5 Types of Must-Have Furniture Pieces for Every Home

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The way you decorate your home is very personal – your design decision is the very embodiment of who you are as a person and your preferences. Regardless of your tastes, however, there are certain item pieces that belong in every household.

We have taken the time to list down all of the go-to items that work for every home. Check out the list below and strongly consider including these items in your home’s interior design plans!

That One Expensive Item Piece

Also referred to as a splurge, you should not hesitate to spend a large amount of money on a particular piece of furniture. Because a house where everything feels like a compromise just isn’t complete; you’ll want to include at least one stand-out furniture piece to elevate the look of your entire flat. Besides, if your budget just doesn’t allow for it, or you do not want to risk splurging much on one item, you can always try furniture leasing at WTP Singapore to experiment with the decoration without breaking the bank.

A Wood Stool or Table

It does not matter what your thoughts on wood are. You can be the type that never gets enough of them, or you can be the type not to like them. Either way, wood is an essential material that helps add some life and colour to your house, and they have a place in your home beyond the typical dining area.

Walnut stools and coffee tables like our Rootslab Coffee Table make for great centrepieces in the living room, helping to keep everything grounded while providing elegance to the total area.

Something Striking

This can be the splurge or any other item piece that just jumps out and makes an impression, like our Ceramic Pomegranate. It can be in a bright colour, or an unusual painting, or anything; any piece of furniture that you feel is a risk makes for a great way to capture the attention of anyone who goes inside your home, including yourself.

A Place to Relax

This is an underrated element when it comes to home design. Most people just don’t realize the value of having a great place just to unwind and waste time away. If your house does not have one, work on it. Invest in a comfortable chair with a floor lamp, as well as a stool, in a neatly arranged place so even when everything else is a mess inside your house, you will have somewhere to put up your feet on to relax in. You can consider customizing your furniture to suit your space. At WTP Singapore, we have in-house carpentry that is catered to building custom made furniture that can truly reflect the personality of a house owner. If you want to create a relaxing corner that is truly your own, consider making customized furniture for your satisfaction.

Something Green

Moreover, by green, we mean something that’s actually alive. Functionally, plants help clean the air inside your home. However, more than making it easier to breathe, just having plants inside your house provides a sense of calm and oneness with nature that makes it easier to go by with your daily routine.

These five furniture types help make your home’s interior design more complete. Explore your furniture rental options at WTP Singapore and find out which furniture can best fit your space to create a comfortable and lovely home for you and your family.