Fun and Simple Home Design Trends for Millennials

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Welcome to the world of millennials where everything has to be Instagram ready and Pinterest perfect. Those born from 1980 to 1995 are now charting a new course and defining themselves in various fields of fashion, interior design, and technology. Most live out of their parent’s house, meaning that they are designing their own homes and living spaces. This means the popular trends of their predecessors, the Baby-boomers, are slowly giving way to a generation with a different sense of style and fashion. This article covers some trends millennials are using to design their homes.

Minimalism is taking the Upper Hand
Millennials are always moving from one city to another. Therefore, they are highly likely to rent a home in Singapore rather than buying a permanent house. This means that almost everything in their home is easy to pack when moving around. They will go for trendy pieces but it also has to be multifunctional. For example, a couch that serves as a seat and a bed for guests will be popular among most millennials. The high housing prices have also limited their probability of living in larger spaces, hence leaving them with no alternative than to remove any clutter that would be occupying their small homes to create more space.

Personalization is Important
Millennials have been labeled as selfish on many occasions, but what most people forget is that they have a strong commitment to everything they believe in. Most items in a millennial’s house reflect their taste and preferences, ranging from the small flower vase to the large pieces such as couch or armchairs. The choice of colors and styles represent the homeowner’s real personality. The Internet has also made it easier for millennials to customize some furniture pieces since they can learn all the skills they need from YouTube, Pinterest, and other DIY videos.

Bold Color Schemes and Patterns
The lack of clutter will make a house appear simple and feel a little empty. However, millennials have substituted this with bold colors and interesting patterns to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their homes and break the monochromatic look. Bolder colors such as the millennial pink, purple, metallic colors and tonal reds are now popular in most millennial homes hence making the house look more trendy and inviting. Bolder and oversized geometric patterns are also used to make smaller homes appear big and spacious.

Rough Textures
Millennials have dropped shiny elements in their homes in favor of rough and rustic textures. The popular stainless steels items and other polished nickels are losing their touch each day with most people going for the rustic gold as well as warmer brass and bronze. The warm rustic looks complement the bold and dramatic colors in an excellent way. Most millennial homes also lack ornamentation hence giving a pop to every small detail in the bright color scheme.

We cannot ignore the fact that millennials have revolutionalised the home designing industry in the 21st century. Millennials are all about new ideas and different ways of having fun with small spaces. This has resulted in an increased demand for furniture rental with most people experimenting with different looks before they decide on a piece. Social media feeds such as Instagram and Pinterest have made it easier for most millennials looking for unique home design ideas. Watching DIY videos on YouTube has also helped most people redecorate their homes and design many furniture pieces without hiring an expert.