Different Ways to Use a Vase to Beautify Your Home

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Vases are a relatively inexpensive and simple decorative piece of item that does wonders for the atmosphere of your home. Below are a few ideas that you might find useful if you are looking to make the most out of vases when beautifying your home.

Use Decorative Vases As It Is

As the name suggests, decorative vases are centrepieces on their own. You do not need to put anything in them. All you need to do is put them in a side table or deep windowsill, and voila, you will have a unique piece of furniture that helps add some personality to whatever corner of space you put it in. WTP Singapore’s Fleur Olive Vase can provide a different dimension to an otherwise plain side table. Its unique colour also brings an earthy vibe to your living space.

Fill Vases With Decorative Items

If you really want to put something in a vase, go for the clear vases and fill them with something decorative; sand or small pinecones are a great start. The décor does not even need to fit in with the overall theme of the space. In fact, it can be totally different, so it can act as that one striking piece of furniture that stands out and helps complete the overall look of your room.

Put It on the Staircase

If space allows for it, you can put a vase to add some necessary detail to what probably is a plain-looking staircase. Just make sure you do not place it where it will become a safety hazard! If you have a great design of a vase that you will like to materialize, consider customizing it at WTP Singapore. Our carpenters here are skilled in transforming dreams into reality with their work. Get the design that you want, don’t simply settle!

Fill it With Delicious Treats

Make sure to clean the vase thoroughly first and then fill it with yummy treats. You can then use the vase as both a centrepiece for your living room and a way to offer some finger foods for any of your guests. For this to work well, it will be best for you to use a clear vase.

Spice Up Your Kitchen

If your kitchen seems uninspiring, you should consider adding an ornamental vase to liven up the area. However, you should forgo using the vase to contain flowers, and use it for your kitchen utensils instead. In the end, you will have a multi-functional decorative piece and a way to store all your kitchen needs.

Something for the Craft-Lovers

If you would love to get your hands dirty, then get that vase of yours and wrap some unused yarn lying around the house around the vase. If you cannot find any, you can always get them from your favourite craft store. Either way, you will still end up with a once-plain looking vase that now has both texture and a pop of colour, which is just perfect for whatever decorative purpose you see it fit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

The thing with vases, or any piece of decoration for that matter, is that they are not permanent; you are always free to change things when you feel like it. Place our Network Driftwood Vase together with a mirror above and you get an artistic space that helps bring an accent to your space as well. Alternatively, you can also place the vase next to your television console to fill up the otherwise empty spot.

If you wish to have decoration pieces that you can refresh once every few months, furniture rental at WTP Singapore is always a good option, both for short-term and long-term rentals, so that you will never get bored of your house’s decoration while constantly improving on its interior as well.