Decorating A Temporary Apartment On A Budget

Decorating a Temporary Apartment on a Budget

When you are renting an apartment, your landlord may not be open to having you decorating the house to your liking. Since you are only here for a temporary stay, they may have rules that restrict you from playing around with the interior design of your house. For example, you probably cannot paint the walls or hang pieces of art on the wall among many others. Decorating a temporary house is always a dilemma hence it is prudent to follow a strict budget since it is hard to justify the level of investment.

The best part is that with the developed world, you still have various tricks that can make your house feel cosy and functional just like any other apartment you want to be. If caught in between accommodations, check the tips of decorating a temporary home on a budget. Add colour and sense to your apartment while saving significant expenses for your dream home.

Temporary Wallpaper

If you are not allowed to repaint your apartment, worry not. There are many wallpapers available in Singapore to achieve your goals. A sizeable temporary wall art pieces can enhance colour to your house without incurring the cost of papering or painting the walls.  Recreate your partitions by purchasing one roll of wallpaper and hanging the continuous sheet like a piece of art print using a tape that is double-sided. You can also replace the kitchen’s yellow paint with the temporary graphics wallpaper you had your mind set on. Besides, the graphic wallpaper will act as a piece of art. You can also hang fabric as wallpaper, which you can then strip off when you are ready to move.

Subtle Lighting

Property owners sometimes do not think of ambiance when they install cheap and harsh overhead lights. A floor lamp will create a cosy, intimate vibe when placed next to your coach. Similarly, a tall dramatic lamp is a perfect way to emulate the lights from the ceilings’ missing features, making the house feel more filled in.

Curtains and Bold Rugs

Besides your furniture, using bright and colourful carpets and curtains is another excellent way of decorating and redefining your apartment temporarily at little cost without resorting to construction. It will help you in hiding an unattractive floor without having to paint or replace them. Curtains will help you add colour to your house without having to touch the walls. Remember, runner rugs add life to your hallways, gallery kitchen and they are inexpensive. In fact, you can head to a furniture rental store to rent a rug of your choice and return them when you need to move.

Install Mirrors

You can decorate your apartment by adding mirrors. For instance, you can add a tall mirror beside the wall and dress the room without hanging it; this method is affordable and does not require you to drill any holes in the wall. Besides, it will help you open up the space, making it look bigger than its current size. You can also use mirrors to add pattern to plain colour tiles in your house. For more impact, paint the frames with your preferred colour, and you can even group a few mirrors with different colours and shapes together.

You can also consider decorating your house with pieces of furniture such as headboards and sofas. Instead of purchasing new furniture every time you move, save yourself the considerable investment through furniture leasing in Singapore and get yourself furniture to decorate your house just the way you want it.