Creating a Child-friendly Home

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With children comes chaos. They cause all sorts of mess, from their bedrooms to the living room and everywhere in between. When you look around, your living space is littered with soft toys, puzzles, books and bikes everywhere. You may often find yourself trudging around at night, trying to put things back to order in your living room following an evening of playtime for your kids.

For a lot of parents, stylish pieces of equipment and chic décor ideas may sound interesting, but they feel it’s improbable to add to their homes. This is because the kids might damage them. Nevertheless, a child’s joy and laughter can pervade a home and soften the most rigid of hearts.

The problem is always that most homes aren’t designed with children in mind, which they undoubtedly ought to. The following ideas can help you transform your home into a child-friendly space and fun for all. Read on for more insight.

Fixed-cushion sofas

As you are probably aware, children love pulling off cushions from a sofa. The best thing to do is to buy or rent a custom made sofa with fixed cushions. Even with your kids jumping on the sofa, the cushions will remain in place and everything will look neat.

Rounded furniture

Even if your home is extremely spacious, chances are your kid will unintentionally bump against a piece of furniture during playtime. Try to lessen this apparent risk by renting furniture online that is rounded and devoid or sharp corners. The market is flooded with a variety of amazing furniture pieces that won’t cause you any worries in the near future as far as the safety of your child is concerned.

Vinyl flooring

As previously mentioned, kids love jumping from one place to another. In the midst of all this, they may also drag furniture pieces across your flooring and cause damage, especially if you have hardwood flooring. If you have small kids, consider installing vinyl flooring as they are difficult to destroy and look good for a long time. In fact, you can be sure they’ll last through the entire development stage of your child without you needing to replace them.

A cozy corner

Kids love to be where their parents are-where mom prepares dinner in the evening or where dad works in the evening. They don’t like playing alone. With this revelation, parents should embrace the disarray and transform the living room and areas where toys end up into a practical space that allows kids to play and do whatever they want. Creating a practical space for them to do their homework or leisure reading may involve buying several beanbags and positioning them in a corner with a small shelving unit. Placing floor cushions around a low round table does not only make the space functional, but also look good.

Bring nature indoors

Bringing potted plants into your home does not only provide a rich source of oxygen, but can help your child’s development. You can assign your child the responsibility of caring for their own potted plant. Moreover, they can also paint or adorn the pot as way to exercise their artistic talents.

Creative storage ideas

Of course, most parents are worried about toys thrown everywhere in their living rooms. To control this sort of clutter, introduce baskets and attractive boxes in empty corners. These storage items will help store your kids’ goodies and also complement the décor of your room. Get a double-duty coffee table that can accommodate toy baskets on its bottom shelf.

Kids’ furnishings

Choose a low, customised bed so your child can easily get on or off the bed. Likewise, pick a small chair and table. Inside the closet, the clothes rod should be low enough to allow the kid to see and rummage through his clothing. Child size furniture remains practical for kids up to about the age of ten, so it is a prudent investment.

With these ideas, you can allow your child to play inside the house without necessarily causing chaos and leaving behind a trail of destruction.