5 Different Home Staging Themes to Consider

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You do not need a jaw-dropping farmhouse, ranch or colossal bungalow to leave your potential homebuyers impressed. What you need is some imagination and creativity to turn your home into a dreamland that will leave your guests dumbstruck. You can take your pick from a list of innovative home staging themes to lend unique a look and feel to each room of your apartment. You also have the liberty of using custom made furniture to create the best possible look while tying in with the home staging theme. Here is a list of 5 incredibly creative home staging themes to consider this season:

A welcome mat will always add to the beauty
They say that the first impression is always the last impression. Hence, a welcome mat will always make a difference. A classy mat can make your living room look very different. However, make sure the mat you use is in tune with the colour theme of the wall and looks sleek. A clumsy mat will dampen the spirit of the room and might have a negative impact on your guests, even after using custom-made furniture in Singapore.

Mounting mirrors at strategic spots
Even the most handsome rooms look grim without a mirror. Just imagine a long dim hallway that ends up at a dark end where natural light meets a gradual death. Doesn’t it give you a creepy feeling? There’s one simple solution that will spruce up the entire scenario – just hang a modestly designed mirror at the end of a hallway with some tasteful lamps over it. Mirrors always bring something extra when placed at strategic points – try getting mirrors fixed onto custom-made furniture. They create an illusion that makes rooms and corridors appear more spacious. In short, mirrors are a wow factor when it comes to decorating rooms.

Set furniture that goes with the room
Here you need to be extra cautious. There is a wide range of furniture to choose from, no matter whether you rent furniture in singapore for a month or buying them there and then. The same applies if you are going to stay for more than a year and you need to rent furniture for a long-term period. You need to be specific while choosing your furniture. There has to be specific furniture for specific rooms and specific purposes.

There’s another point that you cannot miss out. Take into consideration the type of cutlery and crockery, glasses and other dining accessories you have. You would definitely not want to roll out the tablecloth and place the wine glasses and side crockery at a dinner party to find that the setup of the table is not doing justice to your cutlery. Hence, keep that in mind when vouching for the furniture. Opting for custom made furniture is a great idea.

Too many personal pictures? They won’t work
Too many personal pictures or family mementoes can overwhelm any room. Swap them for artwork as they can be the focal point of each room. Landscapes, modern flora motifs, figurines of males and females in a boisterous mood will make all the difference.

The Bathroom
Yes – dressing up your bathroom with elegant and exquisite linen is a good thing and here, but white should reign. Make sure everything is white – starting from towels to the sanitation fittings. You can have an orchid or two, stylised candles, and classy freshening agents to give the look and feel of a spa. You can take this theme one step further with custom furniture.