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Our craftsmen are adept at using all types of wood and finishes. Size is not a constraint, we can make you a single chair or custom-fit your entire home with made to measure furniture.

Bespoke or custom-made furniture is essentially the meeting point of the person with the piece. It truly reflects the personality of the home-owner.As this forms the very essence of WTP, we pride ourselves with an in-house carpentry unit which preserves furniture-making, the good old fashioned way with the marriage of both art and heart.

We build high quality furniture from ageless classics to contemporary designs across multi-cultural motifs. This skill is not just limited to hard furniture but easily transferred onto our soft-furnishings section too. Sometimes it’s the subtle senses that need to be tapped and very often it’s the curtains, carpets and cushions that add just the necessary touch of ornamentation that complete decorative spaces. Be it any, shape, size, colour, design, material or budget WTP caters to your specific need. Aspiring for the furniture which is custom made to fit your standard living in Singapore?

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, your search ends at WTP. We can make just about anything you have in mind.


Every piece is unique of your own. It reflects the personality of the homeowner. 

More time and care spent to make sure each piece is crafted to perfection.

We pride ourselves with an in-house carpentry and varnishing workshop behind our retail store. Most custom orders will take about three to four weeks to create.


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