Best Dining Table Shapes You Should Consider

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Before availing of a long-term furniture leasing at WTP Singapore and getting a dining table, you will first have to choose the right one. This is not to say that your first thought does not count. Rather, this is to remind you that dining tables are far more important than you think; they are arguably the most striking centrepiece of your home and that one piece of furniture that visitors will almost always remember.

The shape of a dining table, for one, is a very underrated but also very important factor. Below, we have come up with a list of different kinds of dining tables, and how each type of shapes lends themselves to certain situations.

Rectangular Dining Tables

This is perhaps the most common dining table shape, and for a good reason: it is probably the most versatile shape.

It is very rare for a rectangular dining table not to be able to seat at least four people, which makes it ideal for pretty much anything. With the designs available, you can easily find a dining table that leaves a memorable impression on people. However, because it is very common, it may not always be the best choice for someone looking for a more memorable looking dining table. Our Fossil Dining Table and Milano Dining Table are two great examples that bring a unique touch to the dining experience. However, a rectangular dining table may not be the best choice for someone working with limited space.

Square Dining Tables

If you do not need two or three seats at a time, square dining tables are the best for you. Even if you do, you will find square tables that can be expanded and you can always connect two square dining tables to make a larger rectangular one if necessary, which makes these kinds of tables a pretty versatile option.

For a family of two or three, square tables are the best option as not only do they save space, but they also make every meal more intimate. If you have a special design you would like engraved on your square table to bring an extra touch to the piece, consider customizing your dining table at WTP Singapore. Our expert carpenters are skilled to make custom furniture suited to your needs.

Round Dining Tables

For small gatherings and small living spaces, round dining tables like our Belize Dining Table are also another possibility. Though not as intimate, the layout fosters communication as it makes conversations easier and helps make the setting feel cosier.

Just keep in mind that large round tables are not great for larger gatherings. Even if they can seat plenty of people well, it can make others seem like they are far away and guests may have to shout across the table just to talk to someone who’s technically just in front of them.

Oval Dining Tables

If your room is narrow but has limited space, and yet you still need to seat more than three or four people, you may want to consider getting an oval dining table. They are very similar to rectangular dining tables, but they do not consume as much space, or at least, don’t look like they do.

There you have it. Tips that should help you choose which dining table to get for either a short-term rental or a long-term furniture rental at WTP Singapore. If you are having a hard time deciding on a design or determining the best table size that will fit your dining area, head down to WTP Singapore and let our professionals help. Make your dining space a tasteful and comfortable one to best enjoy the company of your loved ones at home.