5 Ways To Protect Your Rented Furniture From Pets

5 Ways To Protect Your Rented Furniture From Pets

If you have pets at home, there are chances that they will easily damage your furniture. Even if your pet is trained properly, accidents may occur, especially if your pet is easily excited. This may be a serious problem if your furniture is rented, as you would likely have to pay additional costs for damaging the furniture. Below are a few ways by which you can keep your rented furniture from getting damaged by pets:

Using covers for pet proofing furniture

If you want to return your rented furniture completely undamaged by your pets, it will be best for you to keep the furniture covered with a sheet. This will be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of keeping your furniture clean and ensure that there are no pet hairs left on the furnishings.

Do not rent bare wood

If you have a canine at home, it will be advisable for you to avoid renting bare wood furnishings especially if the dog likes to chew on it. This is because training your dog to not chew on bare wood will not an easy process and may take a lot of time. Bare wood is not as resistant and can be easily damaged by your pet’s overgrown nails or sharp teeth. Another way you can protect your furniture will be to coat the wood with some apple spray. This acts as a repellant and keeps your interior safe.

Select pet-friendly fabric for furnishings

When renting furniture it is recommended to go with materials that are pet-friendly. Most of the experts will recommend microfibers or leather fabrics as they are easy to clean and more resistant to the odour as compared to other fabrics. The only disadvantage with these fabrics is that your pet can easily damage them if it has long nails.

Cut and groom your pet regularly

One of the easiest ways to decrease the amount of pet hair shed is by regularly grooming your pet. It is also essential that you bathe your pet and brush it regularly. Not only does this keep your pet clean but also reduces their shedding. Another way to avoid having fur on furnishings is by vacuuming your sofas, carpets, and chairs regularly. In order to keep your furniture free from any scratches, you need to ensure that your pet is fully groomed at all times.  This may seem like a very demanding and daunting step, but doing so can make your furniture last a very long time.

Invest in lint rollers

If you want to return the furniture in the exact condition in which you rented it, then it is recommended that you clean it regularly with a lint roller. Lint rollers or packing tapes are one of the easiest ways of cleaning animal hair or fur. The good thing about lint rollers is that they can be used on drapes as well as other kinds of fabric.