Essential furniture and accessories for your first living room

Essential furniture and accessories for your first living room

The living space means different things to different people. It might be a place of relaxation for certain individuals, and a family get-together zone for some others. Your first living room should suffice for every need, be it entertainment or unwinding.

The right furniture and accessories can complete your living room. Customised furniture helps blend functionality with personal style. Read on to know some furniture ideas, essentials and accessories for your first living room.

Love seats

Sofas may not be a practical option for the first time living room owners. There might not be too many visitors and their budget might not allow them. You can get small couches and ottomans. Loveseats are an even better option. If you want a proper seat, rent furniture for the living room especially for special occasions at home. Loveseats make for excellent sitting in parties as well.


A cosy throw blanket is an absolute necessity in any living room. People owning a house for the first time find themselves spending most of their time in the living room. With a comfortable throw on the couch, you can enjoy movies and books at any time of the day.

Coffee table/accent table

A coffee table acts as a focus for the seating area, especially if the living room is small. If you find coffee tables expensive, you can go for an accent table. They serve to hold magazines, lamps and drinks and are a neat addition to the living room.

Accent pillows

In the living room, accent pillows are indispensable for your loveseats. They provide the required cosiness and add a dash of colour to space. Get a few in vibrant shades, for instance, bold orange or blue. Opt for geometric patterns and scatter them around your seating.

Entertainment center

Buying a bulky and expensive entertainment centre is not necessary. When you rent furniture, you pay less and replace it. The same goes for an entertainment centre, which is the heart of any living room. You can watch movies, play games or music, even display books using the media centre.


Rugs provide warmth to an otherwise cold and monotonous living room. They are all the more necessary in rooms with floors made of hardwood and marble as it helps to eliminate floor noise. If you have an open floor plan for your living room, area rugs can help mark different spaces out.


Customised furniture can solve both storage and style needs in a living room. Get a classic sideboard designed by a custom furniture company. You can hide away knickknacks and other bits and pieces inside it. Put the sideboard against a wall with feature wallpaper. Vintage sideboards are popular these days. Ask your customised furniture provider to include wide drawers and cupboards for cutlery and crockery.


These serve as bold points of visual interest in a living room. They also provide an additional layer of light. Overhead lighting can be harsh, and this is why lamps are necessary. Lamps provide soft and warm lighting. Vintage lamps and special pieces, like horse head lamps, can make the space interesting.