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Tips To Upgrade Your Living Space For Spring


Spring is a great time of year, even for us here in Singapore. The flowers are bright and colourful, the weather is cool, and the birds are chirping. It is the perfect time to upgrade your living space. You could change a few decorations or revamp your room, it is completely up to you! To help you, we have prepared some tips for you to consider.

Paint the walls

Spring is usually associated with life and happiness. To brighten up your living space, you can add a fresh layer of paint to the walls. You will want to choose a shade that matches the room’s colour scheme but yellows, blues and purples are always nice options. Try to choose something that is crisp and clean, it will soak in the light and brighten up your room!

Add flowers

People who are not allergic to pollen can enjoy placing a few vases with your favourite flowers around the house to help freshen up the air in your living space. However, if you do need to contend with allergic reactions, there are lots of beautiful false flowers in the market as well. For anyone who is not keen on flowers, stylish bowls placed strategically on the coffee tables filled with fruits are good replacements.

Install a window seat

The latest trend is all about having natural lighting and big windows in the house. To prepare for some lovely days full of sunlight and cool breezes, you can install a window seat. It will allow you to enjoy a good book with a warm cup of tea while soaking in the perks of spring.

Get rid of the clutter

To enjoy the upgrades you make to your living space, it might be nice to get rid of any clutter. Look around you if you see cupboards full of unwanted papers, stacks of paper and a few pieces of unwanted furniture. You may want to sort them out and throw out anything that you cannot, or will not, use. You do not have to get your hands dirty in a full out ‘spring cleaning’ fiasco, but getting rid of the clutter will help you to enjoy every small upgrade that you make! It will also make it easier to add a few pieces of customised furniture into the room.

Update the fabrics, add textures and patterns

It is not always easy to change furniture, paint walls and pull up the rugs. Sometimes, all of those big jobs are not even needed. To upgrade your living space, try replacing your old sheets and replace it with something clean and bright. It can have a bit of texture, like a chunky blanket or a lovely pattern, with perhaps a touch of embroidery on the front cover!

These are just a few ways through which you can get ready for spring! Remember, upgrading your living space does not mean a full renovation. It is the small things that count.

Why Every Homeowner Should Invest In High-Quality Furniture

Why Every Homeowner Should Invest In High-Quality Furniture

When homeowners are out on a furniture hunt, they usually have two options. One is to buy expensive, durable and furniture that lasts for a long time while the other is to buy inexpensive furniture that will need repairs every now and then.

Here is why every homeowner needs to invest in high-quality furniture that will last them a lifetime.


Handcrafted furniture made with authentic high-quality materials are long lasting without a doubt. If authentic materials are used in the craftsmanship, it is likely that the final product will be of great quality and last you a long time. In the long run, you will require little repairs and it will look as good as new for a long time. Cheap materials, on the other hand, wear out quickly and need constant repairs.

Statement Pieces

These customised pieces add to your personal style and make a statement. Quality pieces may cost you a little extra. However, the look they give will leave everyone in awe. The unique one of a kind piece allows you to reflect your personal taste and choice. Your personality can be revealed through your statement pieces, allowing your guests to judge you better and get an insight of the things you enjoy. For instance, leather couches may portray that you enjoy luxury whereas large pieces suggest your larger than life approach.


Purchasing high-quality furniture is actually an investment, innovative and rare furniture pieces do not lose their value with time. In fact, vintage pieces often grow in value in the long run. These handcrafted designs are expected to stay in fashion for a long time. Their price also increases over time and becomes an attraction for buyers from all over the world. Unlike other low-quality furniture items that require maintenance after few months of usage, these high-quality pieces will hardly need repair or replacement.

Better fit for your needs

Low-quality furniture available for instant purchase have the same size and design options to choose from since it is made via mass production. However, high-quality pieces are easily customizable to cater to your needs better. If you are too scared to invest a big sum of money, check out any furniture rentals and rent your preferred statement pieces to determine how well it works for you. Once you find the one that suits your liking, you can go ahead with the purchase.

The basic reason behind the success of high-quality furniture is in its uniqueness and quality. People love having things that are difficult to replicate and originals that are not available everywhere fetches a higher price. These classical designs last a lifetime and add value over the years. The demand for vintage quality furniture has increased in the past few years. At first, the collectors were mostly from the USA and UK. However, now the Asian buyers are also entering the market. Hence, buying a high-quality masterpiece is a smart investment that everyone should make.

Smart Ways To Give Your Home Office A Makeover

Smart Ways To Give Your Home Office A Makeover

A makeover for your home office is necessary once in a while to boost your mood and productivity since the quality of your work is highly dependent on your physical environment. However, for such a makeover, it is not always necessary to spend all your savings to remodel your office. Here are some smart, budget friendly ways to help you revamp your home office, and impress your visitors.

Adding a refreshing aroma

An important step towards boosting your productivity and giving your home office a refreshing element is to invest in a good air freshener, essential oil burner or fragrant candles. Essential oils are designed to help you relax, put you in a good mood and help in increasing concentration, thereby increasing productivity. Adding a special mix of essential oils can also help keep your allergies away, increase productivity, and make your office a pleasant space.

Investing in organizers

Organizing tools can help you remove the clutter in your office, which might be one of the reasons you may feel de-motivated to work in your home office. A good idea is to add some shelves for files and paperwork to be sorted in neatly. Add labels to the shelves to help you keep everything in order. It is also a good idea to invest in customised pen holders, paper holders and other office accessories. You can also create your own accessories as a do-it-yourself project.

Investing in Furniture

Furniture rental is extremely beneficial, as you can now easily rent furniture for a long time, or get custom furniture for your office, changing it frequently. This can help you in keeping costs low if you wish to change your work environment every few months, or in cases where you have to conducts trainings at your home office. Renting furniture can help you in saving costs. On the other hand, customised furniture allows for the furniture to suit all your needs, and keep you comfortable by adding a personalized element to it. This is particularly for the people who may have back issues, or have special needs.

Add a view

Usually, home offices are connected to a balcony or a window with a view. This helps create a refreshing element while you are working. However, in cases where adding a window or a view is not an option, you can definitely create a refreshed look through adding some indoor plants, that require little upkeep, and by adding a small indoor fountain. You can also add wallpapers that give a refreshing view, or add paintings for this purpose as they allow for a change of environment and can help reduce stress. You can also make this view interactive by playing calming sounds, such as chirping birds or the rustling of leaves, on your sound system.

Make it multi-purpose

Make your home office a multi-purpose space, especially if you are short on space. Adding an entertainment corner, for example, or a small bar in one corner can help make your home office more comfortable, and a place to relax with your colleagues when having a meeting. Moreover, adding a sofa on a side, or creating a chalkboard with the help of a chalkboard spray can help achieve this.

Revamp your home office without budgeting a large amount for it, and make it practical, to help boost your productivity.

Five Tips to Select the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Room

Five Tips to Select the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Room

Your coffee table is often the centrepiece of your living room and it should blend beautifully with rest of the furniture. Usually, the placement of a coffee table also enhances its appeal; it has to be placed at the right distance so it can support your feet and other things you feel like placing on it.

Here are five tips you can use to find the perfect coffee table for your drawing room.


The size of the table is the first thing that you need to consider before purchasing it. The basic idea is to cover the empty space in the room and leave enough gap for moving around. If the room is small then one centre table is enough. However, if the sitting area is big you are free to adjust two coffee tables as well. Some coffee tables allow you to mix them around and fix them like a jigsaw puzzle! The height of your table should be the same as the sofa or lower than that, so it is easier to stretch your legs. Look for something that is simple and chic because the idea is to make everything cosy and comfortable.


The shape of your table is determined by the shape of your sofa. Rectangular sofa sets compliment rectangle tables making it easier for everyone to reach. However, there are no hard or fast rules, you can make your living room exciting by playing with different shapes. Using ottomans and oval shaped tables to a square room can also give it an artistic feel. You can give your requirements to professionals and get customised furniture from retailers easily.


Another great trick for selecting the right table is going with the patterns, colours and materials already used in the room. Geometric tables with an edgy touch compliment contemporary settings while a wooden coffee table looks elegant in traditional spaces. You can always rent furniture for a few days before actually purchasing it so you can see if it goes with the style and theme of your room.


How exactly do you plan on using the coffee table? Would you be using it for entertaining guests or do you want something that can store books and board games? Know the purpose of your centre piece and then select the table accordingly. For instance, choosing a geometric glass table with sharp edges won’t be suitable if you have kids in the house. If your coffee table is intended to serve as a book or game board holder then go for something that has a storage box underneath.


Look for something that is durable and easy to maintain. Choosing the wrong material can cost you more in the long run. So think it through! Wood is the most common choice when it comes to coffee tables. It is durable but a little heavy and expensive. Metal frames and tempered glass are great options as they provide strength while giving the room a chic and contemporary look.

These five easy hacks and tricks will allow you to choose the perfect table for your drawing room. If you are not sure how the table will look in your home, contact any furniture rental professional and get the table on rent to see how well it fits with your home. It is always better to test before investing.

New Home Furnishing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of in 2017

New Home Furnishing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of in 2017

In 2017, strictly antique and oversized furniture are out, both of which have had been greatly trending in 2016. The new furnishing trends are more focused on creating creative functional use of spaces, all the while making them your personal space.  Read on to find out more about this year’s furnishing trends.

Smart Home Features

Over the past couple of years, our lives have increasingly begun to revolve around the devices we own. Recent furnishing trends are all about Smart TVs, censor lights or charging docks that are dedicated to these devices.

Inspiration from Nature

The idea of incorporating nature within the four walls of our sanctuary remains strong this year too. This has given rise to the new trend of incorporating “Natural Elements” in the furnishing world. It involves placing roughly hewn bunches of materials in an elegant context.  Taking inspiration from natural experiences like the peace and tranquillity of a Swiss mountain lake or wildness of a rocky coastline, designers play with different combinations of glass, wood and metal with the aim to come up with something exciting. Their aim is to design furniture that would generate an association with archaic landscapes.


Our homes act as our retreat from the stress of the daily hustle; we should make an effort to make it as comfortable as possible. Do not save your expense in this area! Designers and furnishing consultants often emphasize the importance of integrating comfort into your home decor. This personal furnishing style is based on one’s mood, state of mind or state of inner feeling and one’s own preferences. To create a quiet and peaceful sanctuary, it is best to opt for a highly reduced, purist style of furnishing. You should stick to a combination of natural colours and materials, with clean lined furniture. The incorporation of materials such as wood, metal and glass help to create a meditative atmosphere.

Efficient Home Office

With home-based work and online freelancing jobs on the rise, more and more people have dedicated a space of their house for a home office. This year, home office furnishing is all about multi-layer and multi-purpose furniture to make the most out of the limited space you have available. It is best to go for customised furniture that is best suited for your needs. Designers are more focused on efficient work spaces that are relaxed and comfortable, rather than being corporate and sterile.

Bar Trolley

The bar trolley has made a comeback this year by proving itself to be stylish as well as a functional item. It can act as your side table, holding your favourite books, magazines and pot plants or as a decorative bar where you can keep a bottle of your favourite gin.

These are the top furnishing trends of 2017 that you need to keep in mind while furnishing your home. The best thing is that you are now given the option to change up your decoration from time to time by renting furniture instead of buying them. This way, you can stay trendy by refreshing your home decor constantly with a cost-efficient system.

How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Spacious

How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Spacious

With houses getting smaller in Singapore, many of us find ourselves lost about how to make the most of the space. Keep reading for some great tips on how to make a small room look spacious!

Make sure there is plenty of light

Believe it or not, lighting makes a lot of difference. Put up soft, light curtains and keep them open in the day to bring in all the natural light. You can also install plenty of light bulbs along the walls of the room, it’ll create the illusion of a larger room when they are on. The idea is to spread the light out, so if you do not have many wall-mounted lights, you can always use lamps instead. It is also clever to position them all so that the light bounces off a mirror.

Keep the colour scheme bright, light and cheerful

Colour scheme makes a big difference to a small bedroom. Dark colours make it look smaller while light colours will enlarge the room. You can use pastel greens, blues, purples and pinks as well as white as much as possible. A monochrome scheme for your furniture is not a bad idea either.

Positioning the furniture

When positioning the customised furniture, you might find yourself changing things around a few times. Try to keep things against the wall in an L, leaving part of the floor and one wall empty. It is also a good idea to keep the furniture on the floor to a minimum; a bed, a small desk and a bedside table is a good amount of furniture to have.

Up not across

It is clever to get tall pieces of furniture because it takes up less floor space. Wall mounted mirrors and book shelves are good examples. The latter will give you plenty of storage space, without taking up too much floor space. If you do not own bookshelves that are tall and narrow and are not sure if it is a convenient option for you, you can try renting one from a furniture store to determine its usefulness.

Don’t clutter!

The worst thing you can do in a small bedroom is to have loads of papers and piles of clothes strewn across the floor. It will make a room that is already small look even smaller. Having a system of organisation will enhance the aesthetic of your room. Shoe boxes stacked up on one side under the bed, jackets hanging on the back of the door and papers neatly filed away in the cupboard under your desk. Keep as much of your belongings inside your furniture as possible to reduce the amount of clutter on the surfaces and make your room look a lot more spacious.

Buy an all in one bed

Have you ever seen a bunk bed that has a desk underneath, a cupboard going up the side and a small sofa stretching out in the corner? This is an extremely ideal piece for small rooms since you will need less furniture and everything will seem a lot more organised and compact. To get more ideas, head down to a furniture store with a rental service that enables you to try out different layouts for your room till you are satisfied. You can also approach a carpenter about making you some customised furniture.

These are just a few ways of making a small room look big. In the end, the idea is to make the most of the room, without overdoing anything!