5 Things To Consider When Adding A Rustic Feel To Your Home

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Everyone has his or her own distinct style and design philosophy. As such they tend to follow the same patterns when decorating their house. However, it is not uncommon to borrow décor ideas or seek inspiration from other sources when considering a home makeover. Usually, people tend to cop to the influential design standards or whatever is trendy during a certain period. Nowadays, rustic chic is a very popular design movement. Here are a few things to keep in mind when adding a rustic feel to your home:

Make a strong statement

Rustic elements borrow heavily from the natural world and hence, it is also about adding strong and sturdy contrasts to your décor. Showcase the strength of nature by adding in a wooden table in the kitchen or wooden bars stools.

Don’t make it look like you’re trying too hard

Instead of overcrowding or littering, try adding in one or two pieces that infuse rusticity to your overall space. It won’t have the same effect if you transform every décor into one with a rustic theme. You might end up overdoing it.

Imperfection is a must

It is all about simplicity intermixed with comfort, so don’t go looking for the perfect piece. The core essence is to create a space inspired by nature that is peaceful yet also a little wild. Picking up a sofa upholstered in vintage fabric is a great way to start.

Look to another era for inspiration

Aside from a little imperfection, rustic also showcases the past. It is about adding in the old world charm, so don’t go looking for modern colours that brings a pop of colour to your décor. Instead, why not add your grandmother’s vintage armoire to your bedroom for a little rustic appeal or consider infusing wood and rustic colours to your furnishing.

Consider renting furniture

Instead of spending money buying new items, consider renting furniture from WTP Singapore to find out what furniture is a great enhancement to your living space before making a long-term commitment. New and custom made furniture is also an option for you to create a piece of furniture that will suit your rustic theme perfectly.

You can add a rustic feel to your home in a simple way instead of going all out. The design philosophy is to not to completely overhaul your home but to add warmth and a country charm to your overall space. Renting furniture is a new way of living that is increasingly gaining more and more followers. If you are interested in exploring the furniture in WTP Singapore that can create a rustic ambience for your home, head down to the showroom and get help from our consultants. Start your journey to incorporate rustic feels to your home today!