating them in one space. These objects could be photographs, wall art pieces, hangings, vases and so on. This can help make a strong yet refined statement. You can even get a sleek display cabinet on furniture rental to group them all together.

Use lighting to your advantage

Light plays an important role in minimalist interior décor. You would not want the clutter of lamps, lighting fixtures, or even candles for different parts of your house. Thus, you will have to make the best use of natural light. Use glass for sun-facing walls and during the summers, you can use blinds. Another idea is to use artsy lamps, accent lights and so on. Try investing in a unique-looking light fixture.

Furniture ideas for a minimalist interior design

When it comes to furniture, opt for geometrical patterns and angular shapes. At any rate, avoid curves and intricate detailing. It also helps to have consistency in your furniture scheme. Custom made furniture allows you to choose your own minimalist-style fabrics. Velour and microfiber are good choices. Decorate with subtle elements like a flower vase, a photo frame and so on. Do away with bulky media centers or beds.

Incorporate a minimalist colour scheme

Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is not about monochrome furniture and walls. It is about the restrained use of colour and not mixing too many of them together. Choose a single colour and use shades of the same throughout. You can experiment with textures to lend variety to the scheme. To ensure that the colour of your furniture doesn’t clash with the that of the rest of the interior design, get it from a furniture rental company.