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Creating a Child-friendly Home

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With children comes chaos. They cause all sorts of mess, from their bedrooms to the living room and everywhere in between. When you look around, your living space is littered with soft toys, puzzles, books and bikes everywhere. You may often find yourself trudging around at night, trying to put things back to order in your living room following an evening of playtime for your kids.

For a lot of parents, stylish pieces of equipment and chic décor ideas may sound interesting, but they feel it’s improbable to add to their homes. This is because the kids might damage them. Nevertheless, a child’s joy and laughter can pervade a home and soften the most rigid of hearts.

The problem is always that most homes aren’t designed with children in mind, which they undoubtedly ought to. The following ideas can help you transform your home into a child-friendly space and fun for all. Read on for more insight.

Fixed-cushion sofas

As you are probably aware, children love pulling off cushions from a sofa. The best thing to do is to buy or rent a custom made sofa with fixed cushions. Even with your kids jumping on the sofa, the cushions will remain in place and everything will look neat.

Rounded furniture

Even if your home is extremely spacious, chances are your kid will unintentionally bump against a piece of furniture during playtime. Try to lessen this apparent risk by renting furniture online that is rounded and devoid or sharp corners. The market is flooded with a variety of amazing furniture pieces that won’t cause you any worries in the near future as far as the safety of your child is concerned.

Vinyl flooring

As previously mentioned, kids love jumping from one place to another. In the midst of all this, they may also drag furniture pieces across your flooring and cause damage, especially if you have hardwood flooring. If you have small kids, consider installing vinyl flooring as they are difficult to destroy and look good for a long time. In fact, you can be sure they’ll last through the entire development stage of your child without you needing to replace them.

A cozy corner

Kids love to be where their parents are-where mom prepares dinner in the evening or where dad works in the evening. They don’t like playing alone. With this revelation, parents should embrace the disarray and transform the living room and areas where toys end up into a practical space that allows kids to play and do whatever they want. Creating a practical space for them to do their homework or leisure reading may involve buying several beanbags and positioning them in a corner with a small shelving unit. Placing floor cushions around a low round table does not only make the space functional, but also look good.

Bring nature indoors

Bringing potted plants into your home does not only provide a rich source of oxygen, but can help your child’s development. You can assign your child the responsibility of caring for their own potted plant. Moreover, they can also paint or adorn the pot as way to exercise their artistic talents.

Creative storage ideas

Of course, most parents are worried about toys thrown everywhere in their living rooms. To control this sort of clutter, introduce baskets and attractive boxes in empty corners. These storage items will help store your kids’ goodies and also complement the décor of your room. Get a double-duty coffee table that can accommodate toy baskets on its bottom shelf.

Kids’ furnishings

Choose a low, customised bed so your child can easily get on or off the bed. Likewise, pick a small chair and table. Inside the closet, the clothes rod should be low enough to allow the kid to see and rummage through his clothing. Child size furniture remains practical for kids up to about the age of ten, so it is a prudent investment.

With these ideas, you can allow your child to play inside the house without necessarily causing chaos and leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Interior Design Secrets Many Are Dying to Know

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Much like going to a professional hairstylist to get your hair done, you go to an interior designer to give you the home you have always wanted. But, unlike hairstylists, good and reputable interior designers don’t come cheap, which is why many homeowners are tempted to go down the DIY route.  Fortunately, it is possible to do as good of a job as an interior designer when decorating your own home. All it takes is knowing a secret or two.

There’s More to Painting than Just Painting
Did you know that there’s more to painting walls than just, well, painting them? Interior designers don’t just go with the typical preparation. No, after covering walls with a layer of plaster, they will coat the walls with primer at least four to five times to create a perfectly level surface before even thinking about painting over it.

That’s the sort of preparation that most homeowners don’t want to invest in and is exactly what you’ll need to do if you want your living space to look professionally designed.

Pay Attention to Your Bedroom
Which rooms do you think you pay the most attention to when redecorating? The kitchen? Or, maybe it’s the living room? How about your bedroom? Most homeowners don’t pay nearly enough attention to their bedrooms, which is why the furniture arrangement or design is usually awkward. Starting with the bed placement is a good idea. For example, making sure that the head of the bed is visible from the door.

Wallpapers Can Be Vintage
In the right conditions, pure and non-acidic paper can survive for years, even centuries. This is why you’ve probably heard of people selling vintage wallpapers for a decent price, and why you shouldn’t always stick with brand new wallpapers.

Don’t Place Up Your Artwork Too High
There’s no such thing as too much artwork. However, there is such a thing as placing them too up high. As a general rule of thumb, if you have to crane your neck to get a good look at your painting, then you’re doing it wrong.

You Can Always Lease
Redecorating not need be a one-way process where there’s no turning back. You can look for a place offering furniture rental in singapore if you want to redecorate your house without making the full commitment of buying your own furniture just yet. This way, you can always return the furniture in case you change your mind, and if you don’t, you can always ask where you can buy something similar at the end of your rental period.

Don’t be Afraid to Go Custom
There’s nothing that irks homeowners more than that awkward-looking space in their house that’s near-impossible to find the right furniture for.  Luckily, customised furniture in singapore can help you with that. You can get custom-made furniture that’s made to fit your specific needs and wants so they fit perfectly with the look of the entire house. Don’t let these secrets stay a secret. Apply them to your own house so you can decorate your interior space in the way you have always wanted.

TV Series to Watch for Interior Design Lovers

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Are you looking to make a name for yourself selling customised furniture in singapore? Or maybe, you just have an uncontrollable love for interior design? Either way, there are TV shows right now that you can watch that will meet your needs.

If you read on below, you’ll find TV series that are an absolute must-watch for interior design lovers who want to get extra tips and ideas about designing and decorating homes:

The Great Interior Design Challenge
What more could you ask for? The show first aired back in 2014. Each rendition of The Great Interior Design Challenge aims to find the best amateur interior designers in Britain. Basically, it’s a competition where the participants are given a set amount of cash and asked to give a particular area a makeover within three days. This show is a must-watch for those who’ve been planning on redesigning their homes because the participants tend to come up with pretty unique ideas on how to redecorate spaces on a rather tight budget.

While it’s more of a general home transformation show, HGTV’s Fixer Upper is great for those looking for ideas on how to improve their homes. In Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines work with their clients to turn their run-down and shoddy houses into a house that any homeowner would be proud of. The transformations alone are reason enough to give the show a try.

Sarah’s House
Basically, anything that features Canadian designer, Sarah Richardson, is worth watching. She’s done an excellent job beautifying homes over the years. But, for the sake of choosing one, we’re going with Sarah’s House, which aired from 2007 to 2011. In Sarah’s House, the Canadian designer flips an undervalued house and takes viewers through the process of renovating it. Although it’s been years since the show ended, you can still learn a thing or two from how she went about making the houses look better.

Million Dollar Decorators
If there’s one thing that the stereotypical design show lacks, it’s drama and eccentricity. Working with people similar to you may make the shows relatable but it doesn’t hurt to know how a multi-millionaire would go about decorating their home. That’s where Million Dollar Decorators come in. Instead of designing for clients with modest budgets, Million Dollar Decorators follows four interior designers based in Los Angeles as they work on multimillion projects for clients whose budgets are well above that of what you probably can afford in your lifetime.

The Home Game
Have you ever wondered how much home makeovers cost, and more importantly, how huge is its impact is on the home’s value? The Home Game might just be for you. A refreshing take on the classic makeover formula where the focus is on how much each transformation costs and how much value it adds to the property, The Home Game is also great because competitors work on a rather modest budget, so viewers will learn a thing or two about how to make impactful renovations using limited funds.

For when you’re looking to redecorate and in dire need of some inspiration for your next custom-made furniture project, binging on these TV series show get your design juices flowing!


Why You Should Customise Your Furniture

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While it’s convenient to go with furniture produced by companies like Ikea, their furniture isn’t always great if you want to give your house a unqiue feel. And no, we’re not just talking about buying a new sofa or coffee table. But, rather, we’re talking about making your space yours – a space that’s as unique as you are. So, if you’re one of those who refuse to rent furniture in singapore or get involved in any form of furniture leasing then this is the right read for you.

Having said that, we took the time to list down the benefits of getting custom made furniture to convince you that they are worth it.

You Get the Perfect Fit
Unlike store-bought furniture, you can make custom made furniture so that they are the perfect fit for any space in your home. Have an awkward-looking space that could make for a great reading area, but just can’t find the right sofa? Well, get a custom made one! With custom furniture, those seemingly impossible-to-furnish areas will be easier to beautify.

You Can Choose the Materials
Customised furniture in Singapore gives you full creative control. This includes choosing the right materials – materials that will last, will not harm you, and are in line with your ideals and beliefs. Customized furniture are also great for those with allergies or have asthma, since you can make sure that their furniture, such as their bed, are made from respiratory-friendly material. On a similar note, you can also make sure that your furniture are finished using solvent-free and all-natural products so it doesn’t have harmful toxins and chemicals that would otherwise harm you or your family.

You Get Better-Looking Furniture
Custom furniture really plays into the aesthetics of your home. Your office, for example, could use a splash of colour. Unfortunately, most office furniture pieces are boring and dull. But, if you go for the custom-made route, you can put in furniture to go along with whatever kind of unique design you’re going for. As small as a change as this may be, this can lead to a better mood in the office, which is reason enough to give custom furniture a try.

Your Furniture Are More Versatile
Aside from fitting your aesthetic needs like a glove, custom made furniture can be made according exactly to your specifications. So, let’s say, you need an additional shelf for your nightstand, or a hidden set of drawers under your bed, well, you can have it! Whatever small improvement you can think of, you can have it done with custom furniture.

While makers of store-bought furniture are starting to realize that today’s market want flexible and versatile furniture, the level of versatility you get from custom furniture just cannot be matched.

You Get a Keepsake
Because you can make them out of higher-quality materials, custom furniture tend to last for a long, and because of that, you can make it a family heirloom. The quality and personality of custom furniture ensure that your family will treasure it for years to come.

The next time you’re shopping for furniture, consider customising your furniture – it could elevate the entire feel of your home and give your family the furniture that they deserve.

Build Your Dream Home On a Budget

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Building your dream home is an exciting project that can be a dream and a nightmare all at once. But if you plan it well, you can turn it into enjoyable experience that’ll result in an investment that will last you a long time, quite possibly forever.

Below are a few tips and ideas that will help you build your dream home without going over your budget.

Be The General
General contractors aren’t always necessary. You can take on the role yourself and oversee the project. Of course, you probably don’t have any general knowledge of the process, but that’s okay. You can always do the necessary research and ask your contractors to explain the process to you. More often than not, they’ll be understanding enough and help you understand what they’re doing.

Simply put, if you’ve got the time to do the necessary research, overseeing the project yourself can help you save a lot of money.

Put Together a Must-Have List
If you want to stay within a budget, you’ll want to have a list of things that you will prioritise above all else. Make this as realistic as you possibly can and make sure that it meets the needs of your family.  Given your limited budget, the exterior look of your home should take a backseat to its layout.

Bargain, But Don’t Cheap Out
You’d be surprised as to how willing contractors are to lower their price if you ask. As for furnishing, go either with clearance items, or buy used items. But, make sure that you don’t opt for the cheapest options for your entire house. It can be a lot more expensive to have to keep replacing affordable furniture in the future if they break down well before you expect them to.

Unless you’re working seven days a week, you should clear out your weekends so you have time to work on your house yourself. Painting the interior is a good start, but if you’re comfortable doing more, then don’t hesitate. Other things that you can do on your own with little experience are installing tiles, installing appliances, and clean-up work.

Landscape Lightly
Landscaping isn’t necessary. Your home can live without it. Remember, you can always add walls, fences, trees, and even patios down the line once you’re finished with everything else.

Consider Renting Furniture
Another great way to save up on costs is to rent furniture in singapore. Furniture leasing is an increasingly popular option for homeowners who want to decorate their house but don’t have the money up front to do it, or don’t want to commit to specific pieces of furniture yet.

Building a house isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have deep pockets. But that’s okay. If you plan it right, you can build your dream home on a budget and make it an enjoyable experience.

Eco-Friendly Home Ideas That Are Both Practical and Stylish


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It’s a lot easier to have an eco-friendly home these days. You can thank the ever-growing number of companies supporting the cause to save the earth for future generations to come. But while there are plenty to choose from, they’re not always exactly cheap nor stylish.

Below are a couple of eco-friendly home ideas that you can apply to your home to make it more eco-friendly without sacrificing style and design:

Natural Light Is Your Friend
As cheap and eco-friendly today’s light bulbs are – if you haven’t switched to energy-efficient light bulbs yet, you should – that doesn’t mean you should always rely on them for lighting.

Your house (and your wallet) will be better off if you rearranged it so that your home is properly optimised to make use of natural lighting. A good start is to put your work desk and kitchen counter somewhere near the window.

Use Eco-Friendly Furniture
Eco-friendly furnishings doesn’t just mean that they’re made out of sustainable materials. They also have to be stylish, and more importantly, durable and easy to repair.

Luckily, there are plenty of furniture companies these days that offer such products. For example, wood furniture made out of timber from sustainably harvested tree farms and forests.

You can always contact a company providing furniture rental service in singapore in case you’re not sure about buying eco-friendly furniture outright just yet. You can try them out for a couple of weeks and see if they work for you.

Go Refurbished
Or vintage, whatever it is you want to call them.

When it comes to furniture, you don’t always need to for brand-new pieces. You can save yourself a lot of money while giving your home a vintage or chic aesthetic.

Use Low-VOC Paint
VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are commonly found in household paint and have been linked to cancer, among many other things. In short, they are not healthy for you.

A great and inexpensive way to protect your family’s health is to repair your walls using low-VOC paint. This is a must for families with small children and infants. While you’re at it, use lighter paint to keep your house cooler without having to rely on the air conditioner too much.

Cool It With the A/C
It’s tempting to use the air conditioner all year round. Singapore isn’t exactly the coolest of countries. But, the air conditioner isn’t exactly the most eco-friendly appliance in your house, so you may want to minimise your use of it. Instead, consider using other alternatives like ceiling fans or even standing fans.

To make the scorching heat from outside more manageable, you can use window fixtures like blinds and blackout curtains that are designed to help combat heat.

Plant Some Green
A great and cheap way to improve indoor air quality and the overall vibe is to scatter some houseplants all over your home. To best set up your home’s decoration, you could have some custom made furniture such as benches to place your pots and plants!