7 furniture pieces you do not actually need  

You need not splurge your money on a furniture piece just because it is popular. Homes with kids and pets need more space. Moreover, functionality should be your top priority. Custom made furniture lets you save on money and have designs that suit your taste and space.

If you have furniture pieces that are taking up too much room, you should get rid of them. Likewise, you should not buy that cabinet you have been eyeing if it is clunky and expensive. Read on to know 7 furniture pieces you do not actually need.


Home desks

Many people go for home desks to work or practice a hobby. While this is important, you should avoid getting a desk dedicated especially to it. Home desks generally take up too much space, more so in smaller rooms. Instead, you can use your coffee table, dining table, or a get a wall-mounted shelf as a part of your custom made furniture.

Sofa side tables

These are obsolete pieces of furniture. Having a small table for placing lamps at either side of your sofa seems natural. However, these can easily become spots to dump clutter. You need not fill up your living room with unnecessary furniture. Lights can be mounted on the walls.


It is considered customary to have nightstands beside either side of our beds. However, there is no real reason to this. This adds to your bedroom bulk, when you could easily get something useful on furniture rental. Instead, buy a compact shelf custom made for your bedside accoutrements. The lights can be wall-mounted.


Bulky bookcases

Minimalist design generally recommends against having bulky bookcases. People that have a lot of books, often consider bookshelves indispensable. However, they can be quite expensive and take up a lot of room. You can instead have wall-mounted shelves and take them to the ceiling. You will have more space, both physically and visually. If not, you can always get a bookcase on furniture rental and change it after some time.


Display cabinets

Display cabinets are usually bought to place all your knick knacks. A minimalist design would do away with everything worthless. This can help you do away with this massive furnishing and save your money. You will also save money by not buying novelties to display here.


Breakfast nook tables

Many people secure corners in their kitchens and dining areas to work as breakfast and coffee spots. However, it has been seen that they do not get used as much. To add to it, it becomes a spot for clutter and magazines. You should get rid of the table and chairs and invest in a shelf. This can be used as a coffee counter.


Bulky media centres

Entertainment centres, too, take up too much space and look bulky. You can simply hang your television on the wall. Other alternatives include putting it up on a coffee table that is rarely used. You can also get compact shelves on furniture rental. If at all you go for wall units, make sure they are sleek and do not take up too much space.