Best Themes for Furnishing Your Living Room

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Your living room is the most socially active room in your house. Whether you are enjoying a game of football on the television with your friends or just relaxing with your family, the living room is the place that accommodates you the most. To make sure it is appealing and aesthetically pleasing to you, we recommend some new themes for furnishing your living rooms. Here are the best themes we found that you could try out for your living room.

Modern New Yorker’s Lounge

This idea involves lots of colour thrown in to make it look bright and neat. It is perfect for a small apartment. The idea involves colourful fabric sofas example our blue Coco Sofa placed on either side of the walls of your sitting room so you have walking space. Tall standing lamps are preferred rather than smaller ones accompanied with big tables to maximize space. Small coffee tables, example our Hexagon coffee tables can also be a good alternative if you’re thinking of getting a big sofa. Hanging shelves and big rugs give the room an airier feel as well.

South American’s Retreat

For people that have a good amount of sun hitting their living room, we recommend a classy South American colonial design. Fabric sofas with a wooden outline will look very good with this theme along with plain fabric chairs with the outline similar to the sofa. This look needs space to be pulled off perfectly because the side tables and the centre table like our Rootslab Coffee Table series will be the centrepieces of your living room. Plain wooden ones will do perfectly but make sure the colour suits your overall theme. You may consider looking for custom made furniture from WTP Singapore to add unique pieces to your living room. Marble would add a touch of elegance to your sitting room as well.

The Artist’s Living Room

The most modern of our recommendations, this idea uses minimal space when covering the floor of the living rooms. Plain white fabric sofas are a good option but they should be coupled with durable and easy to maintain stainless steel tables and chairs. The emphasis in this idea is on the walls as they are filled with artwork, flowers or trophies. You need to think of an entire wall mural and then choose your furniture depending on the centre art piece you have in mind. If you are not sure if the centrepiece you have chosen is to your liking in the long run, you can consider approaching a furniture rental from WTP Singapore and exploring the options you have for your centrepieces, example our Metal Disc Sculpture on Stand. Since the rentals go by a monthly rate, you can simply switch up your centrepiece if you find that it does not suit your liking after a few months.

Beach Side Blue’s

If you are one of the lucky few that lives next to a beach like in Sentosa, we recommend you to go for this look. Your couches should lie opposite to your view while simple vases and low plain coffee tables should be the main pieces of your living room. Add an armchair or two example our Canary Armchair near the window or balcony of your home to enjoy a relaxing time after your day as well.

Try some of these ideas and give your living room a makeover! You can head down to WTP Singapore to explore the themes that you can use as well as seek advice on which pieces will suit your housing style and space the best.