Achieving a Home With a Rustic Touch

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Rustic décor mixes earthy and homely elements to produce a stylish, distinctive look. Distressed wood and neutrals blend to form the ultimate cosy environment. While adding rustic touches may seem challenging, in reality, only a couple of little tweaks can give your home the feel of a weathered farmhouse. Indeed, it is simple to make.

This classy décor trend is completely based on adopting old items and using them within your interior space to add a vintage ambience. This may be as easy as draping twines on lamps or wall clocks. Generally, you want to make it feel sharp around the edges. Moreover, rustic decorations are easy on your pocket.

Who can decline such easy and charming interior décor projects? Remember, you have a responsibility of making your home more attractive and inviting so that your family and guests enjoy their time in your space.

Here are a couple of ways to incorporate this rustic touch into your living space.


Wooden décor gives your home a stylish, antique look. No wonder wooden art pieces are trending. Be it curtain rods, shelving units or picture frames, opt for wooden ones.

For windows, also choose wood blinds as they generally use the best hardwood for blinds, which affords your living space a classy elegance and vintage feel. Moreover, they also add warmth to the room and protect your interior space from harmful ultraviolet rays.


Pallets were initially used for transport. However, wooden pallets can now be converted into rustic decoration elements. If you’ve been thinking about setting up a swing in your backyard, you can opt to use pallets to create a romantic platform for it. Apart from a swing, you can also shop for a custom made sofa or customised bed in Singapore lay it on pallets for a superbly rustic feel.


Rugs are the perfect option to fill unattended spaces on floors and walls. They add a sense of artistry to your living space. Not only do they make your floor look elegant, but also inviting especially for guests.

Large printed rugs hanged on empty walls can serve as a wonderful interior decoration. Also, employing wooden curtain rods to hang these rugs on your walls gives a traditional feel to your place, as would using earthy coloured rugs.

Twine cabinet handles

This is arguably the easiest trick to giving your room a rustic touch. Simply dress some twine around kitchen or bathroom cabinet handles that you would wish to spruce up. What you get are rustic handles. It’s very easy. Moreover, you can also wrap more twine around a table lamp in order to get a stylish, cool piece of equipment at no extra charge.

Mason jars

Cheap, classic, and easy to spruce up, Mason jars are popular staples for anything and everything rustic. Apply a layer of fresh paint and use them as vases for fresh flowers. Alternatively, you can use them as a candle holder.

Twig Candle Holder

This is a fairly easy DIY project. If you have an old candle holder hanging around, consider giving it a new lease of life by glueing some twigs around it horizontally. This project will take you only a couple of minutes, but the final product will look like an expensive work of art.

Interior stone wall

An interior stone wall incorporates so much texture to your home and generates a warm, rustic vibe. Remember, it is equally as functional in the bedroom as it is in the living room. To understand the real impact of the interior stone wall, just imagine the wall being flat, gray or white and smooth instead. A stone wall brings so much more character with its humps and bumps and intricate colours.