Essential Pieces of Furniture Every Bedroom Needs

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Your bedroom is one of the most personal and private spaces inside your house; it’s where you relax and sleep like a baby. As such, it needs not only to be functional but also conducive for a sound sleep.

Improve your safe place and enjoy a much more dreamy retreat by taking the time to put in these essentials in your bedroom:

A Bedroom Rug

There’s nothing that ruins a good sleep more than stepping on a harsh, cold floor. Start your day right by placing a soft, bedroom rug like our Mangolia Area Rug just by your bed. Don’t forget to make it blend well with your other room furnishings for a complete look.

Throw Pillows

You can have more than two throw pillows. Why? Because they help make your sleeping place look more comfortable and inviting. As always, pattern it accordingly. Nothing is worse than having throw pillows that ruin the overall theme of your sanctuary.

A Comfortable Seat

If you have yet to find your comfortable seat, do yourself a favour and get a good comfortable seat, place it by your bedside. Our Susan Armchair is the perfect option! This particular seat can be your favourite go-to place for reading and for relaxing after a long day’s work. This is also where you can spend some alone time contemplating early in the morning as you sip your morning brew. Basically, it’s the perfect place for you to start your day or unwind.

A Good Display Case

A trophy case or a cabinet where you can display photos, gifts and achievements are definite must-have items in the bedroom. Not only will they help add to your décor, but they’ll also help motivate and start your day right when you wake up.

A Nightstand

The secret to getting better sleep is making sure that you have a well-stocked nightstand like our Yvonne Bedside Table beside your bed. It should have everything you need before going to bed and after, including a glass of water, a lamp, a book, an extra drawer for any other things, and a small plant to complete the setup. This is just a basic rundown of things. Feel free to add more according to what you need.

A Comfortable Mattress

This is perhaps the most important part of your bedroom; a comfortable mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. Make sure to choose a mattress that complements the height of your frame, as well as that of your headboard.


Your bedroom is a sanctuary for you to relax and sleep in. Don’t ruin it by putting a TV inside. In fact, double-up on keeping it tech-free by keeping your phone away from your bedroom. Such gadgets will only keep you up at night and destroy the serene, calm atmosphere that you want and need from your bedroom.

Afraid that you will get bored of your bedroom set up in a year or two? Worry not! Furniture leasing in Singapore can help you redecorate your house according to your needs. With the option to swap out the furniture when your contract is up, you can opt to try out news ones after or simply purchase the ones you have already rented.