Enjoy An Affordable Lifestyle As An Expatriate In Singapore

Enjoy An Affordable Lifestyle As An Expatriate In Singapore

Moving to another country is not an easy thing. Though the move may come with a pay rise or growth in your career, these are still not enough to compensate for the kind of feeling you may go through, not to mention the loneliness you will endure. You will be separated from your family and may miss significant milestones in your children’s lives. The situation becomes worse if you have no idea what cultural changes to expect and the expenses you will be expected to incur.

For some expatriates, the option of relocating with their families is inevitable and this translates to an entirely new life for them. If you have school-going children, you have to think whether they will fit in the education system of your new country and how fast they will adjust to life abroad. If you have just earned your promotion and is required to relocate to Singapore, consider it a blessing.

Singapore is one of the best countries you will visit. Fondly referred to as the millionaire’s capital of the world, life in Singapore can be quite expensive especially if you do not watch your expenditure. Below, we have three suggestions that can help you enjoy an affordable lifestyle in Singapore.

Rent a flat

The most important thing before you relocate to Singapore is to get yourself a roof over your head. You may have quite a number of options available for you to explore. However, since you are not here for an extended period, renting a flat will be an excellent alternative than buying a home. Singapore has a strong and thriving real estate industry that has continued to provide housing for the residents. Consider renting a public flat or condominium. The advantage of such a housing plan is that the developers ensure the houses are within access to social amenities. Living in such a facility will make it easy for you to adapt to life in Singapore.

Avoid purchasing furniture

Once you have secured a place to live, your next biggest headache will be getting furniture for your new home. No matter the period you will be required to live in Singapore, you will require furniture for your new home. You may consider shipping furniture from your home country but is it worth it? You are likely to incur substantial shipping costs, which will not make any economic sense at the end of the day. The other option is purchasing furniture. But is it a wise move especially if your stay in Singapore is not permanent? To make it easier for you, consider furniture leasing in Singapore and get yourself great pieces at an affordable price. Renting furniture as compared to buying them makes more financial sense for you, especially when your stay is not permanent.

Consider using public transport

You may have grown up using private means of transportation. You may also have enjoyed chauffeur services in your home country. You may not enjoy such a luxury in Singapore, especially if you wish to reduce your cost of living. Owning a car in Singapore is not a cheap affair. The government has policies that limit the number of vehicles entering the market, not to mention the cost of gas and parking fee.

Singapore has an excellent public transport network and you can consider using it. It will save you money and even help you enjoy a peace of mind. You don’t have to deal with traffic rules of a foreign country or get stuck in unfamiliar roads while trying to figure your way around the country.

Singapore will give you all the opportunities to enjoy life in a foreign country mainly because of the high quality of life though, you must strike a balance and set your priorities right. With the tricks above, you can enjoy a quality yet affordable lifestyle in this beautiful city.