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5 Types of Must-Have Furniture Pieces for Every Home

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The way you decorate your home is very personal – your design decision is the very embodiment of who you are as a person and your preferences. Regardless of your tastes, however, there are certain item pieces that belong in every household.

We have taken the time to list down all of the go-to items that work for every home. Check out the list below and strongly consider including these items in your home’s interior design plans!

That One Expensive Item Piece

Also referred to as a splurge, you should not hesitate to spend a large amount of money on a particular piece of furniture. Because a house where everything feels like a compromise just isn’t complete; you’ll want to include at least one stand-out furniture piece to elevate the look of your entire flat. Besides, if your budget just doesn’t allow for it, or you do not want to risk splurging much on one item, you can always try furniture leasing at WTP Singapore to experiment with the decoration without breaking the bank.

A Wood Stool or Table

It does not matter what your thoughts on wood are. You can be the type that never gets enough of them, or you can be the type not to like them. Either way, wood is an essential material that helps add some life and colour to your house, and they have a place in your home beyond the typical dining area.

Walnut stools and coffee tables like our Rootslab Coffee Table make for great centrepieces in the living room, helping to keep everything grounded while providing elegance to the total area.

Something Striking

This can be the splurge or any other item piece that just jumps out and makes an impression, like our Ceramic Pomegranate. It can be in a bright colour, or an unusual painting, or anything; any piece of furniture that you feel is a risk makes for a great way to capture the attention of anyone who goes inside your home, including yourself.

A Place to Relax

This is an underrated element when it comes to home design. Most people just don’t realize the value of having a great place just to unwind and waste time away. If your house does not have one, work on it. Invest in a comfortable chair with a floor lamp, as well as a stool, in a neatly arranged place so even when everything else is a mess inside your house, you will have somewhere to put up your feet on to relax in. You can consider customizing your furniture to suit your space. At WTP Singapore, we have in-house carpentry that is catered to building custom made furniture that can truly reflect the personality of a house owner. If you want to create a relaxing corner that is truly your own, consider making customized furniture for your satisfaction.

Something Green

Moreover, by green, we mean something that’s actually alive. Functionally, plants help clean the air inside your home. However, more than making it easier to breathe, just having plants inside your house provides a sense of calm and oneness with nature that makes it easier to go by with your daily routine.

These five furniture types help make your home’s interior design more complete. Explore your furniture rental options at WTP Singapore and find out which furniture can best fit your space to create a comfortable and lovely home for you and your family.

Different Ways to Use a Vase to Beautify Your Home

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Vases are a relatively inexpensive and simple decorative piece of item that does wonders for the atmosphere of your home. Below are a few ideas that you might find useful if you are looking to make the most out of vases when beautifying your home.

Use Decorative Vases As It Is

As the name suggests, decorative vases are centrepieces on their own. You do not need to put anything in them. All you need to do is put them in a side table or deep windowsill, and voila, you will have a unique piece of furniture that helps add some personality to whatever corner of space you put it in. WTP Singapore’s Fleur Olive Vase can provide a different dimension to an otherwise plain side table. Its unique colour also brings an earthy vibe to your living space.

Fill Vases With Decorative Items

If you really want to put something in a vase, go for the clear vases and fill them with something decorative; sand or small pinecones are a great start. The décor does not even need to fit in with the overall theme of the space. In fact, it can be totally different, so it can act as that one striking piece of furniture that stands out and helps complete the overall look of your room.

Put It on the Staircase

If space allows for it, you can put a vase to add some necessary detail to what probably is a plain-looking staircase. Just make sure you do not place it where it will become a safety hazard! If you have a great design of a vase that you will like to materialize, consider customizing it at WTP Singapore. Our carpenters here are skilled in transforming dreams into reality with their work. Get the design that you want, don’t simply settle!

Fill it With Delicious Treats

Make sure to clean the vase thoroughly first and then fill it with yummy treats. You can then use the vase as both a centrepiece for your living room and a way to offer some finger foods for any of your guests. For this to work well, it will be best for you to use a clear vase.

Spice Up Your Kitchen

If your kitchen seems uninspiring, you should consider adding an ornamental vase to liven up the area. However, you should forgo using the vase to contain flowers, and use it for your kitchen utensils instead. In the end, you will have a multi-functional decorative piece and a way to store all your kitchen needs.

Something for the Craft-Lovers

If you would love to get your hands dirty, then get that vase of yours and wrap some unused yarn lying around the house around the vase. If you cannot find any, you can always get them from your favourite craft store. Either way, you will still end up with a once-plain looking vase that now has both texture and a pop of colour, which is just perfect for whatever decorative purpose you see it fit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

The thing with vases, or any piece of decoration for that matter, is that they are not permanent; you are always free to change things when you feel like it. Place our Network Driftwood Vase together with a mirror above and you get an artistic space that helps bring an accent to your space as well. Alternatively, you can also place the vase next to your television console to fill up the otherwise empty spot.

If you wish to have decoration pieces that you can refresh once every few months, furniture rental at WTP Singapore is always a good option, both for short-term and long-term rentals, so that you will never get bored of your house’s decoration while constantly improving on its interior as well.

Best Dining Table Shapes You Should Consider

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Before availing of a long-term furniture leasing at WTP Singapore and getting a dining table, you will first have to choose the right one. This is not to say that your first thought does not count. Rather, this is to remind you that dining tables are far more important than you think; they are arguably the most striking centrepiece of your home and that one piece of furniture that visitors will almost always remember.

The shape of a dining table, for one, is a very underrated but also very important factor. Below, we have come up with a list of different kinds of dining tables, and how each type of shapes lends themselves to certain situations.

Rectangular Dining Tables

This is perhaps the most common dining table shape, and for a good reason: it is probably the most versatile shape.

It is very rare for a rectangular dining table not to be able to seat at least four people, which makes it ideal for pretty much anything. With the designs available, you can easily find a dining table that leaves a memorable impression on people. However, because it is very common, it may not always be the best choice for someone looking for a more memorable looking dining table. Our Fossil Dining Table and Milano Dining Table are two great examples that bring a unique touch to the dining experience. However, a rectangular dining table may not be the best choice for someone working with limited space.

Square Dining Tables

If you do not need two or three seats at a time, square dining tables are the best for you. Even if you do, you will find square tables that can be expanded and you can always connect two square dining tables to make a larger rectangular one if necessary, which makes these kinds of tables a pretty versatile option.

For a family of two or three, square tables are the best option as not only do they save space, but they also make every meal more intimate. If you have a special design you would like engraved on your square table to bring an extra touch to the piece, consider customizing your dining table at WTP Singapore. Our expert carpenters are skilled to make custom furniture suited to your needs.

Round Dining Tables

For small gatherings and small living spaces, round dining tables like our Belize Dining Table are also another possibility. Though not as intimate, the layout fosters communication as it makes conversations easier and helps make the setting feel cosier.

Just keep in mind that large round tables are not great for larger gatherings. Even if they can seat plenty of people well, it can make others seem like they are far away and guests may have to shout across the table just to talk to someone who’s technically just in front of them.

Oval Dining Tables

If your room is narrow but has limited space, and yet you still need to seat more than three or four people, you may want to consider getting an oval dining table. They are very similar to rectangular dining tables, but they do not consume as much space, or at least, don’t look like they do.

There you have it. Tips that should help you choose which dining table to get for either a short-term rental or a long-term furniture rental at WTP Singapore. If you are having a hard time deciding on a design or determining the best table size that will fit your dining area, head down to WTP Singapore and let our professionals help. Make your dining space a tasteful and comfortable one to best enjoy the company of your loved ones at home.

5 Ways to Use Accent Furniture in Your Home

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Put simply; accent furniture is the type of furniture built to stand out as a way to complement the room’s décor. The meaning is pretty much self-explanatory, as it is derived from the word accent, which means to stress or emphasize.

Accent furniture, though often functional, are often used for design. It makes your room look better and simple. In some cases, people even buy them for the looks. At WTP Singapore, you can opt for a furniture rental, which gives you the option to switch up your accent furniture once every year to bring on a different vibe to your home.

When thinking of what kind of accent piece to bring into your house, there are many things that you need to consider. Sure, the more you spend, the more options you will have; just remember that more doesn’t always mean better. What’s important is you consider the kind of style and look you are trying to pull off.

The main point in accent furniture is to find that one piece of furniture that gives your home that little bit of extra that turns it from good to great.

Here are a few tips that might help you:

Always Start With the Entry Point

First impressions last and the same goes for your home. The main entry point is the perfect place to experiment with accent furniture. A sculpture with strong colours and unusual shapes, like our Metal Disc Sculpture on Stand is the perfect example of this.

Small Tables Are Big on Looks

Painted, inlaid and other different kinds of small tables make for great accent furniture. You can choose from those made of unusual materials, to those with strong lines or colours like our Coffee Table in Lala Red. The possibilities are endless when it comes to small tables. If chosen wisely, a small table can potentially have the biggest attention drawing power inside a room.

The best part? You can place these tables pretty much anywhere you would like.

When In Doubt, Go Large

Of course, accent pieces do not always have to be small. Something like a china cabinet or a large folding screen can be used to great effect as well. For example, our Bonky Room Divider is a great piece of accent furniture that can help segment your room as well.

Something plain, but with a striking colour works best for busy rooms. Meanwhile, if the rest of your furniture looks plain, something more imposing might do the trick.

The Power of the Chair

Most people underestimate how a good-looking chair accentuates a room. Whether it is one with a strong profile or colour that just jumps out, the right piece of accent chair can complete the look of a room.

To achieve greater contrast effect, get an accent chair with a different, if not opposite style from the rest of the furniture. A chair like our Canary Armchair will surely bring a pop of colour to your room effortlessly and seamlessly. The difference in both styles will lead to an unexpected but beautiful result.

Your Dining Room

Of course, arguably the best and most important accent piece in your house is your dining table; a bland place to eat in makes for a boring home. Our Fossil Dining Table brings sophistication to your dining area with its elegant design and can provide a great dining experience.

Much like tables and chairs, there are all sorts of dining tables for you to choose from, and you can always explore your options with furniture rental at WTP Singapore. What’s important is that you choose the type of accent furniture that will seamlessly bring a pop to your home and make it look better than good.

Guide To Renting Furniture for A Luxury Condo

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Are you someone who gets bored easily? If you are, we strongly advise you to consider furniture rental than buying your furniture. Buying furniture means having the same sofa sets and bed sets for years and years. This sometimes develops monotony in a person’s everyday life. This is why it’s nice to keep changing the look of the place you live in from time to time. Renting furniture is an economical way to do this. Besides, you can keep a modern look maintained in your home by renting new designs after a while!

Furniture leasing at WTP Singapore is extremely easy. You can simply head down to our store, choose the designs you like and have them delivered to your house in as fast as three days. We can even help set up the new furniture in your home for you. This is an ideal option for someone who is looking to furnish his or her luxury condo. At WTP Singapore, our furniture designs are meant to compliment a classy home interior and provide elements of sophistication for your home. If you are looking to get furniture for your luxury apartment, here are some tips for you!

Decide On The Time For Your Rental

This is an important thing for you to decide upon before you rent any furniture. Keep in mind the size of your family, and how much furniture you want to rent in order to decently furnish your luxury condo.

Keep Your Options Wide

This is the fun part of your furniture rental. Explore your furnishing options online or through magazines and get some ideas of your own. Instead of going for simple and light-weight furniture, you can invest in getting heavy wood furniture that commands a strong presence in your home. You can also opt for marbled coffee tables that provide class and a touch of modernization in your home. Our professionals at WTP Singapore have a great eye for details and designs that can best suit your luxury condo. Work together with our team to come up with the best set of furniture for your preferred look!

Understand the Rental Terms
Different companies have different rental requirements for their furniture. WTP Singapore offers short-term and long-term rentals that begin from a minimum of one month rental. Understand more about the rental terms such as the furniture insurance as well to understand what you are paying for. This way, you can utilize this furniture at ease and not worry about any undisclosed payments.

A luxury condo is a great investment, make the best of your investment by furnishing up your home with a set of classy furniture as well. Explore your options with WTP Singapore today!

Ways to Create a Comfortable And Appealing Guest Room


Hosting guests in your home can be quite an enjoyable experience. There’s always a sense of satisfaction that comes with helping your guests feel at home. When planning for a guest room, consider what you would expect in a good hotel and try to adjust your designated guest room up to that standard. A comfortable guest room gets rid of the hassle associated with a guest visit, especially for the host.

If you don’t have a room set aside for guests, you can convert one of your rooms. You don’t have to spend loads to create a relaxing haven, but you can arrange what’s necessary, clear the decks, and provide a serene environment to relax. Indeed, it doesn’t take a lot to make overnight visitors feel welcome. Read the pointers below on how to set up your guest room for your guests.

Comfortable furniture

Don’t let your guest sleep on an old, saggy mattress. You probably know how hard it can be to sleep at ease in new surroundings, especially in an uncomfortable bed. You can get a comfortable bed and purchase a comfortable mattress for the period in which your guest will be around. Similar to a hotel room, you will want to make the room suitable for several activities. This means getting multipurpose furniture, which can double as an eating area as well as a desk. You can get a trunk on one side of the bed, which can serve as extra seating as well as hold extra linens and clean towels. Bring in an upholstered armchair in the room as well as a lamp to add a cosy touch to the room. If your guest has special furniture that he or she requires during the length of her stay, you can consider renting furniture in Singapore. Furniture like an extra bed may not be a necessity in the room after your guest has left, so renting these extra furniture will help save you cost as you can simply return them once your guest leaves.


Provide a freshly laundered pair of sheets in your guest room and check if your guest has allergies before getting pillows for them.


Many people hardly remember to pack a towel when they travel as they expect one from their host. You need to provide your guest with clean towels to use. Put clean towels on the bed to make him or her feel welcome.

The small things

Stocking your guest room with a travel size shampoo, bathing soap, and conditioner is thoughtful and useful. Few remember to pack their conditioner and shampoo when traveling thus, this little gesture can make a big difference.

Clothing Rack

When preparing for your visitors, create a sense of home away from home in your guest room by providing a small clothes rack close by. You can install an over-the-door hook to accommodate any hanging garments and always remember to include several hangers.  Your guests will feel more comfortable unpacking during their stay and not be living out of a suitcase.

Clear the decks

Steer clear of the urge to fill the closet with old clothes or a collection of dolls. When it comes to a guest room, less clutter translates to more space and comfort. Keep only important items in the room, such as a calendar and clock.

Good lighting

Imagine walking into an attractive hotel room only to find poor lighting. It’s a complete turn-off. For your guest room, place a light control close to the bed, to avoid causing your guest the inconvenience of walking around in the darkness, merely to switch on the lights. Moreover, provide excellent reading light over the bed or close to a chair. Another light fixture next to the desk will be helpful.


Settle on window curtains that not only accentuate the room but also provide privacy and light control. For simplicity purposes, a beautiful blind would be great.


If you’re an avid reader, why not share your books with your guest? Travel books, classic novels, or the local dailies are excellent reading materials for your guest.


Your guest will surely appreciate a TV set in the guest room. Place the remote control on the bed, so they don’t have to walk to the TV to turn it on or off. Also, ensure that you provide Wifi or Internet connection for your guests as they often rely heavily on it to communicate with others away from them.

Even though the list of things mentioned above may seem quite long, they are very simple and easy to provide. Just imagine what you would love to find in a nice hotel room, and incorporate those ideas into creating a beautiful guest room.