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Tips for Furnishing a Beautiful Front Porch

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Living in a tropical country like Singapore, you can expect to get a lot of sunshine and breezy weather in your daily life. For those who own a front porch in their homes, this translates to a perfect place for more time to relax and unwind in the beautiful weather. Some use their front porch simply for storage purposes while others spend a lot of effort in decorating it to their liking. Below, we have a few decorating ideas that can help make your front porch a more welcoming place for guests and passersby alike.

Comfortable Sofas

Sitting on the porch is traditionally a social affair, so it’s best to have two seats there at a minimum, regardless of the size of your porch. You’ll want to put in more, like an outdoor sofa that’s good for three to four people, example our Miami Sofa, if you have a lot of guests frequently. You can even consider getting custom made furniture for your porch if you have a personal preference for your type of seats or table.

A Place to Rest

Living in a tropical country sure does have its advantages. Case in point, there’s no better place to put a hammock than in your front yard. Not only do you get to enjoy some fresh air while resting, it also makes for great décor.

Porch Lights

Before anything else, lights are a definite must. After all, the late afternoons and early evenings are the best time to sit outside. Though if you don’t have porch lights, fairy lights are just as good of an alternative as well.

A Ceiling Fan

This is an absolute must since you’re living in Singapore. Put a ceiling fan up or at least a table fan, to keep the breeze going and make your afternoon more relaxing when the sun gets a little too hot.


As much as you’d love to enjoy the sun, the light can sometimes be too overwhelming to the point that it becomes unpleasant. Instead of vacating your patio or porch, you can install some form of shade to help create a shady spot. A sun umbrella is a good start, though sun shades can be much more attractive provided if you know how to set them up (which isn’t that hard, by the way!).

Dining Area

Dining outside is a cheap and ingenious way to help bring together your family, as well as your guests if you have any over. So, make sure that you have a dining table like our Lamborsire Dining Table on your patio designated as a dining area. This should instantly liven up the place and make it more appealing to dine in. If space is limited, consider using a small round table, or a portable table that can fold down completely so you can keep it in storage when you’re not using it.

If you are unsure if a full outdoor set is a good long-term investment for your home, you can look at furniture leasing as an option for you. So, what are you waiting for? Invite a friend over to your newly renovated front porch and while the hours away over a can of beer and some good old fresh air.

How to Make Your Home Elderly-Friendly

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One of the most overlooked facts about living with the elderly is how differently furniture works for them as they do for the average adult. However, with a little fixing, mostly by following some well-established principles of universal design, it is possible to design a home to be as friendly as possible to all ages.

Below are our suggested ideas that might help make your home safer for the elderly, without compromising the quality of living for your family.

Use levers instead of knobs

Do you think turning a doorknob is easy? Just wait until you develop arthritis or similar conditions on your hand. Anyone who has arthritis of any age will tell you that doorknobs are their bane. Fortunately, the solution is simple: replace doorknobs with lever-style hardware.

Levels are also very useful for faucets. Also, speaking of replacement, illuminated rocker switches are much more convenient to use for the elderly compared to standard toggle light switches.

Elder-Friendly Floors

Slippery surfaces aren’t the only thing you have to worry about. Make it a point to eliminate thresholds or at least lower their height. For those who use walkers, it’s better to use low-pile carpeting to minimize any chances of an accident. This isn’t just for the elderly; even the average adult, as well as children, can benefit from a significantly lowered risk of slipping.

Custom-Made Stairs

Stairs are very dangerous for the elderly, but there is little you can do to remove the use of stairs in your home if you live in a multi-storied apartment. Instead of doing that, here’s the next best thing you can do: customize your stairs. Adding more lighting, handrails, as well as defining the steps more so the edges are easier to see can do wonders in helping to prevent falls. Adding low-pile carpeting can also minimize the pain in case such falls do happen.

Space Efficient Furniture

This is especially true for those who are caring for a senior that need to use a wheelchair. Since they consume a lot of space, you’ll want to rearrange your furniture so it’s much easier for them to move around. Custom made furniture is your best bet here if you want to have a perfectly arranged room with just the right amount of furniture that the elderly, as well as you and those living in your house, can use.

Grab Bars

Strategically placing grab bars in long corridors, inside bathrooms and everywhere else around the house can help instil confidence in the elderly and encourage them to move around the house as opposed to being afraid of tripping falling.

These are just some of the ways to make homes more senior-friendly, but remember, an elderly-friendly home doesn’t always mean that it doesn’t have to look good. Your home can be both physically and visually appealing, without compromising anything. In such cases, custom made furniture are the best because, in tandem with a good interior designer, you can make sure that your house is well-designed for adults, children and the elderly alike. At WTP, we have our in-house carpenters who have had years of experience in the field and are highly skilled in designing and producing custom furniture to your needs. Explore your options with us today!

Reasons Why You Should Have a Carpet in Your Home

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Area rugs are beautiful to look at and have a way of making up for the lack of room by utilizing various colours for its décor. Not only do they have a great visual appeal, they have plenty of practical benefits as well. If you’ve ever doubted why you should get area rugs or carpets for your home, don’t. Here’s why!

A Quieter Home

This is perhaps one of the most underrated reasons for laying down a rug inside your house. Because of their soft texture, you won’t be making as much noise stepping on area rugs and carpets. In addition to this, they also absorb sound, so your room will not echo as much.


Speaking of soft texture, carpets are just that much more comfortable to stand and walk on compared to hard surface flooring. Carpets feel much softer to touch, giving your skin better flexibility and literally relieving your body of pressure.

A Sense of Calm and Intimacy

If you’re a follower of Feng Shui or similar beliefs, you might have heard about how area rugs slow down the flow of energy throughout the home. Even if you don’t, you’ll intuitively sense it, if only ever so slightly.

Another reason why you’ll want to get a good area rug is that they can help make for a very cosy and intimate space. Compared to a bare floor, a rug like our Alaska Twill Area Rug will bring you a sense of comfort and add to the atmosphere of a night of heart-warming catch-up.


For years, experts have claimed that carpets are notorious for causing allergic reactions. Although it is true that carpets can cause allergens because they trap allergens, it’s not always the case. In fact, numerous studies have shown that area rugs and carpets are great for those with allergies because they trap all of the allergens. Of course, it is always the best to keep the area rug clean and well maintained.

Slip Resistant

If your house has flooring made of slippery materials like marble, it is a good idea to get carpets since they are slip resistant. This prevents any slip and fall accidents, which is an important factor to consider if you have elderly or children in your home. In case of a fall, the carpet or rug can cushion the fall as well.

Put simply, looks alone aren’t the only reason why you should consider getting a nice-looking area rug. At WTP Singapore, you can explore your furniture rental options if you’re still undecided on which rug to get or whether is a long-term investment you should make. Drop by our showroom to find one that fits your taste and home best!

Essential Pieces of Furniture Every Bedroom Needs

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Your bedroom is one of the most personal and private spaces inside your house; it’s where you relax and sleep like a baby. As such, it needs not only to be functional but also conducive for a sound sleep.

Improve your safe place and enjoy a much more dreamy retreat by taking the time to put in these essentials in your bedroom:

A Bedroom Rug

There’s nothing that ruins a good sleep more than stepping on a harsh, cold floor. Start your day right by placing a soft, bedroom rug like our Mangolia Area Rug just by your bed. Don’t forget to make it blend well with your other room furnishings for a complete look.

Throw Pillows

You can have more than two throw pillows. Why? Because they help make your sleeping place look more comfortable and inviting. As always, pattern it accordingly. Nothing is worse than having throw pillows that ruin the overall theme of your sanctuary.

A Comfortable Seat

If you have yet to find your comfortable seat, do yourself a favour and get a good comfortable seat, place it by your bedside. Our Susan Armchair is the perfect option! This particular seat can be your favourite go-to place for reading and for relaxing after a long day’s work. This is also where you can spend some alone time contemplating early in the morning as you sip your morning brew. Basically, it’s the perfect place for you to start your day or unwind.

A Good Display Case

A trophy case or a cabinet where you can display photos, gifts and achievements are definite must-have items in the bedroom. Not only will they help add to your décor, but they’ll also help motivate and start your day right when you wake up.

A Nightstand

The secret to getting better sleep is making sure that you have a well-stocked nightstand like our Yvonne Bedside Table beside your bed. It should have everything you need before going to bed and after, including a glass of water, a lamp, a book, an extra drawer for any other things, and a small plant to complete the setup. This is just a basic rundown of things. Feel free to add more according to what you need.

A Comfortable Mattress

This is perhaps the most important part of your bedroom; a comfortable mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. Make sure to choose a mattress that complements the height of your frame, as well as that of your headboard.


Your bedroom is a sanctuary for you to relax and sleep in. Don’t ruin it by putting a TV inside. In fact, double-up on keeping it tech-free by keeping your phone away from your bedroom. Such gadgets will only keep you up at night and destroy the serene, calm atmosphere that you want and need from your bedroom.

Afraid that you will get bored of your bedroom set up in a year or two? Worry not! Furniture leasing in Singapore can help you redecorate your house according to your needs. With the option to swap out the furniture when your contract is up, you can opt to try out news ones after or simply purchase the ones you have already rented.

5 Types of Must-Have Furniture Pieces for Every Home

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The way you decorate your home is very personal – your design decision is the very embodiment of who you are as a person and your preferences. Regardless of your tastes, however, there are certain item pieces that belong in every household.

We have taken the time to list down all of the go-to items that work for every home. Check out the list below and strongly consider including these items in your home’s interior design plans!

That One Expensive Item Piece

Also referred to as a splurge, you should not hesitate to spend a large amount of money on a particular piece of furniture. Because a house where everything feels like a compromise just isn’t complete; you’ll want to include at least one stand-out furniture piece to elevate the look of your entire flat. Besides, if your budget just doesn’t allow for it, or you do not want to risk splurging much on one item, you can always try furniture leasing at WTP Singapore to experiment with the decoration without breaking the bank.

A Wood Stool or Table

It does not matter what your thoughts on wood are. You can be the type that never gets enough of them, or you can be the type not to like them. Either way, wood is an essential material that helps add some life and colour to your house, and they have a place in your home beyond the typical dining area.

Walnut stools and coffee tables like our Rootslab Coffee Table make for great centrepieces in the living room, helping to keep everything grounded while providing elegance to the total area.

Something Striking

This can be the splurge or any other item piece that just jumps out and makes an impression, like our Ceramic Pomegranate. It can be in a bright colour, or an unusual painting, or anything; any piece of furniture that you feel is a risk makes for a great way to capture the attention of anyone who goes inside your home, including yourself.

A Place to Relax

This is an underrated element when it comes to home design. Most people just don’t realize the value of having a great place just to unwind and waste time away. If your house does not have one, work on it. Invest in a comfortable chair with a floor lamp, as well as a stool, in a neatly arranged place so even when everything else is a mess inside your house, you will have somewhere to put up your feet on to relax in. You can consider customizing your furniture to suit your space. At WTP Singapore, we have in-house carpentry that is catered to building custom made furniture that can truly reflect the personality of a house owner. If you want to create a relaxing corner that is truly your own, consider making customized furniture for your satisfaction.

Something Green

Moreover, by green, we mean something that’s actually alive. Functionally, plants help clean the air inside your home. However, more than making it easier to breathe, just having plants inside your house provides a sense of calm and oneness with nature that makes it easier to go by with your daily routine.

These five furniture types help make your home’s interior design more complete. Explore your furniture rental options at WTP Singapore and find out which furniture can best fit your space to create a comfortable and lovely home for you and your family.

Different Ways to Use a Vase to Beautify Your Home

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Vases are a relatively inexpensive and simple decorative piece of item that does wonders for the atmosphere of your home. Below are a few ideas that you might find useful if you are looking to make the most out of vases when beautifying your home.

Use Decorative Vases As It Is

As the name suggests, decorative vases are centrepieces on their own. You do not need to put anything in them. All you need to do is put them in a side table or deep windowsill, and voila, you will have a unique piece of furniture that helps add some personality to whatever corner of space you put it in. WTP Singapore’s Fleur Olive Vase can provide a different dimension to an otherwise plain side table. Its unique colour also brings an earthy vibe to your living space.

Fill Vases With Decorative Items

If you really want to put something in a vase, go for the clear vases and fill them with something decorative; sand or small pinecones are a great start. The décor does not even need to fit in with the overall theme of the space. In fact, it can be totally different, so it can act as that one striking piece of furniture that stands out and helps complete the overall look of your room.

Put It on the Staircase

If space allows for it, you can put a vase to add some necessary detail to what probably is a plain-looking staircase. Just make sure you do not place it where it will become a safety hazard! If you have a great design of a vase that you will like to materialize, consider customizing it at WTP Singapore. Our carpenters here are skilled in transforming dreams into reality with their work. Get the design that you want, don’t simply settle!

Fill it With Delicious Treats

Make sure to clean the vase thoroughly first and then fill it with yummy treats. You can then use the vase as both a centrepiece for your living room and a way to offer some finger foods for any of your guests. For this to work well, it will be best for you to use a clear vase.

Spice Up Your Kitchen

If your kitchen seems uninspiring, you should consider adding an ornamental vase to liven up the area. However, you should forgo using the vase to contain flowers, and use it for your kitchen utensils instead. In the end, you will have a multi-functional decorative piece and a way to store all your kitchen needs.

Something for the Craft-Lovers

If you would love to get your hands dirty, then get that vase of yours and wrap some unused yarn lying around the house around the vase. If you cannot find any, you can always get them from your favourite craft store. Either way, you will still end up with a once-plain looking vase that now has both texture and a pop of colour, which is just perfect for whatever decorative purpose you see it fit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

The thing with vases, or any piece of decoration for that matter, is that they are not permanent; you are always free to change things when you feel like it. Place our Network Driftwood Vase together with a mirror above and you get an artistic space that helps bring an accent to your space as well. Alternatively, you can also place the vase next to your television console to fill up the otherwise empty spot.

If you wish to have decoration pieces that you can refresh once every few months, furniture rental at WTP Singapore is always a good option, both for short-term and long-term rentals, so that you will never get bored of your house’s decoration while constantly improving on its interior as well.