Debunking the Myths about Furniture Rental

furniture rentalFurniture rental has changed the way Generation Y or millennials are leading their lives today. In metropolitan places, change is the only constant thing, and buying furniture is no longer the only option. However, just as with every innovation, renting furniture has taken its share of brickbats. Misconceptions range from it being a fad, to some even saying that it is meant only for home staging. Here we are debunking some of the biggest myths about furniture rental.

Renting is for the poor

Some have the argument that when someone cannot buy a fancy dining table, they rent it. The truth is, it is not completely the truth. The point of renting is to not commit oneself to a clunky piece of furniture, having emptied one’s entire wallet over it. Furniture rental has been conceptualized for the young millennial, who wants to spend his life on his own.

Buying is the better choice

For some old-school homeowners, buying always seems to be the better option. They think for the long term, and consider furniture once bought as an investment. However, when you start to regret your choice, it can really become a pain. While you’re young, your needs and choices will constantly change, and hence it makes more sense to rent your furniture. If you’re clear on what you require, custom made furniture is a much better option.

Renting can be unhygienic

This is one of the weakest myths associated with furniture rental. Furniture is not like one’s clothes. The furniture that will be delivered to you will be of high quality and industry standards are always followed. You can stop obsessing about germ infestations because rental companies use disinfectants throughout the process. Bust this myth today and order that bookshelf right now.

Only singles rent furniture

Over the last few years, the number of people living with their friends and families and renting furniture has risen. The reason probably is that while singles can put up with furniture pieces they don’t like, this is not true for families. The more the members in a household, the more divergent are their opinions on furniture choices. While custom made furniture is already popular, residents are increasingly choosing to rent furniture.

Furniture rental means monotonous designs

Strangely, some seem to have the misconception that in furniture rental, they will receive run-of-the-mill options, with designs that have run out of fashion. This is definitely not true, since the acquisition in the industry is healthy, and designs actually tend to be more advanced.

The reality, however, is that furniture stores tend to have repetitive designs due to less stocking space and other constraints. When you rent furniture, you have the choice of changing it every few months.

Only chairs and tables can be rented

This is another lame myth about renting furniture. You can rent a wide range of furniture pieces, ranging from bookshelves, display units, tables, ottomans, beds, and so on. The list doesn’t stop here, and you can rent even accessories like artefacts, lamps, chests, and dressers.

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