5 Decorating Trends that All Millennials Will Love

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While generations may differ greatly in opinions, there are certain things favored by the millennial. Whether you like it or not, the current interior design scene is driven by their vision.

Even better, it’s possible to achieve these trends with furniture rented in Singapore.

To your surprise, these trends are equally loved by people from different generations – so there is no conflict when it comes to these decoration trends. These trends are inspired by the modern design but it will not feel foreign.

Here are the top 5 decoration trends that all millennials love and adhere to:

  • Personalization:

Millennials want everything to be custom made and they want the companies to pay attention to the smallest of details. They need specific products. According to them, that one size doesn’t fit all, anymore. Customized interior design is therefore a no-brainer for the millennials, they appreciate it. Part of the customization is the custom made furniture which showcases their style and taste. They want to carve their identities even on the smallest levels. Millennials aren’t scared to try out different styles, so you will see a combination of contemporary and traditional decorating styles in their homes. Some millennials even opt for furniture rental or furniture leasing to facilitate easier personalization of their rooms.

  • Real Brands

Millennials are all about real, authentic brands that offer transparency and honesty. This is an already established trend: millennials are concerned about the company’s commitment towards the environment, health and social issues. Millennials are willing to spend extra if a company is not only providing quality products, but also contributing to the society as well. Focusing more towards socially responsible companies makes companies more appealing to millenials, which can help to improve sales. Several furniture brands that did not have this approach however are now considering it.

  • Flexibility

Millennials are all for staying in other places if the prices get too high or they find a better opportunity. Especially through Airbnb, the millennials are now more pumped than ever to share and rent out their space. They prefer flexible furniture designs that can fit anywhere without troublesome alterations, such that whenever they decide to redecorate, rearranging furniture isn’t that difficult. This is why flexible designs are praised by millennials.

  • Function

Unlike older generations, millenials prefer to work from home. So, they don’t want to buy separate pieces of furniture to serve the same purpose. They want their accent tables to work as a center table for guests and their sofa arms to double as storage space. Multi-function furniture items also make it easier to organize things.

  • Small and Light

Also inspired by the urban dwellers, millenials love designs that are minimalist. Such designs maximize the smaller space in modern homes. It can also feature unusual colors and shapes that grab attention almost instantly.

These were some trends inspired by the millennials that we are certain everyone will love and embrace. What do you think about these trends? Do you think it’s worth your time and money? And do you believe that people from all generations might actually embrace them?