Five Accessories That Can Make Your House Look Cosier

Five Accessories That Can Make Your House Look Cosier

Whether you are living in an apartment or own a house, you want it to give you a cosy feel. Adding a homey touch to your house completely depends on your personal choice and preferences. The best thing about giving your home a cosy makeover is that it doesn’t cost you a fortune. These easy hacks will give your home an amazing makeover without putting a hole in your bank account.

If you are someone who is living in a place temporarily then you can also get rental furniture in Singapore. These work on short term and long term basis depending on your needs.

Here are our top five accessories that will give your house a makeover while staying within the budget. You no longer have to give up comfort for the sake of sophistication. These accessories will give your house a cosy touch:

Upholstered coloured bed and cushions

A stylish addition to your bedroom, an upholstered bed can add a touch of elegance while providing a cosy space for you to get your much-needed rest every day. Pair your upholstered headboard with a few cushions and pillows of your choice and your bed will be looking forward to sinking in your fluffy bed every night. What better way can you bring in cosiness to your home than to your favourite space in your home!

Cosy Nook

If you own a small home and don’t know how to make it look cosy without clustering it then this could be an excellent choice. Set up a small corner by pushing the extra corner sofa towards it. Add a couple of cushions on top of it, put up books on the side and blankets on a display rack. This will be the perfect way of making your inner designer shine out. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with colours and textures.

Unique Area Rug  

Instead of a wall-to-wall carpet, opt for an area rug that will bring a pop of colour to your flooring and help define your living room space. Area rugs are popular because they provide comfort while acting as a decoration piece for the room. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and can be easily switched out for a new design when you get bored with the current one. The right area rug will bring warmth to your room and provide a comfortable space for rest. From natural and rustic rugs to a colourful one that can act as an accent to your space, explore your options at WTP Singapore! 

Artistic touches

We can stain the mirror frame with your chosen colour to match your space. It will create a serene environment and come off as intimate and homey. You can also put personalized artwork pieces on display. As these pieces are something that you have created, it will look beautiful and make it feel like home. You can also put up pictures of your family members, including your pets, and create a memory space for yourself.


Do not underestimate the difference a warm lamp can make to the comfort of your home. Consider getting a table lamp or standing lamp to bring a warm glow to your night when you come home from work. Lamps are great for illuminating your night for some light reading or simply creating a great atmosphere for a good talk with your family.

These are some of the ways you can create a cosier home for you and your family. Whether you are buying or renting furniture, the most important point is to have a concept of how you want your home to look like. This will give you a direction in your shopping and make it more worthwhile.