5 Ways to Create a Multi-purposed Common Room


People usually love decorating their homes with classy furniture, but not having enough space limits their creativity. However, with proper planning and a little bit of effort from your end, you can add as much stuff into your home as you want.

The only thing you will have to take care of while buying furniture is that the things you buy for your room should be multi-purposed. Here are the top 7 ways to create a multi-purpose common room.

Add a Library
If you are a book lover and a reading addict, then this design is for you. Buy a multi-purpose bookshelf and add books, magazines, and newspapers to it. You can also add some precious mementos to it to include your personal touch to the room. Instead of adding bulky reading chairs to complete your library, you can opt for bean bags to have the same level of comfort with less space being taken up. If you cannot find a bookshelf that fits your specifications, you can always get customised furniture instead.

Club Room
You can create a club room with the addition of some comfortable chairs around a small round table. This will create an ideal space for long intimate conversations with your family and friends.  You can also play board or card games there as well during family gatherings.

Music Room
If you are a music lover or player, add a dramatic touch to your living room by placing a piano in the room as this will make the living-room look more chic and stylish. Other instruments can also be placed in the room for your visitors to admire when they are over at your home.

Meditation Area
For those that practice meditation, you can set up a place for it by placing a rug or a yoga mat near the central table of your room. You do not need space for every single thing, what you need is to learn how to utilize every nook and corner of your room, to create the effect that you want.

Working Space
If your room is large, you can create a working space in one corner of your room. This can be done easily by adding a study desk and an office chair, creating a comfortable corner for you to do your work.

If space constraint is a concern for your home, you can look out for furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example, many coffee tables can serve as bookshelves or storage areas. You can also make use of your wall space by building multiple shelving. Some people even build wall mounts to hang their bicycles vertically on the wall to save space! There are many ways you can play around with furniture arrangements. Experiment with what you have till you get a satisfactory look!