Expert Home Staging Tips That Will Boost Your Sales


Selling your home equates to selling a lifestyle, however not specifically your lifestyle. When it comes to home staging, the focus is to achieve a look that is new and attractive but not taste specific. Prospective buyers with different tastes should get the impression that they can live in the home if they buy it. This is what sets home staging apart from decorating. By understanding the difference, you can sell your home as quickly as you want.

While potential buyers have different preferences in decor and furnishings, all of them will agree that they want a house that is functional, welcoming, and tidy. You need to adapt your space so that prospective buyers can talk about it in those terms as opposed to the way you’ve decorated it. If carried out correctly, the finances spent on home staging will be recouped tenfold in the home sale. Here’s our take on how you can optimize your home staging.

Get rid of it all

Move everything unnecessary out of your house. That includes your favourite doll collection, designer rug, and the couch that has been around ever since you were born. Despite these things being of sentimental value to you, keep in mind that buyers want to visualize themselves in the house; seeing family photos, clothes in the wardrobe and not your with your belongings. Only retain the essential furniture.  Remember, you want the entire space to look spacious, clean, and organized.

Small furniture provides extra space

Downsizing your furniture helps to make the area appear larger. For example, you can get rid of your king-size bed, dresser and nightstand, which take up plenty of space in the room. Instead, clear these items out and rent a queen-size bed, a tiny lamp, and a mirror just for the home staging. You will be surprised by how spacious the room looks without all those big pieces of furniture crammed in there. If the property you are selling is completely new, then you have even more room to play with your furniture rental without having to fuss about existing furniture.

Mirror on the wall

This is another trick of the trade. Placing mirrors on the wall especially in the dining area helps to make the space bigger, brighter, and allows natural light to reflect all over the walls.

Minimalistic kitchen

They say the kitchen is the focal point of the home. How your kitchen looks will either make or break the sale. So, get rid of all the old appliances and towels in the kitchen and leave only a few things like cookbooks, spice racks, and cooking utensils. The cookbooks convey the message that this kitchen is designed for serious cooking. It’s just a piece of branding, and it works magic on buyers.

The small details matter

Set the dining table. It creates a big impact on the buyer. When anyone walks in, they feel welcomed straight away, as if they have been invited for dinner. Light up the candles, place clean towels and soap in the bathroom, and a couple of magazines on the coffee tables. The set up will make the buyer want to linger around forever.

Outdoor sections

The outdoor sections also evoke similar interest in buyers as the interiors. If you have an unattractive deck, consider adding an outdoor rug, bamboo sheeting to the rail, a small table and a couple of bistro chairs. Also, a vase of flowers on the table is a great addition. Now, this previously blank space can serve as an additional living area. When buyers look at your outdoor area, they will be thinking ‘What an attractive place to have breakfast!’

Employ these tips and see how it works out for your home staging.