Decorating tips for small apartments

Have you always dreamt about owning a house that is big and luxurious? With a pool, beautiful garden, cozy bedrooms and a spacious living room. However, do you know that by owning a studio apartment, you need not wait endlessly to own a dream home. You can drop the plan to save up all that money and use it to design your space efficiently.

There are many benefits of having a small apartment. The furniture rental facility helps you change your seating often. You can also think of your studio apartment as cozy. The rule is to manage space well. Here are some tips on how you can decorate your small apartment.

Painting the apartment

If you live in a small apartment, be sure to paint your walls in dramatic colours. They help introduce an element of intrigue and take the attention away from the lack of space in the room. Glossy colors can also lend elegance. The idea is to lend a depth and richness to closed spaces so that the space feels cozy. Bold colors and contrasting patterns make an interesting combination. “White spaces” are equally important in small apartments. You can ensure white spaces by hanging wall art, photographs, and paintings and leaving reasonable space between them to accentuate area.

How the furniture should be

You should make the furniture decision well in time. When ordering your customised furniture, make sure that your seating and even tables are low in height. The second point you should remember is that furniture should be sleek, with defined, hard edges. Heavy furniture can seem suffocating. Remember to leave a little space between the walls and the backs of your sofas or chairs. It helps create the illusion of volume and helps define a seating area. It is also said that light colours on your furniture help keep the space bright and roomy. Reduce clutter and wastage by getting shelves and storage spaces built into your custom made furniture.

Area rugs to manage sections

Area rugs help define and segregate independent spaces. They can also unify disparate pieces of furniture. You can add warmth or simply create specific styles to define conversation spaces. Choose a round area rug if it is to go with a round dining table. In other cases, square or rectangular area rugs help establish spaces well in a small apartment. As regards size, if your room is 5X7, your rug should be 3X5 and so on. Another rule regarding buying area rugs is that all the legs of the furniture should be placed on the rug. Sheepskins and cowhides are reliable materials for area rugs.

Curtains are underrated room decor accessories. Hang them well above the window to get a feel of height and breeziness. Long, flowy curtains reaching the floor help compensate for less size. Fabric curtains can be effective to add luxurious color and structure to a room.