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Achieving a Home With a Rustic Touch

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Rustic décor mixes earthy and homely elements to produce a stylish, distinctive look. Distressed wood and neutrals blend to form the ultimate cosy environment. While adding rustic touches may seem challenging, in reality, only a couple of little tweaks can give your home the feel of a weathered farmhouse. Indeed, it is simple to make.

This classy décor trend is completely based on adopting old items and using them within your interior space to add a vintage ambience. This may be as easy as draping twines on lamps or wall clocks. Generally, you want to make it feel sharp around the edges. Moreover, rustic decorations are easy on your pocket.

Who can decline such easy and charming interior décor projects? Remember, you have a responsibility of making your home more attractive and inviting so that your family and guests enjoy their time in your space.

Here are a couple of ways to incorporate this rustic touch into your living space.


Wooden décor gives your home a stylish, antique look. No wonder wooden art pieces are trending. Be it curtain rods, shelving units or picture frames, opt for wooden ones.

For windows, also choose wood blinds as they generally use the best hardwood for blinds, which affords your living space a classy elegance and vintage feel. Moreover, they also add warmth to the room and protect your interior space from harmful ultraviolet rays.


Pallets were initially used for transport. However, wooden pallets can now be converted into rustic decoration elements. If you’ve been thinking about setting up a swing in your backyard, you can opt to use pallets to create a romantic platform for it. Apart from a swing, you can also shop for a custom made sofa or customised bed in Singapore lay it on pallets for a superbly rustic feel.


Rugs are the perfect option to fill unattended spaces on floors and walls. They add a sense of artistry to your living space. Not only do they make your floor look elegant, but also inviting especially for guests.

Large printed rugs hanged on empty walls can serve as a wonderful interior decoration. Also, employing wooden curtain rods to hang these rugs on your walls gives a traditional feel to your place, as would using earthy coloured rugs.

Twine cabinet handles

This is arguably the easiest trick to giving your room a rustic touch. Simply dress some twine around kitchen or bathroom cabinet handles that you would wish to spruce up. What you get are rustic handles. It’s very easy. Moreover, you can also wrap more twine around a table lamp in order to get a stylish, cool piece of equipment at no extra charge.

Mason jars

Cheap, classic, and easy to spruce up, Mason jars are popular staples for anything and everything rustic. Apply a layer of fresh paint and use them as vases for fresh flowers. Alternatively, you can use them as a candle holder.

Twig Candle Holder

This is a fairly easy DIY project. If you have an old candle holder hanging around, consider giving it a new lease of life by glueing some twigs around it horizontally. This project will take you only a couple of minutes, but the final product will look like an expensive work of art.

Interior stone wall

An interior stone wall incorporates so much texture to your home and generates a warm, rustic vibe. Remember, it is equally as functional in the bedroom as it is in the living room. To understand the real impact of the interior stone wall, just imagine the wall being flat, gray or white and smooth instead. A stone wall brings so much more character with its humps and bumps and intricate colours.

Get Your Home Organised with These Simple Hacks

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People get stressed about finances, family issues, work place and other aspects in life. When you come back home, you want to feel as if you’re stepping inside a sanctuary, removed from the stress of life. However, this begs the question: does your home offer a safe haven from stress, or does it bring you further stress that you may not be aware of? A cluttered and disorganised room renders relaxing at home almost impossible.

Many people are not sure where to begin. In fact, many starts to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and defeated at the thought of decluttering their living space. While this is unfortunate, it doesn’t have to be this way. Getting your home in order is less tedious than what some think it to be. This article provides simple insights that can help you transform your home into a stress-free oasis.

Introduce the wastebasket

Consider adding a wastebasket to your family room if trash tends to build up every so often. Not many family rooms have a wastebasket, as they can be unsightly and produce offensive smells. To offset this, pick a wastebasket that complements your interior décor. Choose one that comes with a lid as well as deodorising trash bags. When it is full, grab it and empty it right away.


Do you have that ‘small’ space that you don’t know how to utilise? Well, you could do with shelf units in these small spaces. For instance, the space below the staircase is suitable for a shelving unit for storing various things. Floating shelves give your home a refreshing design because you can innovatively arrange them as you please. You can use them for books, photo displays, artworks, vase arrangements and other items. Thanks to floating shelves, your floor space will remain free for Singapore’s custom furniture.

Nesting tables

Nesting tables always keep their promise to remain compact, inconspicuous and versatile. They sit quietly in a quartet or quintet in the living room, one on top of the other, always ready to be pulled out and be used as tables for arriving guests. Nesting tables offer a unique option for tucking away remote controls, coasters and magazines instead of leaving them lying on the floor or rug. They free up the area in front of the custom made sofa, where a coffee table is always stationed, allowing you and your guests to stretch your legs after a tiring day.


Every living space should have a set of trays. When items are arranged on a tray, they look more orderly. Consider placing a tray on top of the coffee table or nesting table to accommodate common living room clutter, like magazines and remote controls. By using trays, you can easily put these items out of sight and access them when you need them. This is the best way to conceal some visual clutter without impairing t accessibility to commonly-used items. Consequently, the room will look tidier. Besides, trays also protect your rent to own furniture from rapid wear and tear.


For families with young kids, toys are a must-have and often litter the house. Keeping your house tidy is never an easy battle especially with the ever-growing number of such toys. The best solution to keeping toys under wraps is to get baskets that come with covers. Baskets are appropriate as they are lightweight and thus can be used to ferry and store the toys.

Remember, getting your home organised does not mean that you have to throw away your favourite pieces of furniture or objects that you have accumulated over the years. Place them in storage so as to afford your living space some breathing space again.

Simple Ways to Work Stripes Into the Modern Home

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Stripes have been trending in the fashion industry for a long time now. As a result, they are finding their way into the modern home. From bedding and pillows to wallpapers and rugs, whether vertical or horizontal, thick or thin, stripes have a unique ability to capture the eye and restyle a living space.

Colours and patterns play a huge part in setting the mood in your spaces. The addition of stripes adds a sense of movement and stimulation. Moreover, the stripes also generate a well-balanced, yet mild interior space for friends and family. The minimalism associated with stripes affords your interior design an update that is chic and timeless.

You can easily pair stripes with other furniture pieces in your living space by matching a particular shade of colour, or by imitating lines in the architectural blueprint.

If you’re wondering how to work stripes into your own living space, this article highlights several ways you can introduce the trend in a chic, functional way.

Black and white stripes

If you love black and white stripes and wish to bring them into your interior space, you need to consider a few aspects. First, do you choose thick or thin stripes? If you want a modern look, go for thicker stripes while the thinner stripes bring a vintage look.

While black and white is a traditional colour combination, when embedded into stripes, this classic pairing turns into a fashion trend.

Horizontal vs. vertical

Should you go for vertical or horizontal stripes? Well, it depends on what you want to achieve. Generally, vertical stripes are more traditional and create the impression of height hence making ceilings appear taller than their actual height. In contrast, horizontal stripes are more modern and accentuate the width of the room.

Thick vs. Thin

Both thick and thin stripes have their unique advantages. Generally, the larger the room, the wider wall stripes ought to be. If you live in a small space, opt for thin stripes as they give the allusion of a bigger space. On the other hand, thick stripes are well suited for larger rooms.

In terms of how to play with stripes in your home, there are various ways to do so.


If a painted wall is not an option, striped wallpaper works just fine. Identify one main wall to cover with striped wallpaper, not the whole room.


Stripes are not just meant for your walls. Instead, you may want to consider striped flooring using a carpet of your choice. For a more traditional style, opt for neutral color stripes while a more modern style features brighter stripes.


Don’t forget the ceiling when decorating your interior. In more angular rooms, extend the stripes trend up to the ceiling to add further interest and draw the eye to the room’s angles. A striped ceiling is suitable for the bathroom or bedroom.

Striped curtains

When wallpapering and painting isn’t viable, consider adding striped curtains. Go for rich colours as well as a floor-to-ceiling length creating the impression of a taller ceiling. Bear in mind that striped curtains are not meant only for your child’s room. All rooms and décor can benefit from the elegance of stripes. In terms of colour choice for your striped curtains, consider the function of the given room. For instance, neutral colours are appropriate for the bedroom as they don’t agitate the eye and should blend well with the rest of the interior décor.

Striped furnishings

Introduce a striped piece of furniture to your living room. For a subtler design, a striped custom-made sofa delivers a sense of sophistication to your space. For your customised bed in Singapore, consider multihued stripes to achieve your desired bedroom style. If your existing furnishings include block colours, you can choose to accessorise the look using striped scatter cushions. Remember to maintain the same colour theme.

Creating a Child-friendly Home

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With children comes chaos. They cause all sorts of mess, from their bedrooms to the living room and everywhere in between. When you look around, your living space is littered with soft toys, puzzles, books and bikes everywhere. You may often find yourself trudging around at night, trying to put things back to order in your living room following an evening of playtime for your kids.

For a lot of parents, stylish pieces of equipment and chic décor ideas may sound interesting, but they feel it’s improbable to add to their homes. This is because the kids might damage them. Nevertheless, a child’s joy and laughter can pervade a home and soften the most rigid of hearts.

The problem is always that most homes aren’t designed with children in mind, which they undoubtedly ought to. The following ideas can help you transform your home into a child-friendly space and fun for all. Read on for more insight.

Fixed-cushion sofas

As you are probably aware, children love pulling off cushions from a sofa. The best thing to do is to buy or rent a custom made sofa with fixed cushions. Even with your kids jumping on the sofa, the cushions will remain in place and everything will look neat.

Rounded furniture

Even if your home is extremely spacious, chances are your kid will unintentionally bump against a piece of furniture during playtime. Try to lessen this apparent risk by renting furniture online that is rounded and devoid or sharp corners. The market is flooded with a variety of amazing furniture pieces that won’t cause you any worries in the near future as far as the safety of your child is concerned.

Vinyl flooring

As previously mentioned, kids love jumping from one place to another. In the midst of all this, they may also drag furniture pieces across your flooring and cause damage, especially if you have hardwood flooring. If you have small kids, consider installing vinyl flooring as they are difficult to destroy and look good for a long time. In fact, you can be sure they’ll last through the entire development stage of your child without you needing to replace them.

A cozy corner

Kids love to be where their parents are-where mom prepares dinner in the evening or where dad works in the evening. They don’t like playing alone. With this revelation, parents should embrace the disarray and transform the living room and areas where toys end up into a practical space that allows kids to play and do whatever they want. Creating a practical space for them to do their homework or leisure reading may involve buying several beanbags and positioning them in a corner with a small shelving unit. Placing floor cushions around a low round table does not only make the space functional, but also look good.

Bring nature indoors

Bringing potted plants into your home does not only provide a rich source of oxygen, but can help your child’s development. You can assign your child the responsibility of caring for their own potted plant. Moreover, they can also paint or adorn the pot as way to exercise their artistic talents.

Creative storage ideas

Of course, most parents are worried about toys thrown everywhere in their living rooms. To control this sort of clutter, introduce baskets and attractive boxes in empty corners. These storage items will help store your kids’ goodies and also complement the décor of your room. Get a double-duty coffee table that can accommodate toy baskets on its bottom shelf.

Kids’ furnishings

Choose a low, customised bed so your child can easily get on or off the bed. Likewise, pick a small chair and table. Inside the closet, the clothes rod should be low enough to allow the kid to see and rummage through his clothing. Child size furniture remains practical for kids up to about the age of ten, so it is a prudent investment.

With these ideas, you can allow your child to play inside the house without necessarily causing chaos and leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Tips on Making the Most Out of Your Tiny HBD Balcony

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Being a tropical country, Singapore is synonymous with heat, humidity and monsoon rain. But, as bad as that may sound, it’s also true that Singapore doesn’t experience winter, which means sunshine all year round.

So, if you happen to have a balcony all to your own, you might as well maximise it.

Below are a few tips that you can use to help you make the most out of every inch of your balcony:

1.    Less is More

A few properly placed plants and accessories can go a long way in making your tiny balcony look fabulous all year round. If necessary, get custom made furniture, so you can have one that’s just the right fit for your balcony.

2.    Enjoy the Sun

Because you can never get out of the sun in Singapore, why not make the most out of it by using your balcony as a way to get some vitamin D? All you’ll need is a comfy chair, a small side table, and an umbrella in case things get too hot, and voila, you’ve already got a good contender for your favourite spot in your house.

3.    It’s Grilling Time!

The best thing about having summer all year round is that you can always have barbeques whenever you want, especially if you have friends around. As small as you think that balcony of yours is, with the right amount of planning, you can spice it up and turn it into a mini terrace, complete with its own grill, a couple of plants, comfy seats and perhaps even a table.

4.    Your Own Work Space

Judging by how small your balcony is, the rest of your apartment or condo unit probably isn’t teeming with space either, leaving you with very little space to work with.

So, why not turn your balcony into your own outdoor workspace? You can go and look places that rent furniture in Singapore and get a balcony table. Set it up, get a comfortable chair and you’re good to go. Plus, it’s always great to get some vitamin D and some fresh air while you’re working.

5.    Do Some Gardening

Just in case you didn’t know, gardening is a great way to burn off some calories and blow of some steam after a stressful day or week at work. Of course, it’s not easy to do if you don’t have a plot of land to work with, but with a little ingenuity and research, you can create your own garden on your balcony.

Not only is the act of gardening itself therapeutic, but you can also grow your own herb garden so you’ve got your very own “from ground to table” thing going on around in your house.

By applying these tips, your balcony will soon become your favourite space at home!

How to Utilise Your HDB Balcony Space?

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Most of the flats from Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) come with spacious balconies that lift the entire look and feel of the flats. However, that doesn’t imply that you can’t engage your creativity and innovative prowess to utilise that space in your own way. In fact, using custom made furniture can give your balcony an entirely different look and feel.

Unfortunately, not many think in this way, even when custom furniture in Singapore is easily available. They leave their balconies drab, lifeless and boring. Go against the tide and consider your balcony to be your very own private space up there in the sky. You can think of it as a modest reflection zone, or a little world that entirely belongs to you in your very own way. The bottom line is that, when it comes to utilizing a spacious HDB balcony, the sky is the limit. Here are a few ideas for your perusal that will inject up your balcony with life and vigor.

Dining and Drink

Are you blessed with a balcony that overlooks the majestic skyline of the Singapore city or the glistening blue of the Straits of Singapore in the distance? Make sure you make arrangements that let you soak in every bit of that breathtaking view as you dine with your family or have a few drinks with your partner or friends in a quiet evening. Make sure you see the bright blue morning sky lightened up by the fresh sunlight as you have your breakfast with your kids. Make your balcony the place where you have a table or custom made furniture like couches and recliners.

Read, Sleep, and Relax

If you are a voracious reader or have profound interest in music, what better place is there to relax and spend some moments alone than your cozy balcony? All you need to do is set up your custom-made furniture, in whatever way you like, at one corner of your balcony. Let the world pass by – while you relish those idle moments – in a sea of quietness.


Who says gardening needs a large garden or backyard? You just need some innovative ideas to transform your balcony into a mini garden. Set up some modestly sized planters boxes at strategic points and use some artificial turf as a border. Then again, keep in mind not to clutter the space. A floral touch here and there will do the trick. Add some small garden tools here and there, alongside some colourful plants and flowers and there you have it! You have your little garden in the sky.

You can do anything you like – starting from setting up a furniture showcase, to even a reading room – as said earlier, the sky is the limit when it comes to utilising your HDB’s balcony in an innovative way.