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5 Different Home Staging Themes to Consider

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You do not need a jaw-dropping farmhouse, ranch or colossal bungalow to leave your potential homebuyers impressed. What you need is some imagination and creativity to turn your home into a dreamland that will leave your guests dumbstruck. You can take your pick from a list of innovative home staging themes to lend unique a look and feel to each room of your apartment. You also have the liberty of using custom made furniture to create the best possible look while tying in with the home staging theme. Here is a list of 5 incredibly creative home staging themes to consider this season:

A welcome mat will always add to the beauty
They say that the first impression is always the last impression. Hence, a welcome mat will always make a difference. A classy mat can make your living room look very different. However, make sure the mat you use is in tune with the colour theme of the wall and looks sleek. A clumsy mat will dampen the spirit of the room and might have a negative impact on your guests, even after using custom-made furniture in Singapore.

Mounting mirrors at strategic spots
Even the most handsome rooms look grim without a mirror. Just imagine a long dim hallway that ends up at a dark end where natural light meets a gradual death. Doesn’t it give you a creepy feeling? There’s one simple solution that will spruce up the entire scenario – just hang a modestly designed mirror at the end of a hallway with some tasteful lamps over it. Mirrors always bring something extra when placed at strategic points – try getting mirrors fixed onto custom-made furniture. They create an illusion that makes rooms and corridors appear more spacious. In short, mirrors are a wow factor when it comes to decorating rooms.

Set furniture that goes with the room
Here you need to be extra cautious. There is a wide range of furniture to choose from, no matter whether you rent furniture in singapore for a month or buying them there and then. The same applies if you are going to stay for more than a year and you need to rent furniture for a long-term period. You need to be specific while choosing your furniture. There has to be specific furniture for specific rooms and specific purposes.

There’s another point that you cannot miss out. Take into consideration the type of cutlery and crockery, glasses and other dining accessories you have. You would definitely not want to roll out the tablecloth and place the wine glasses and side crockery at a dinner party to find that the setup of the table is not doing justice to your cutlery. Hence, keep that in mind when vouching for the furniture. Opting for custom made furniture is a great idea.

Too many personal pictures? They won’t work
Too many personal pictures or family mementoes can overwhelm any room. Swap them for artwork as they can be the focal point of each room. Landscapes, modern flora motifs, figurines of males and females in a boisterous mood will make all the difference.

The Bathroom
Yes – dressing up your bathroom with elegant and exquisite linen is a good thing and here, but white should reign. Make sure everything is white – starting from towels to the sanitation fittings. You can have an orchid or two, stylised candles, and classy freshening agents to give the look and feel of a spa. You can take this theme one step further with custom furniture.

Which Room in the House Should Home Owners Work on More

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It may be an injustice to say that a single room in your house should get the most attention from you. Rather, perhaps it’s more practical to discuss which rooms should you work on collectively, to give your house a new look altogether. Here are the areas of your household that you need to work on the most.

Your Master Bedroom
Our lives revolve around our bedrooms, so choosing appropriate custom-made furniture takes precedence over all other things. It’s the room from where you set your foot outside and it’s the room where you retire at the end of the days. Your dreams take shape in the privacy of your bedroom, and this is the room that sets the tune of your life.

You need to pay special focus to the walls and floor of your bedroom. You can carpet the floor extensively or you can opt for a more delicate flooring design that will set your mood on the right path the end of the hectic day. Hence, make sure you use a soothing paint on the walls and the curtains should bring a tinge of intimate smoothness.

The Living Room
Here’s the room that can well be the platform of your social life. It is where people congregate. They can be the members of your family, friends or relatives and other guests. Again, the floor and the walls can play the lead role in setting the right mood and a proper ambience for a social gathering. You need to pay attention to the furniture that you set up in your living room. It’s best to opt for custom made furniture, taking into consideration the size and the dimension of your living room. De-clutter the room if you need. Get rid of unwanted furniture if they spoil the getup. Set up a mirror at a strategic point as that will make an illusion of some extra space. Make sure the room is properly lit and it allows natural light in during the day.

The kitchen is the heart of every household, just as it is the soul of every restaurant. That’s an old saying and it’s still very much true. Ensure you have enough space in your kitchen, which is imperative to set up the right vibe to cook a sumptuous dish. Decorate it with some sleek furniture. You can opt for makers of custom furniture in singapore who will be able to meet your demands. Opt for state of the art kitchen gadgets, new appliances and pay special attention to ventilation, the escape ducts, flooring and the walls.

Frankly speaking, every room of your household needs care and affection in one way or the other. The dining room, bathroom, other bedrooms, balcony – you cannot be less careful about any of them. It’s home, after all, the sweetest place to return to at the end of the day!

5 Reasons Why You Should Rearrange Your Furniture

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There will always be a few reasons to rearrange your furniture. It could be due to personal preferences, or simply if you want to give your home a breath of fresh air.

Rearranging your furniture at home is a unique experience that can also serve as an outlet to de-stress. It also forces you to engage your creative side to figure out how you are going to rearrange it.

To start your redecorating project, you must know what kind of look you want to achieve and your budget. Knowing these things can help you get started, but first, here are five reasons why you should seriously consider rearranging your furniture!

Brings Out Your Personal Style
If you have been living in a particular space for a long time and all you ever see is the same arrangement over and over again, then maybe, it is about time you consider redecorating and rearranging your furniture. When you do not know where to begin, flipping through magazines and home decoration related blogs for ideas and inspiration is always a good start. Giving yourself the chance to redecorate your room and rearrange your furniture can help you discover your own sense of style. Envisioning an ideal arrangement will allow you to express your personal style and preferences.

It Creates Balance
Being able to rearrange your furniture within your home helps you achieve balance in its look and spaciousness. Only get your pieces from a Singapore furniture rental? No problem! You can always renew its rental period or you can choose another design to suit your tastes. Renting furniture in Singapore gives you the freedom to change pieces every now and then according to your preferences and what would best suit your living space and arrangement. Knowing when to rearrange your furniture can actually make a difference when it comes to the space and balance of your own house or room. Having the right placement of furniture can make a huge difference.

Actually changing the look of your personal space can be a way to de-stress. You can channel your stress and unhappiness through physical labour and moving things from one place to another. This will eventually tire you out, thus helping you sleep better and be more relaxed at the end of the day.

Keep Yourself Updated
As mentioned previously, there is beauty in availing furniture rentals in Singapore. It has already become a popular trend and it is not hard to see why. As styles and trends come and go, being able to change your furniture without having to shell out a lot of cash is a big benefit, in terms of choice and convenient. Renting furniture in Singapore gives you the chance to swap furniture around without having to sell off unwanted pieces. Choosing what type of furniture suits your home gives you the freedom to be more expressive and creative.

Your Furniture Needs Revamping
Sometimes, rearranging your furniture is sometimes not enough if you want to completely revamp your home. Sometimes they need to be replaced since they deteriorate over time. If you do not fancy buying more furniture, then you should consider furniture rental in singapore as it is one of the most money-saving and savvy options out in the market.

5 Ways You Can Furnish Your Study Room or Workspace

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Thinking about heading back to school or work after spending some time on holiday or vacation can be quite painful. After not having to bother about paperwork, homework and handle long hours in front of your computer, once again, you’re back!

There is no need to worry. Studying or working does not need to have to be that bad! How? You can lessen the stress of studying or working by sprucing up your study room or workspace. Decorate it according to your own personal style by having custom made furniture dotting in your workspace.

In this article, we have come up with five ways for you to furnish and redecorate your study room and workspace to inspire and motivate you to work and study even harder.

Check them out below!

Re-Arrange Everything First
To be effective as a study or workspace, you have to consider a spot where you feel the most productive and comfortable in. This means that choose a space where there is less distraction and noise and you feel as comfortable as possible. Being able to choose a quiet and comfortable space increases your ability to focus and work efficiently to get everything done in no time.

Choose A Table Big Enough According To Your Workload
When selecting or buying a table, it is best for you to choose one that is big enough to accommodate all your stuff. Having a lot of stuff cluttering your desk won’t help you focus, rather it can be very distracting. Having a big table can help you de-clutter and organise everything, which can help you work more efficiently. If you are unable to find the perfect table, consider custom furniture in Singapore that can be made to your desired measurements.

Place A Cork Board For Reminders
One more way to spruce up your workstation or study room is to have a corner wherein you can put a cork board to stick reminders on. Aside from being a useful place for all your reminders, cork boards are a great accent to bring a boring wall to life. In fact, it has long been considered to be a designer and statement piece in one’s study or workplace.

Install Appropriate Lighting
Motivate yourself to work or study by installing clean, bright and pretty lights! A room or space with bright lighting helps you focus more and saves you from the difficulty of squinting at small words in the dark. Choose lighting fixtures that suit your eye for work or study sessions that you look forward to!

Get A Comfortable Chair
Nothing beats having a comfortable chair to sit on.  A good chair provides not only comfort but also protects your back from strains due to long hours of sitting down. That is why it is very important for you to carefully choose your study or work chair.

Now, do not think about studying or working feels like a drag. You can actually save yourself from it and enjoy the moment by organising your space and making it more appealing!

6 Tips to Help You With Your Spring Cleaning

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Welcome the season of flowers in bloom and blue skies with a fresh ambiance at home. Scrub, wash and dry your home furniture and take advantage of the glistening sunrays for your home to feel as fresh as the air outside.

A deep and extensive spring-cleaning is always a good idea. You get rid of the dirt trapped in every corner of your home, declutter your living space and you can fully enjoy your home.

Get started with your spring-cleaning with these six tips!

Get Planning
One way to be successful with your Spring-cleaning is to plan everything out before getting started. Having a concrete plan on hand can help you figure out what needs to be done first, and what tasks can be completed later. Efficient planning can make carrying out the task easier and smoother. You will already have everything planned out in your head and not waste time with unnecessary tasks.

Move Everything Into A Corner
Before you get started with the cleaning itself, move your furniture away into a specific area. Tables should at least be moved into a single corner to give you ample space when cleaning the floor. Proceed to wipe your furniture using the appropriate cleaning solution to avoid corrosion or any other forms of deterioration.

Upgrade Your Furniture
Is your furniture looking old and weary? You can rent furniture in Singapore, and it is a simple and convenient way to upgrade your furniture. Furniture rental in Singapore is beneficial in many ways. Rented furniture will allow you to change your furniture whenever without the hassle of getting rid of old and unwanted pieces. There are many firms offering furniture rental and a chat with them will help you a great deal.

Wash Your Windows
Choose an appropriate day to clean out your windows. Avoid cleaning them on very sunny days as the sun dries the cleaning solution very quickly, leaving a stubborn streak of residue on your window. A cloudy day with just enough sunlight and wind is a great opportunity to clean and restore your windows to their crystal clear glory.

Dust It Off
Dust off light fixtures and other furniture to make them looking fresh and cleaner. Actually, you should clean your lights first, or those hanging on the ceiling before proceeding to clean your floor. Cleaning your lights can also allow your house to feel brighter and more alive.

Focus On A Single Area, One At A Time
Every corner, room, and space inside your home demands your attention. This is to make sure that you are not missing anything and that you have indeed cleaned each room. Try allocating enough time per room when cleaning to ensure you are able to properly clean out each room or surface. Instead of trying to clean everything all at once, as quickly as you can, focus on doing as thorough a job as possible.

Refresh Your Student Hostel Without Breaking the Bank

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As students leave their hometowns to live in a different city or neighbourhood, an important consideration is their accommodation. A safe and comfortable place to stay is important for students to feel at home.

That is why regularly refreshing or updating the look and feel of your hostel room is an important function you need to consider, to be able to keep up with different trends and styles for a modern look.

As students hold a place’s look in extremely high regard, the overall look of the places they are about to stay in must appeal to them. Student-friendly furniture is a must. As the one running the hostel, you must take these concerns into consideration.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your hostel looking fresh and cozy for different students:

Consider Privacy
Nowadays, people value privacy more than ever. You can provide privacy to your guests by providing dividers. They can be as simple as solid colored curtains. It makes a huge difference to be able to provide privacy to each student.

Have Your Furniture Be Custom Made
One thing to make your hostel stand out from the rest is to have your furniture custom made. Custom made furniture gives your hostel its own unique personality, making it extremely attractive for students looking for an interesting and unique place to stay. Although custom made furniture can cost a bit more than off the rack furniture, you can save money by upgrading your set up. If you have old bed frames, you can repaint them on your own or up cycling unused wood furniture to save some bucks to bring even more character to your hostel.

Add a Pop Of Colour
Instead of sticking to boring neutrals, why not add a dash of colour in your hostel? For example, you can add an accent wall in each bedroom to create contrast or add it on your hostel’s communal areas like the living room and kitchen. Adding an accent wall can brighten up the entire atmosphere of your hostel. When you chose the right color, it can also give an illusion of bigger room and wider space. An accent wall is not that expensive to implement, as it only requires a few tubs of paint. In fact, it’s so simple you can actually do it on your own!

As mentioned above, up cycling your old furniture is one way to refresh your student hostel without breaking the bank. Have several worn out coffee tables in the attic that are still usable? Have them re-painted and re-conditioned! This way, you will skip out on paying for raw materials and will only have to pay for labor. If doing it yourself is your fancy, you can definitely save a lot of money by following tutorials and do-it-yourself guides on the Internet. Do-it-yourself projects are perfect for people who want to explore their creative talents. It is also another way to add a personal touch to your furniture and your hostel!