Caring For Rental Furniture

Singapore Furniture Rental

Whether you have just moved out of your dorm into an apartment of your own or decided it was time to leave your parent’s house for a new start, you will need to acquire furniture if your unit is unfurnished. Sure, you can buy new furniture or cheap, worn-out ones, but have you ever considered furniture rental in Singapore?

Furniture rental stores can be found all around Singapore and in a surprisingly short process, you can turn your apartment from an empty shell to a fully furnished home.

While it may be great to have a furnished apartment for low monthly fees, you have to bear in mind that these pieces of furniture do not belong to you and you will have to take special care of them to avoid any additional costs.

Here are some tips on how to care for rental furniture:


This one should be pretty obvious but unfortunately, it isn’t to some of us. Furniture should be cleaned every week or at least every fortnight to prevent the buildup of dust and bacteria. Plus, it is much better for your health. Spills, crumbs and so on should be cleaned right away to prevent any stains from forming or attracting bugs and rodents that can damage couches and other pieces of furniture. Cleaning rental furniture regularly will also remove some of the hassles when returning the furniture. This means that when it comes time to return them you won’t have to spend hours cleaning and ensuring the furniture is spotless.


Though cleaning regularly is great for hygienic purposes, using improper cleaning methods can do more harm than good. Read the care labels to give you directions on how to care for them and if they did not come with one, ask for instructions from the furniture rental store just to be safe!


Sure, it may be neat to have your little sofa by the window to peer outside comfortably, but did you know that overexposure to sunlight can cause furniture to fade? Instead, rotate or change their positions regularly to avoid overexposure, and, if you must have them by the window, consider a window film to keep those harmful rays out! It would be a shame to have your rented furniture fade and look ugly.


If you have a custom made sofa, you wouldn’t eat or drink on it or put it at risk of being damaged, would you? So why would you do those things on rental furniture? Avoid jumping on beds and sofa, putting your feet on coffee tables or sitting on side tables. Over time, the furniture will become dilapidated due to mistreatment and you will have to pay for the damages you’ve caused. Instead, use coasters on wood, eat at the dinner table and sit properly.  The rule of thumb is, treat rental furniture like treasured custom furniture pieces and watch yourself save tons of money in the long run!

Another important thing to note is to record and point out preexisting damage. Most rental furniture is second-hand and may show signs of previous ownership. Whether it is a loose nail, a scratch or missing knob, be sure to point out, report and record previous damage. This not only ensures that you will not be blamed for these damages, but it may also lead to them being fixed for your convenience.

Follow these tips to keep your furniture looking as they did the first day you got them. And remember, preventative measures like these save you tons of money in the long run!