Eco-Friendly Home Ideas That Are Both Practical and Stylish


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It’s a lot easier to have an eco-friendly home these days. You can thank the ever-growing number of companies supporting the cause to save the earth for future generations to come. But while there are plenty to choose from, they’re not always exactly cheap nor stylish.

Below are a couple of eco-friendly home ideas that you can apply to your home to make it more eco-friendly without sacrificing style and design:

Natural Light Is Your Friend
As cheap and eco-friendly today’s light bulbs are – if you haven’t switched to energy-efficient light bulbs yet, you should – that doesn’t mean you should always rely on them for lighting.

Your house (and your wallet) will be better off if you rearranged it so that your home is properly optimised to make use of natural lighting. A good start is to put your work desk and kitchen counter somewhere near the window.

Use Eco-Friendly Furniture
Eco-friendly furnishings doesn’t just mean that they’re made out of sustainable materials. They also have to be stylish, and more importantly, durable and easy to repair.

Luckily, there are plenty of furniture companies these days that offer such products. For example, wood furniture made out of timber from sustainably harvested tree farms and forests.

You can always contact a company providing furniture rental service in singapore in case you’re not sure about buying eco-friendly furniture outright just yet. You can try them out for a couple of weeks and see if they work for you.

Go Refurbished
Or vintage, whatever it is you want to call them.

When it comes to furniture, you don’t always need to for brand-new pieces. You can save yourself a lot of money while giving your home a vintage or chic aesthetic.

Use Low-VOC Paint
VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are commonly found in household paint and have been linked to cancer, among many other things. In short, they are not healthy for you.

A great and inexpensive way to protect your family’s health is to repair your walls using low-VOC paint. This is a must for families with small children and infants. While you’re at it, use lighter paint to keep your house cooler without having to rely on the air conditioner too much.

Cool It With the A/C
It’s tempting to use the air conditioner all year round. Singapore isn’t exactly the coolest of countries. But, the air conditioner isn’t exactly the most eco-friendly appliance in your house, so you may want to minimise your use of it. Instead, consider using other alternatives like ceiling fans or even standing fans.

To make the scorching heat from outside more manageable, you can use window fixtures like blinds and blackout curtains that are designed to help combat heat.

Plant Some Green
A great and cheap way to improve indoor air quality and the overall vibe is to scatter some houseplants all over your home. To best set up your home’s decoration, you could have some custom made furniture such as benches to place your pots and plants!