A Guide to Adding Furniture to Your New Home From Scratch


Getting a new home marks a new milestone in your life and furnishing it is definitely an exciting project. Have you been sourcing for furnishing ideas online and getting inspirations from décor magazines? If you have too many ideas in your head that you wish to try out, renting your furniture is a great idea for you. Furniture rentals at WTP Singapore give you the flexibility to refresh your home’s interior design after every few months or years. When planned properly, it may even save you money! If you have just begun your journey on furniture shopping, check out our guide on how you can furnish your empty home from scratch to form your dream home.

Size Of Your Residence

It is one of the most important factors that you have to consider. Choose the furniture that fits your room. Large pieces of furniture in small spaces create a disproportionate interior. There are some great solutions for small spaces. For example, you can opt for a TV sideboard with storage compartments instead of a plain TV console; this will not only save some space but it is also a more economical option. You can seek our experts’ help on how you can maximise the space of your home with our furniture.


You can go for neutral colours or one with wood finishes that is simple and elegant. At WTP, we offer styles that range from modern urbanisation to natural furniture, take your pick! What you can do is to come up with a general theme for your home. This will give you a direction on what furniture to select. Browse through the variety of options you have and mix-and-match your furniture to create the ideal atmosphere. We also offer customizable furniture and can help you create the perfect piece to express your own style.


Never ever compromise on quality. A low-quality material can be uncomfortable or can be easily damaged. Damage to the furniture directly translates to a damage to your pocket. For example, while looking for a bed, ensure that it is comfortable and has a sturdy frame. While looking for a chest of drawers, go for solid wood or an equally sturdy alternative.


Before you finalize your agreement, it is important to know all the costs. These may vary for short-term rental and long-term rental. Understand what the cost you are paying covers. These may include initial deposits, advance payments, delivery charges or security deposits. Knowing all the costs before finalizing your agreement will save you from unexpected expenses.

Insured Furniture

It is important to get insurance for your rental furniture to cover any unplanned losses. Rental furniture from WTP Singapore are automatically insured against non-accidental damages. This includes fire damage, water damage and loss from theft. Being covered by insurance provides you with a safeguard and ensures you do not have to pay for something unnecessary.

Fast And Safe Delivery

On average, rental furniture is delivered within 3-7 working days. You should ask your leasing company for their estimated delivery time and make sure it suits your schedule. At WTP, you may receive your furniture as quickly as in three working days. We can even deliver and set up your furniture in your new home before you arrive so that you can come home to a fully furnished house that is ready for living.

These tips can help you in avoiding any unforeseen costs that would cause you financial distress or become a hassle in your move to a new place. Moving and shifting could be made into an enjoyable experience with these guidelines. If you prefer to have professional guidance for your furniture shopping and home planning, head down to WTP Singapore and have a chat with our consultants today!