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Three Ways To Greenify Your HDB Homes

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With the growing interest in unique interior designs, people are turning their focus to injecting greenery into their HDB homes. They make a small terrace garden in their homes and all kinds of plants for a breath of fresh air and a burst of vibrant greenery. On the inside of homes, people use indoor plants to glorify each room. There are so many indoor plants available in the market that it is hard to only choose one of them. Various plants are used for the different rooms of each home. Ferns are used in bathrooms and cacti are used on plant stands.

Decorate Your Homes With Plants And Botanical Styling
Take advice from the experts about decorating homes with plants and botanical styling. Also, do not stop there. Acquire as much knowledge of them such as possible, such as when to water the plants, various light requirements, and others if any. This knowledge will guide you on what you can and cannot do when using plants or botanicals as decoration. If we want, we can have some green in every room of our home.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Greenify Your New Homes
We all enjoy heading out and exploring the cafes in our surroundings or even some places further away from home. If you have ever been to a jungle theme cafe, you must have seen various wall gardens and customised furniture. We can take a leaf from their book and convert the walls of our flats into an indoor wall covered with leafy plants. Furniture rental services in singapore give us the chance of finding a short-term solution for our furnishing needs, while also providing an environmentally friendly option. Instead of replacing old furniture, you can simply change certain pieces when you feel like it. In today’s times, it’s not impossible to build our own vertical gardens with modular planting systems and hanging planters that demand minimum effort to maintain.

A Grand Looking Living Wall To Leave The Guests In Shock
If one truly desires to have an impressive wall garden, he must give the Florafelt vertical gardens a try. It may look difficult to maintain but in reality, it calls for very little attention and can be managed without too much effort. Using an incredibly modern system created by 100% recycled plastic felt, these adaptable planters can be linked up to build a wall of blossoming botanicals that can be as big or as small as you desire.

Talking about the additional advantages offered by a vertical garden, your green wall will act as a thermal insulator and keep your home cooler, while also giving your home a modern yet comfortable look. If you’re really planning on implanting some greenery on your home wall, this adaptable planter from Bambeco consists of a modular system created from recycled plastic. Your plants will then be easy to care for and manage, all while looking very impressive within your HDB flat.

Why Is Scandinavian Style Still A Top Pick For Homeowners?

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Whether we know it or not, Scandinavian designs have become one of the top picks for interior design in the last few decades. Why? Let us take a closer look.

First of all, we’ll begin with what the Scandinavian style actually stands for. We all come in contact with the term “design” in our day-to-day lives. In that aspect, we must all have heard about the term “Scandinavian style.” Some people believe that the style is only limited to white walls, wood floors, and modern furniture. But in reality, the case is different. It has a much broader definition than you or anyone else may think. Also, there is also a growing demand for such styles in the interior design market. If one wants, he or she can choose to rent furniture to quickly furnish their home in such a way.

Scandinavian Style Actually Came Into Effect At The End Of The 19th Century
Today, as the Scandinavian style is in full demand, let us tell you how this style came into being. Now, you can understand that we have come a long way since its origins in the early 1910s, originating from the Nordic states of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. From its origin until now, there has been a shifting of worldviews, empires rose and fell, the world went to war twice, literature, philosophy and education have all changed their ways to incorporate a broader, more unique and differentiated way of interior design. Also, obtaining custom furniture in singapore is easy, and you can use this option to perfect the Scandinavian design of your home.

The Style Is A Mixture Of Design, Beauty, Simplicity And Also Functionality
The rooms of our homes which are decorated in the Scandinavian style are believed to benefit from white walls, a neutral-heavy palette with pops of colour, original natural textures which largely include wood and stone, a scarcity of windows and carpets, and uncomplicated, hassle-free layouts with numerous clean lines.

Features And Characteristics Of The Scandinavian Style
The Scandinavian-designed room offers something special to the people living inside it. When we talk about the key points of this style, we come to know that the undressed wood floors along and potted plants take a person outside the boundaries of the home. A large sliding glass door also allows more natural sunlight to permeate throughout the home. It also emphasises minimalism, simplicity and functionality to reduce the amount of furniture in any room.

Scandinavian design has contributed a lot to furniture design and making the ambience of our homes clean, clear and pristine. We all put a lot of thought and effort to design our rooms and homes beautifully. Scandinavian design is a popular choice among homeowners as it gives a clean and uncluttered aesthetic to any home.

3 Situations You Would Need a Short-term Furniture Rental

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If you are a professional being sent to another country for a short time, then you may consider renting furniture. Many business associates and professionals are now turning towards renting apartments and furniture. You can find many furniture rental companies in Singapore who can provide you with every type of furniture you may be looking for.

However, renting furniture is a relatively new concept for many people. There are numerous benefits to renting furniture. Property investors can benefit from it because they prefer convenience. Furniture rental is also good for tenants who are only looking for a temporary loan of furniture.

So, the big question is, why should people rent furniture instead of buying them?

Ready to Move In
With the busy life each one of us leads, no one has the time and patience to buy a completely new range of furniture for their home. Let’s not forget the whole hassle of selecting and searching for the right product. When you opt for furniture rental, you only need to move into your home and all the furniture would be taken care of. Most of the time, the shop owner will send his people to set up the furniture at your home. This is quite beneficial for expats who have may have to wait for their furniture to get shipped.

A great temporary solution
More and more employees are being sent off to international transfers for a short period of time, and they are renting apartments as well as furniture. It is a cost-effective method, and a convenient alternative. You might have noticed that a lot of expats living in Singapore rent furniture because they are there to stay in the country temporarily. Most of them want a fancy lifestyle, without investing a lot of money on furniture, thus, they rent furniture in singapore. In a few years, after their stint in Singapore, they can easily return the furniture and be off on their way to another country.

Minimum Capital Expense
If we compare renting and buying, then definitely, renting furniture requires only a minimal amount of money to begin. This makes renting a great option for those who only recently just started their jobs, and may want to save up for a proper suite of decor. Most property investors opt for this option because it reduces the extra investment needed to start the leasing of the properties. For expats, it helps them to save the money for more important matters. Finally, for businesses, it helps them as it frees up the cash for investments with a better opportunity for revenues.

To conclude, furniture rental is by far the most convenient option, and it is budget friendly as well. It will save a lot of money for the businesses, tenants and for the landlords. It is a flexible option for all, especially those who need furniture only temporarily. If you haven’t tried your hands on renting furniture, you can contact a furniture rental company in Singapore.

How to Save Money While Furnishing Your Home

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Owning a home is an amazing feeling, but it is surely a costly affair. Different people have different tastes when it comes to decorating their homes. Some settle for budget-friendly décor, while others have an expensive decorating taste. If you belong to the second group, then know that there are ways you can cut down the corners, while still having amazing décor in your home.

In this article, we have listed the top five ways you can save huge bucks, without compromising on the quality of your home décor.

Make Use of Magazines
You can find so many different décor ideas lying at your home in the form of magazines, internet, and the TV; make use of them! Read through different magazines and find out more about what’s in and what’s not. Try to take time out and visit the home improvement stores, collect materials and paint, and start building up a rough plan on things and ideas that inspire you. Try to determine what your taste is. For example; do you prefer a modern/contemporary style or a vintage style.

Figure Out Your Budget!
Let’s say you have chosen a French country style, because this style is what you needed all your life. But, before you hop down to the market to buying the furniture, check out online stores for the prices of the different furniture. Can you afford them? You definitely need to set up a budget and follow it. Also, try to visit thrift stores and look out for clearance sales to fill in your décor and furniture items.

Start at the Entry
No one will check the corners and nooks of your home. They get impressed with what they see at first glance. So, keeping this factor in mind, try to decorate your living room first. How about some decorative baskets, or maybe a chest with some heavy antique pieces? A vintage style mirror is a great start. Do you have a lot of old vases placed somewhere in your home? You could also use what’s already present at home.

Utilise Your Existing Furniture
Before you plan on dumping everything, think about using the existing sofas and dining chairs. Throw in some new cushions, or if you already have them, change their covers. Re-paint your furniture and play around with colours, until you create magic. The best and most feasible option would be to go to a furniture rental company in Singapore. Many people in Singapore are already doing that. It’s convenient, budget-friendly and you can always change the furniture whenever you want. No hassle of maintenance at all!

Redesign the Layout of Your Furniture
Yes! You can create a completely new look in your home just by moving the furniture. Try to find a new pivotal point; like a wall accent or anything else what fits in the room. Try incorporating things from the other rooms and see if they fit.

If you plan to go for renting your furniture, look out for the singapore’s furniture rental companies as you can find many here.

How to Turn Your Dream Home into Reality

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All of us have come across images of the perfect home. You might have seen them on magazines or on TV; the homes that are dust-free, designed and decorated professionally. We might have secretly wished for a similar home. Did you know that your dream home can become a reality? Everyone is prone to become overwhelmed when they see a luxurious home. With some tips and tricks, you can easily turn your dream home into reality.

If you have recently moved to Singapore, the first thing you should do is look for furniture. If you plan to rent furniture in singapore, that could be an option too. Create a wishlist and write down your dream objects on a piece of paper.

Once done, do not close down the list, keep it open for new ideas. The goal here is to weigh your choices to create the perfect dream home. Manage a file with pictures and newspaper clippings that will help reinforce your ideas. Thinking outside the box will help. Do not miss out on smaller spaces such as the laundry area, bathroom and balcony. They are quite important for your comfort.

When planning to build your dream home, you should consider the following too:

–  What type of environment do you want to live in?
– The distance of your home from the office or school?
– Proximity to your family?
– Is there any local park for the children? Or maybe a local mart for grocery shopping nearby?

Finally, jot down the list of things you don’t want in your dream home or its surroundings. For example; maybe you are not that fond of a location, then you should make sure your new dream home is in a location that is soothing for you to live in.

At the end of the day, the whole point of turning your dream home into a reality is to live a comfortable and a happy life. Make sure you prioritize each item on your list and remove the items that you find are unfeasible. When you are done with this, you can have a vague idea of how your dream home will look like. It is time for you to look for the right apartment and turn your dream home into a reality. In the meantime, look for some furniture rental shops in Singapore. Remember, the better you are able to take down a list, the more help it will be for your home designers. A home is always your safe haven; a place that reflects your lifestyle and choices! So, make sure your dream home is all about what you want, and go nuts with custom furniture here in singapore.

Interior Design Styles: 5 Popular Types Explained

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Planning to redecorate your home? Are you in search of some good and authentic interior style themes? Look no further because below we have mentioned the top most commonly used interior design styles used all around the world.

 Mid-Century Modern
Here, you are going to see some of the most iconic interior design pieces. Each one of them is characterized by natural shapes and refined lines. The mid-century modern designs were created by some of the most amazing designers like Saarinen, Eames, and Noguchi. These masters gave a new standard to interior décor. They utilized moulded plastic, aluminium, and other materials and built masterpieces out of them.

The industrial theme stresses the use of bare steel along with distraught elements of wood, at times combined with bare brick walls. However, the modern industrial themes utilize copper-tone accents. Generally speaking, the industrial theme brings out a more mature and rustic look in the décor.

The nautical theme is the key to creating a relaxing, warm and a serene environment. It is most commonly known by the name of coastal or cottage décor. If you love the New England beach house spirit, then the nautical theme is for you. The foundation of this interior design theme is usually sand coloured or white, with the primary accent as blue.

If we were to talk about the materials used in this theme, it usually incorporates unfinished wood in chairs and tables, along with an elegant linen upholstery for the seats and sofa. Nautical themes can also include hammocks to add to the beach-looking interior.

The Scandinavian design is a popular look that many people opt for. It combines the mid-century modern movement to the interior architecture. It usually features gentle and smooth contours, vibrant accent colours, plus a good balance of organic and concocted materials. Simply put, the Scandinavian design and furniture are simple, functional and modern. A wide range of Scandinavian themed interior furniture comprises of white with grey tones as the basic foundation. If you are looking for this sort of furniture you can buy them, or consider renting furniture in singapore as there are some really good furniture leasing shops in Singapore.

Finally, the Bohemian style we all have heard about. The Bohemian style is the other name for a carefree and an audacious spirit. It consists of the creative use of the rich and vibrant colours. Colours like red and purple are the most common choices of the Bohemian décor style. When designing your home with Bohemian style, remember to stay as carefree as possible. A messy look is what you need to achieve. Layer on throws, rugs, mats, pillows and build up a warm and a welcoming setting for yourself. When looking for custom made furniture, go for items that are ethnic. Something like Moroccan, or tribal designs. Think outside the box: metallic accents, animal hide, wood, boho chic are all trending and are classy, making them a great fit for the Bohemian interior design theme.