Beautiful Furniture Pieces You Should Rent for Home Staging

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Dressing your house for rent or sale is an essential step towards winning the hearts of your potential clients. It highlights all the excellent features in the house and helps possible buyers visualize how everything would fit. Unlike empty houses that are cold and dull, staged homes filled with furniture and accessories creates a beautiful and welcoming environment for visitors. The presence of companies providing furniture leasing in Singapore has also made home staging an easy affair since you can get any piece of furniture at a relatively low cost.

Statistics show that a staged home is likely to sell faster and at a better price than an empty house. This is because the buyers have a clear idea of how their house would look once they occupy the home. Therefore, you should be willing to spend a little cash on furnishing the house so you can get better returns on the sale or lease. Below are some of the furniture items that will improve the aesthetic appeal of your staged home.

Make your bedrooms and living rooms more inviting by placing a few pillows on the bed and couch too. You can go for neutral colors if you have a bright colored sofa while patterned or flowered pillows will add a striking appeal to a dull couch. Draping a piece of cloth across the foot of the bed or on the couch will also make a room appear more inviting. The secret here is to play with different colors to break the monotonous look in a room and make the place look alluring.

A Three-seater Couch or Small Love Seats
Your prospective buyers will set their eyes on the living room first before proceeding to the other places in your home. Therefore, you should aim at elevating their moods immediately when they step in the house before they move to all other rooms in the house. You do not want to create the wrong first impression by placing an unappealing sofa in your living room, so you should consider renting a high-quality sofa or love seats from companies providing furniture leasing in Singapore. Go for bold or metallic colors to make your home feel warm and luxurious to anyone who wants to rent or buy it.

Flowers, Plants, or Glass Fruits
Do not underestimate the power of a fresh bloom of roses or lilies in a house. Flowers are natural mood boosters, and their fresh glow is inviting to everyone entering the house. Additionally, a plant in the house is a symbol of life and growth, which most buyers will be willing to associate with. Colorful and innovative products will always excite millennials, so you may consider getting a few glass fruits to display on your coffee table or kitchen counter.

Queen-size Bed, Inflatable Mattresses, and Clean Linens
The secret to successful home staging is placing at least one item in every room to represent its function. For example, the queen-sized bed should occupy the master bedroom while an air mattress goes to the guest bedroom. This provides your prospective buyers an idea of how every room would look like after they have purchased the house. A clean, fresh bed gives the calm and relaxed atmosphere of a bedroom. A well-staged bedroom is one of the places that influence the final decision of buying or renting a home. Therefore, you must be ready to invest in it for you to make a quick sale.

Mirrors are necessary items especially if you are selling a house with insufficient natural lighting. Mirrors are excellent light reflectors, and they will make even the smallest rooms appear larger. Most companies providing furniture leasing in Singapore have mirrors of all sizes that you can place in the hallways, near the entrance, or even over the bed.

Staging a home requires time and resources before you can eventually get everything you want. Some homeowners will prefer hiring a home stager instead of going through the hassle of finding furniture rental companies in Singapore and leasing everything that they require for their home. If you are not willing to pay for a home stager, then you must be ready to incorporate various colors, textures, and designs to highlight everything the buyer could possibly want in their house.