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Tips To Maintain Your Leather Furniture


Cleaning furniture made from leather material can be a tedious job, but the beauty of such furniture is that it enhances the longevity of your furniture. Owning leather furniture can improve the overall appearance of your room as long as you keep it clean. The lovely colours that come with leather may make the furniture look suave and soft, and this augments its value in comparison to other types of furniture. You can also get customized furniture that will blend well with the interior of your home or office. Here are some tips on how to clean your leather furniture.

Daily Maintenance
It is paramount to dust your leather furniture on a regular basis. To do so, it is advisable to use a dry piece of soft cotton cloth to wipe away any crumbs that stick in the creases or crevasses of your furniture. Your furniture may become a breeding place for ants and mites if you do not undertake this routine exercise. This exercise might be time-consuming, but the dire consequences of not doing so makes the task as worthwhile as it is daunting. However, you should definitely not use any abrasive garment or brush as it may leave several scratches on the leather chair or couch.

Removing Simple Stains From Leather Furniture
One thing you need to note is that you should avoid using soap or other detergents when cleaning your leather furniture. It is advisable to only use distilled water whenever you want to remove simple stains from your leather furniture. You should not pour the distilled water directly on the stain but instead, pour a little amount on the cloth and use it to blot the stain until the material becomes dry. You should repeat this process several times before you successfully remove the stain.

In case some of the water spills on your leather couch or chair, remove it immediately to avoid it setting in. You need to be extremely careful especially when you rent furniture as damaging them may incur additional costs. Some people make the mistake of wetting the cloth with tap water and rubbing the leather furniture in a circular manner, which may end up making the stain worse.

How to Remove Tough Stains
It is common for leather couches to get greasy stains and this can make the cleaning process problematic. The best approach is to use a neutral soap in cleaning such stubborn stains. Make a diluted neutral soap solution and use it to dampen a soft piece of cloth to blot the stain. You will discover that the stain will begin to disappear at a slow pace as you wipe it. Be careful not to use any harsh detergents, oil, turpentine, varnish or polish on your leather furniture as these products may leave behind discoloured patches on your furniture.

General Tips for Cleaning Your Leather Furniture
First, do not use any care products that are not meant for leather cleaning. You can also enhance the lifespan of your leather furniture by using a homemade leather condition after six to twelve months. Your leather furniture should come with an instruction manual that provides information on the leather cleaning procedure as well. Effort should definitely be given to the care and protection of your leather goods to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs for the replacement of your furniture.


5 Ways To Protect Your Rented Furniture From Pets

5 Ways To Protect Your Rented Furniture From Pets

If you have pets at home, there are chances that they will easily damage your furniture. Even if your pet is trained properly, accidents may occur, especially if your pet is easily excited. This may be a serious problem if your furniture is rented, as you would likely have to pay additional costs for damaging the furniture. Below are a few ways by which you can keep your rented furniture from getting damaged by pets:

Using covers for pet proofing furniture

If you want to return your rented furniture completely undamaged by your pets, it will be best for you to keep the furniture covered with a sheet. This will be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of keeping your furniture clean and ensure that there are no pet hairs left on the furnishings.

Do not rent bare wood

If you have a canine at home, it will be advisable for you to avoid renting bare wood furnishings especially if the dog likes to chew on it. This is because training your dog to not chew on bare wood will not an easy process and may take a lot of time. Bare wood is not as resistant and can be easily damaged by your pet’s overgrown nails or sharp teeth. Another way you can protect your furniture will be to coat the wood with some apple spray. This acts as a repellant and keeps your interior safe.

Select pet-friendly fabric for furnishings

When renting furniture it is recommended to go with materials that are pet-friendly. Most of the experts will recommend microfibers or leather fabrics as they are easy to clean and more resistant to the odour as compared to other fabrics. The only disadvantage with these fabrics is that your pet can easily damage them if it has long nails.

Cut and groom your pet regularly

One of the easiest ways to decrease the amount of pet hair shed is by regularly grooming your pet. It is also essential that you bathe your pet and brush it regularly. Not only does this keep your pet clean but also reduces their shedding. Another way to avoid having fur on furnishings is by vacuuming your sofas, carpets, and chairs regularly. In order to keep your furniture free from any scratches, you need to ensure that your pet is fully groomed at all times.  This may seem like a very demanding and daunting step, but doing so can make your furniture last a very long time.

Invest in lint rollers

If you want to return the furniture in the exact condition in which you rented it, then it is recommended that you clean it regularly with a lint roller. Lint rollers or packing tapes are one of the easiest ways of cleaning animal hair or fur. The good thing about lint rollers is that they can be used on drapes as well as other kinds of fabric.

How To Enhance The Lifespan Of Your New Furniture Set

How to enhance the lifespan of your new furniture set?

Getting new furniture for your homes or offices can be expensive and even resulting in you exceeding your budget. However, no matter how expensive or high quality your furniture may be, every single thing has a life span. It is then important to note the factors that can determine how long a product can last. To ensure that your new customised furniture will last longer, here are some useful tips to maintain your furniture:

  • Selection and handling

Whether you rent furniture to spruce up your house or your office or simply get customised furniture of your liking made, you need to make sure it is of a reasonable quality. However, the life span of your furniture is not entirely dependent on its quality. It will be best to treat your furniture with care by protecting them from dust and other harmful external factors.

  • Protection from stains

As you have likely already spent a lot of money on getting your new furniture, you should consider investing in stain proofing to protect your furniture. This will keep your furniture protected from any accidental spillage of drinks, as you will be able to remove the stain without much effort.

  • Keep the pets away

If you happen to own any pets, you will likely know the struggle of trying to clean their fur off the furniture or trying to stop them from damaging your furniture. Moreover, as your pets can be unpredictable, they may ruin your new furniture by scratching or trying to chew them. Hence, if you want your furniture to last its expected lifetime or beyond it, be sure to keep your pets as far away from your new furniture as you can.

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight

Ensure that your furniture is not exposed to direct sunlight. The extreme UV rays from the sun may fade the colour of the furniture’s’ fabric. To prevent this, you should position your furniture carefully and consider using curtains and tablecloths to add more preventive measures to protect your furniture.

  • Basic eating etiquette

When eating, try to sit at an appropriate area like the dining area or somewhere with a table instead of your new sofa couch in order to prevent getting any stains on it. This will also reduce the amount of time and effort you have to spend on cleaning the stains. Additionally, it can be extremely difficult process with your furniture remaining stained despite your best effort to fix it.

Factors to consider when picking out bedroom furniture

Factors to consider when picking out bedroom furniture

The bedroom is a room that not only offers you privacy and your own personal space but is also a place for you to relax. With this in mind, it is important to have a relaxing theme in your bedroom to ensure that you get the quality of sleep you deserve. Here are a few factors you should consider before picking out bedroom furniture.


This will greatly influence the furniture choice that you pick for your bedroom. Your bedroom style is the best place to express yourself and personality and the choice you make in picking out furniture may depend entirely on this factor. However, as much as we would like to have a king sized bed or large wardrobe in our bedroom, we have to accept the fact that we are limited by the size of our bedroom. It is then important to ensure that all the furniture you wish to purchase can easily fit into your bedroom and still leave you space to navigate without any trouble.


There are different themes you can choose for your bedroom to give it a comfortable relaxing ambience. This will depend on whether you live alone or with a partner and children. The theme can be modern, traditional or simply casual and fun. Modern theme incorporates colors like beige and metallic shades while traditional theme usually involve rich shades of red or maroon. The casual theme is usually for families who have children and that would prefer to add patterns and fun colors to the room.

Color Palette

With interior décor being available in a variety of colors from bold and fun colors to more neutral shades, it may be a good experience to play around with different color palettes. Coordinating bold colors that will match with the sheets, and other decorations in the room can create a simple yet trendy look for your bedroom. A poorly chosen color palette can make the room look boring and dull. The choice of colors will go hand in hand with the theme selected for your bedroom.


The bedroom décor should be simple, giving you a relaxing feel as soon as you walk into it. Consider having a seating area in your room where you can easily relax without sleeping. Even a beanbag will be good if you think that you do not have the space for a proper chair. Placing the seating area next to the window will best as you can read, listen to music or have an alone moment while taking advantage of the natural sunlight. A few pictures or prints will add an element of interest to your room without you having to resort to spending too much money.


Bedrooms with natural light may offer the most relaxing ambiance for a room. However, if your room lacks natural light, you can always improvise by placing lamp stands in strategic places in the bedroom. A tip will be to include mirrors on the walls to reflect the natural light, as this will create an illusion of a bigger space even within a small room.


Invest in good fabric that will not succumb to wear and tear so easily. If you are unsure about the theme you would like to go for, consider renting furniture to see how it will blend with other pieces as this might help you make a better decision. Customising furniture in your bedroom to incorporate the exact features  you would like will give you the perfect end result as well.

Best Furniture for your Child’s Playroom

Best furniture for your child's playroom

Are you tired of your young ones coveting other kids’ playrooms whenever they are on a play date? Why don’t you try and make their play room more fun? Furniture for your kids’ room should be a fun experience but there are a few factors you may need to consider before making any purchases.

For children that are older than five years, it is important to engage them in the choice of furniture whenever you decide to decorate their room. At this age, they have started to develop their own interests and will likely have certain items that they would like to hang up in their playrooms. For children above the age of 9, a playroom will likely not necessary as they might have outgrown the need to have one.

Before you make up you mind on what furniture you are going to buy, here are some additional factors that you should consider.


Depending on the theme you are going for, the cost of furniture you would like to get will vary. However, as important as it may be for the playroom to look beautifully decorated, you should keep in mind that there will eventually be a time where your children outgrow the need for a playroom. It may then unwise to buy overly elaborate and expensive furniture, especially if they are pieces that your children will not use often. An option may then be to try out furniture rental first before buying them. It is also important to ask for your child’s opinion as they may have specific ideas of what they want. If what they want is not available, you should consider customising furniture to get something that fits their request.


Toys and furniture that are incorporated into the playrooms are always evolving. With this being said, there are different themes you should consider for the playroom before purchasing any furniture. If you are going for a more traditional look, a wooden horse with wooden drawers that will store your children’s toys will definitely be advisable. For a more modern theme, you may prefer to purchase plain furniture and add fun stickers and other add-ons with your children as a great bonding activity. As much as you would like to stick to colors that he/she likes, try to also blend their favorite colors with a different one so as to ensure that the room will look more balanced instead of looking too extreme.


Furniture with long lasting fabrics that are easy to clean will be more suitable for the playroom. This will help the furniture not succumb to wear and tear as easily, especially if you have more than one child. You can also add a small sofa and an equally small coffee table to the playroom to give it a grown-up touch. This way, they will not feel the need to intrude into your space.

Child Safe furniture

Unlike the normal furniture, furniture intended for your kids’ playroom should not have very sharp corners or have a height so far up from the ground. This is simply to ensure good child safety whenever they are in the playroom and help to minimize any accidents.

How to pick the perfect living room furniture

How to pick the perfect living room furniture

The living room is the one place you should never go wrong when it comes to selecting your furniture, as it is usually the first area that can be seen in your home. It is also where a family will spend most of their time together and will therefore need to have a welcoming feel to it. Hence, here are some important factors you should consider before picking out your furniture.

Living room layout

As different living rooms will have different layouts, it is important for you to know the dimensions of your own living room before you buy any furniture. This way, you will know the exact sofa size you would like to buy and how much room to leave for a coffee table or space for walking. In homes with children, you should certainly leave enough roaming space for your children to move around without being in danger of knocking into something. After taking the measurements, the next step will be to buy furniture pieces that fit the measurements taken. Buying the pieces one by one will help you visualize the next item to purchase and where you will place it after buying it.  In this process, you can also allow yourself to picture how both family members and guests will use the room.


It is important to note that the living room is the most frequently visited room in the house. The furniture in the living room will tend to not only require more cleaning but will also succumb to wear and tear faster than the furniture in any other room. Therefore, the fabric chosen in this room should be of high quality and stain resistant with a luxurious look that will provide your family and guests a comfortable homey feeling.

Co-ordinate the living room furniture

This will depend entirely on the style you are going for, as the furniture you pick will depend on your own taste and preference. Whatever style you will be going for, the furniture pieces should be coordinated in terms of style and color shades. The coordination should go with a certain theme so that your furniture will not look chaotic and out of place. To ensure that all the pieces blend well together, having customized furniture will bring out a unique style in your living room.

Pick out a theme

There are different themes that will help you a great deal when you have to pick out furniture.

  • Modern Theme – A modern theme incorporates neutral colors like white and beige. Metal and glass type of furniture are commonly used as they create a more sophisticated look. Individuals whom live alone and don’t necessarily need to worry about breakage or baby proofing their furniture will commonly use the modern theme.
  • Traditional Theme – Traditional theme tends to take up colors with rich shades of red. It incorporates wooden furniture and also has armchairs with skirted bottoms.
  • Casual Theme – This is a cozy and friendly theme and is mostly suitable for families with small children, they include patterns and prints that are fun and set a welcoming and friendly tone to the living room.

You can also decide to rent furniture before purchasing it to help you with the final decision in the themes you are going for. It is also important to match the furniture you intend to purchase with the rest of the decorations you have in your living room.