5 Ways to Use Accent Furniture in Your Home

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Put simply; accent furniture is the type of furniture built to stand out as a way to complement the room’s décor. The meaning is pretty much self-explanatory, as it is derived from the word accent, which means to stress or emphasize.

Accent furniture, though often functional, are often used for design. It makes your room look better and simple. In some cases, people even buy them for the looks. At WTP Singapore, you can opt for a furniture rental, which gives you the option to switch up your accent furniture once every year to bring on a different vibe to your home.

When thinking of what kind of accent piece to bring into your house, there are many things that you need to consider. Sure, the more you spend, the more options you will have; just remember that more doesn’t always mean better. What’s important is you consider the kind of style and look you are trying to pull off.

The main point in accent furniture is to find that one piece of furniture that gives your home that little bit of extra that turns it from good to great.

Here are a few tips that might help you:

Always Start With the Entry Point

First impressions last and the same goes for your home. The main entry point is the perfect place to experiment with accent furniture. A sculpture with strong colours and unusual shapes, like our Metal Disc Sculpture on Stand is the perfect example of this.

Small Tables Are Big on Looks

Painted, inlaid and other different kinds of small tables make for great accent furniture. You can choose from those made of unusual materials, to those with strong lines or colours like our Coffee Table in Lala Red. The possibilities are endless when it comes to small tables. If chosen wisely, a small table can potentially have the biggest attention drawing power inside a room.

The best part? You can place these tables pretty much anywhere you would like.

When In Doubt, Go Large

Of course, accent pieces do not always have to be small. Something like a china cabinet or a large folding screen can be used to great effect as well. For example, our Bonky Room Divider is a great piece of accent furniture that can help segment your room as well.

Something plain, but with a striking colour works best for busy rooms. Meanwhile, if the rest of your furniture looks plain, something more imposing might do the trick.

The Power of the Chair

Most people underestimate how a good-looking chair accentuates a room. Whether it is one with a strong profile or colour that just jumps out, the right piece of accent chair can complete the look of a room.

To achieve greater contrast effect, get an accent chair with a different, if not opposite style from the rest of the furniture. A chair like our Canary Armchair will surely bring a pop of colour to your room effortlessly and seamlessly. The difference in both styles will lead to an unexpected but beautiful result.

Your Dining Room

Of course, arguably the best and most important accent piece in your house is your dining table; a bland place to eat in makes for a boring home. Our Fossil Dining Table brings sophistication to your dining area with its elegant design and can provide a great dining experience.

Much like tables and chairs, there are all sorts of dining tables for you to choose from, and you can always explore your options with furniture rental at WTP Singapore. What’s important is that you choose the type of accent furniture that will seamlessly bring a pop to your home and make it look better than good.