Different Furniture Styles to Spice Up your Home

Different furniture styles to spice up your home

Interior design and furniture rental can be incredibly frustrating. Home owners often know that they want a coffee table, or a set of chairs, but don’t know what visual aesthetic of the furniture they are looking for. This can be problematic because your wooden dining table will look awkward when paired with pastel or chic-looking dining chairs. The layman customer of furniture rental may lack the required vocabulary to describe the aesthetic of their ideal table. This guide will take you through some common terms used in interior design to help you identify exactly what you need.


A common design trend, minimalism is all about using empty spaces to achieve a more open, zen effect on the eyes. Minimalist designs are all about simplifying lines, shapes and colours, meaning furniture pieces are often only one colour. And the most common colour is white.

Combining minimalist pieces can either create very soothing colour palettes, or ones of stark contrast (i.e. with black and white). Ensure that there is enough space around each piece to let it stand on its own when designing the room. Other décor in such a design are often scarce and blends into the background.


Similar to the minimalist pieces, modern or contemporary furniture pieces are designed to be simple, and does not infuse redundant materials to make the piece look posh. Modern furniture often addresses the practical needs of our everyday life, such as having additional storage space below beds to compact space. Function always comes before beauty in modern furniture designs.


For people who love the feel of history in their homes, traditional pieces may well fit your design style. Depending on the region that you live in, the design of traditional furniture would vary, given history behind designs.

Traditional Chinese furniture, for example, often incorporates oriental style carvings using plain, polished wood. The designs are often inspired by nature, and sometimes use bamboo as a material as well.

Art Deco

Geometric and angular shapes makes these furniture pieces stand out to the human eye. The art deco pieces often incorporates funky geometric patterns with materials such as contrasting woods, glass, chrome and mirrors.


Unlike vintage designs, retro is a modern design that imitates past fashion trends. It pays homage to styles that were popular in the past, and instills nostalgia. Retro style can often be whimsical, and makes references to old pop culture, fashion or graphic design.

Furniture with a retro look might use prints, or stone textures to give prominence to the item. While it might look busy to the eye, each piece is coherent. People who like retro style furniture may love the feel of nostalgia in their own home.


Rustic styles emphasis warmth and coziness. Furniture of this style generally use natural materials as their main construct, such as timber or cotton. Common to this style are tables and chairs made using dark wood.

Whichever style you think works best for your home, don’t forget to view how each individual piece complements each other. It is also important to view your furniture as a whole, instead of only as individual pieces of art.