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Several Reasons To Go For Fabric Sofas in Singapore

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Have you considered buying a new sofa? Is it time for an upgrade? Indeed, choosing what kind of sofa to match your interior design can be difficult, especially with all the options available from different furniture rental stores in Singapore. Of course, you also have to take into consideration if you will utilise furniture rental or have a custom-made sofa for your home.

Sofas are an essential part of a property or a home. It is what people see first when they enter and where they gather to catch up. So, it is imperative to choose a sofa that is comfortable and spacious for you and for your guests to enjoy lounging in.

Fabric sofas are becoming a popular choice among homeowners because they are comfortable, great value for money, and easier to maintain. If you still cannot decide if you should get a fabric sofa for your home or office, below are some reasons to push you towards a comfortable fabric sofa:

Fabric Sofas are Easier to Maintain

Depending on what type of fabric you choose for your sofa, its wear and tear will vary. However, you just have to be careful with spills as liquids and other forms of stains easily penetrate fabric sofas and leave permanent marks. Consequently, taking proper care of your fabric sofa is also essential to maintain its quality for a long time.

Cost Effective

Fabric sofas are definitely cheaper than sofas made from other materials. However, depending on the type of fabric, the prices will definitely vary. But you also have to keep in mind to work on a budget to determine which fabric fits you best. Also, do not forget to consider your own preferences when making a decision.

Removable Fabric Covers

Unlike other sofas, fabric sofas can have a removable and washable outer covering. You can ensure that you can maintain its appearance and freshness since they can be cleaned at any time you wish. Just be careful with the use of cleaning agents to avoid wear and tear, as well as inadvertently fading of the fabric’s color.

Cosier and Comfortable

Without a doubt, fabric sofas offer a cosier and more comfortable feel to your home or office environment. Fabric sofas are also weather friendly and can adapt to various conditions. They are cosy and comfortable in all seasons, including summer and winter!

Indeed, selecting a sofa that matches your preferences, style, and interior design can be a daunting task. With so many options, including colors, styles, designs, and fabric materials to choose from, sofa shopping can be a bit of an overwhelming task when done alone and without any guidance. That is why we suggest that you bring a friend or someone whom you can trust with decisions when you are out sofa shopping!

4 Unique and Elegant Interior Design Styles for Your Home

Considering redecorating your house or a new homeowner? Want to build your dream house? Or maybe you just want a nice interior design for your home. With the wide variety of designs you can view on the Internet, many consumers are having a hard time picking an interior design style for their home.

Although there are many interior designs to choose from, it’s much better to narrow down for a specific theme for you house. These four unique home interior styles may help you gain ideas to building your dream house.

French Country Style Décor

French country style interior design always results in a rustic, old-world and welcoming look. This décor originates from traditional country houses and elegant old chateaux, but the warm and casual feel of this style will fit anyone’s home.

French country style colors come from all sections of the color wheel. Accessory pieces are defined with bright black and dull grays which punctuate the brighter colors. Typical French country style pieces have contrasting colors and textures.

Natural materials is an important element in French country style décor.

Homes decorated in this style utilise stone walls and floors, raw wood distressed ceiling beams and timbers, and also plaster walls. Stone, clay, brick and old wooden boards work well to defining the rustic flooring. Old and charming are the keywords for this style.

Tuscan Style Décor

Homes designed in this décor style should be inspired by the elements of nature. Simplicity is where its appeal resides. A room becomes warm and inviting by combining comfortable, worn and well-loved pieces. The combination of natural stone, wood and earthy colors is what makes Tuscan style décor appealing for modern homes.

Tuscan style décor has walls painted with a soft white or gray, while accent colors, natural woods and stone provide points of interest. Venetian plaster, which uses fired limestone, is another method to bring texture to a room.

Homes decorated in this style often use wide wood planks, timber boards, rough stone, unevenly colored terracotta bricks or clay tiles as flooring.

Swedish Style Décor

Swedish style décor plays with anything pale, light, airy and lustrous. The use of pale walls, floors and furnishings to reflect natural light makes the interior of this style of décor cheerful, calm and warm even on the darkest and gloomiest days.

The pale tone of white, cream, soft yellow, pale pink, soft green, and dove gray is usually accented with gold and red.

Blue and white are most used colors in Swedish style interiors. The colors incorporate the feeling of a clear and fresh day while it easily matches the other staple colors of this style.

Paris Apartment Style Décor

layered with mystery and romance, Paris Apartment Style brings to mind Baroque, rococo and neoclassical interior designs adorned with luxurious silks, rich jewel colors and large pieces of art. Vintage furniture and accessories adds beauty to this style of décor. Also, you might want to take into consideration having a custom made sofa or even a customised bed for a completely vintage feel.

Rich colors like emerald green, crimson and royal blues should be accented with black, white and gold.

The glamour and timeless European style, with a luxurious touch, is what Paris apartment style interiors offer. Also, if you find yourself getting bored with just one style – change it up a bit by renting furniture online!

The Convenience of Furniture Rental Services in Singapore

Furniture LeasingIn this modern age, we always seem to find ourselves on the go and looking for more convenient solutions. That is why most prefer to utilise furniture rental services. Nowadays, furniture leasing in Singapore has become quite famous because of the various benefits furniture rental stores offer to their customers.

The main reason why they opt to just rent furniture is that of convenience. Aside from that, people want to be able to move around as fluidly as possible and be free of needless commitments. A way to avoid being stuck with bulky and expensive furniture is to just rent the exact pieces they need.

People who like going for rented furniture are those who are always on the go or are only living in a particular area for a short period of time, usually for a minimum period of one month. Although, there is also an option for long-term leasing of furniture on a case-to-case basis, where leasing for more than 12 months might allow you to buy the furniture piece.

If you are still not yet convinced about the benefits and convenience of renting furniture for your home or office, we have laid out some of the reasons why you should consider leasing rather than buying.

Check them out below:

Beautify Your Room Without Spending Too Much

Moving into a new house means that you will be getting a blank space for you to decorate and shape to your liking. Your main objective when you have finally moved into a new home is to furnish it and make it look livelier so the vibe of your home appears cosy and homely. However, to make this work, it also means that you have to spend a huge chunk of cash buying new fixtures. On the other hand, if you would prefer to just rent out furniture, then you can definitely save money to spend on other home necessities as you won’t have to pay as much up front!

Renting Furniture is Environmentally Friendly

To save resources and protect Mother Nature, renting furniture is one way to conserve materials sourced from the environment. It minimises your carbon footprint, so even in your own little way, you can protect Mother Nature from further deterioration.

It is easier to change fixtures

If you are the type that always wants to change your home’s interior design but avoid spending money again and again on new furniture, then furniture rental is the best option. The best thing about renting furniture is that you have the opportunity to return it and choose another set if you ever change your mind.

Although furniture is a great investment, considering various factors in today’s modern world is very important. If you are the type of person that is constantly moving, then, investing in expensive furniture may not always be a great idea. Instead, consider furniture rentals to help yourself save money. If you really want to buy furniture, maybe you should do it by the time that you have properly settled down for a long time.

Key Home Interior Tips To Make Any Room Look Better


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Decorating rooms is an important part of building our dream house. Living in a house with a good-looking interior feels good as it can relax us just by looking at it. Designing a room requires imagination and creativity from the designer. People would often go for furniture leasing services in Singapore or they would visit actual furniture rental stores to canvas for pricing and plans.

Designers don’t follow rules set in stone. They just incorporate some guiding principles of internal design, which guide them to excellent results. What they are doing doesn’t take years to master. This article will discuss different key points to help you make any room in your home look better.

  1. Paint Color Comes Last

While it’s nice to arrive in your home with its walls freshly coated with paint, existing paint can detract from the aesthetics of the room. Why? The paint already in the room might not match with future additions, such as furniture or artwork. Everyone wants the colour that best complements everything that will be put in the room. But this can only happen if the stuff is already in place.

  1. Leave Some Breathing Room

Overcrowding a room will only make it worse, as it will only hinder people from manoeuvring the room with ease. This is good for people who run a tight budget but want to make their home interior look good. Purchase fewer but better quality things and the room will look much better than being filled with stuff that’s not important.

  1. Scale Should Be Varied

Many people buy something from the store but find it looking too big or small, making it inappropriate to incorporate into their interior design. Varying the scale and proportion of items is significant in making a room look better.

  1. What to Let Go and What to Keep

Hanging on to a piece of furniture or anything that have significant value in our life proves that we value people around us. But not in designing rooms in our homes. Many would proudly display piece just because their great-grandfather gave it to them. If it doesn’t fit for you, then put it in other rooms in your home where it would fit perfectly.

  1. Creating a Focal Point

All of your furniture should not be the highlight of a room as it can create visual noise. Pick one piece of item that will be the centre of attention and treat the other pieces like an accessory that just helps to make the room look much better.

  1. Be Bold

What makes a room look great is the personality of the designer. Making a room look better is a process of trial and error. The more designs you try, the more you see what fits and what doesn’t. Incorporating your own personal sense of style will bring additional character to your home’s aesthetics.

Light vs. Dark Furniture: How To Make It Work For Your Home

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Nothing beats the idea of establishing a strong bond with nature like adding earthy, wooden furniture as part of your interior décor. Its colour shines through and brings forth the feeling of being outdoors. If you want your interior design to feel inspired by nature, then your next decision would be whether to go for light or dark furniture.

Indeed, the decision to go for either light or dark furniture has been a longstanding design question. Whether you’re thinking about your living room furniture like a custom-made sofa or a coffee table, you’ll have to decide whether to go with light or dark colours. The sort of design that you’ll eventually choose will influence the space and ambience of your home. That said, the decision between light or dark furniture is extremely important in the grand scheme of things.

This article explains how you can make either light or dark furniture work for your home.

Light Furniture
Light furniture is not exclusively modern but it can also be used in traditional, contemporary, rustic or country homes. One of the main reasons why light furniture is often the go-to option for living room furniture is the fact that it brightens up living spaces, making living rooms appear more spacious than their actual room sizes. However, stain and dirt are easily noticeable on this type of furniture, but this does make it easier to clean.

While light furniture is versatile, you need to factor in a few design basics to make it work for your living room. To start with, avoid matching light furniture with light walls or else the former will be washed out. This basically means that nothing about your living space will stand out. The solution to effectively designing your home is to strictly observe colour contrast between your furniture and walls. Therefore, the thumb rule is: contrast any light coloured custom furniture Singapore with darker walls.

Next, think about how the rugs and draperies fit into the design. Rugs should match the walls, therefore, in the case of light coloured furniture, you would do well to go for a rug of a darker shade akin to the walls. On the other hand, the curtains should closely match the furniture to balance out the space.

Dark Furniture
Darker furniture has been trending for a while now as it is able to add drama to a space and give it a more formal and elegant look. It draws glances and can act as a magnificent focal point. Moreover, it keeps your room tight and cozy and that’s why interior designers prefer a darker palette in spaces like a study room, bedroom or a library.

For apparent reasons, darker furniture can lead to a gloomy-feeling space. That notwithstanding, you can adopt a few design tips and accessories to bring forth a sense of airiness and liveliness to your room.

To start with, pair your dark furniture with complementary drapery colors to transform your dark staple pieces to life. For example, deep purple and blue sofas will pop against yellow and orange floral curtains.

Many people are scared of white walls for myriad of reasons. However, there’s no need to be afraid. The solution is to warm them up, and dark pieces of furniture does exactly that. The contrast between bright walls and darker furniture acts as a magnificent exhibition of your furniture. Apart from the walls, bedding and accessories should also be white across the room. Consider varying the shade of white for texture and extra warmth.

Akin to white walls, white rugs look sharp in contrast to darker pieces of furniture and add brightness and energy to the room. If you’re concerned about the up-keep of white rugs, consider colorful rugs instead. Not only do they conceal stains, they also incorporate the same brilliance as white rugs.

Lastly, you need to have the right lighting when considering dark furniture pieces. Ideally, install ambient and task lighting across your living space to brighten your dark furniture appropriately.

Either way, the decision between light or dark furniture is personal and relies entirely on the appearance and ambience you’re intending to establish and display within your living space.

Trendy Ways To Display Your Photos


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Personal touches are what transform a house into a home. That said nothing does that quite as good as family portraits and artworks. Whether they capture loved ones or travels, snapshots are the best reminders of the special moments in life. Moreover, they are also appropriate for decorating your walls and creating a cosy and inviting ambience. It’s an ideal way to refresh your interior décor.

However, looking for ways to add a portrait into your interior design may sometimes prove difficult. You have to factor in a lot of things like colour shades, other artwork, the overall ambience as well as the photos themselves.

Nevertheless, homeowners can display their favourite photos through more than a few stylish and cool ways. From do-it-yourself alternatives to special purchases that incorporate personality to your snapshots, the possibilities are infinite.

Console Tables
Previously, console tables were exclusively decorative furniture pieces in lavish homes, but today they are employed to house everything from books and lamps to artwork and ceramics. This piece of custom furniture in singapore is mainly found in entryways to welcome visitors. More importantly, you can also add a console table as part of your living room to act as both additional storage plus a chic surface for showcasing your favourite snapshots. Rather than buying a new one, furniture leasing in singapore allows you to enjoy the use of a console table for the duration you’ll be in Singapore. You can rent furniture for a minimum of a month.

A Gallery Wall
Displaying your photos in a gallery-style wall affords your home the look of an art gallery. It could act as the focal point in your living room or hallway. Set up wall mounted rails or small shelves on a dedicated section of your wall where you can showcase your album of colourful and black-and-white snapshots with elegance. A gallery-style wall is appropriate for those who have plenty of framed portraits and like to change them every so often.

Suspended Frames
Conventional picture frames were mainly fixed on walls. Nowadays, in an effort to bring new ways of doing things, you can opt to suspend your framed pictures instead. By using hooks and chains, you can suspend your framed snapshots at varying heights for a more classy effect.

Mismatched Frames
Another common interior decorating design popular at the moment is a wall made up of mismatched picture frames. If you have a large empty wall or hallway, consider this style of interior décor. Just pick different designs of frames and place your portraits on the wall while aligning them either horizontally or vertically.

Alternatively, you may also begin from a central frame and add others around it as you work your way out. You can rest assured of a chic effect, especially with the use of black and white pictures.

A World Map for Avid Travelers
For frequent travellers, it is the norm to take photos of all the places they’ve visited. Place a sticker of the world map on your living room wall and then link the places you have visited to the snapshots you captured there. Not only do these photos serve as wonderful reminder of previous vacations, they also break the ice and kick-start conversations.

Display Them in the Nooks and Crannies of Book Shelves
Of course, picture frames are often the most popular way to display photos. However, they can eat up a lot of space on console tables, gallery walls, and may be quite costly. Furthermore, it may be difficult finding the ideal frame for your favourite portrait. With pictures frames out of the picture, you can consider displaying your photos in the nooks and crannies of your shelves.