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‘We Sofa’. Because Sometimes Everyone Does Enjoy The Same Show


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Comfortable Furniture Is What You Need For Awhile!

Custom Made Furniture

Bespoke or custom-made furniture is essentially the meeting point of the person with the piece. It truly reflects the personality of the home-owner. As this forms the very essence of WTP, we…

Interior Design

WTP’s team of interior designers and art consultants specialize in turning empty spaces into experiences. With a ‘Total Solutions’ approach we work with you from concept to completion.

Furniture Rental

WTP has played a leadership role in the leasing of furniture with its flexible leasing packages. Its wide range of furniture, custom made designs and end-to-end services have made the…

The Outlet

Within WTP’s store is the Outlet that is home to the budget range of furniture. A range that is both prize worthy and price worthy. The Outlet offer interesting options for both furniture leasing and retail purchase.

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