4 Unique and Elegant Interior Design Styles for Your Home

Considering redecorating your house or a new homeowner? Want to build your dream house? Or maybe you just want a nice interior design for your home. With the wide variety of designs you can view on the Internet, many consumers are having a hard time picking an interior design style for their home.

Although there are many interior designs to choose from, it’s much better to narrow down for a specific theme for you house. These four unique home interior styles may help you gain ideas to building your dream house.

French Country Style Décor

French country style interior design always results in a rustic, old-world and welcoming look. This décor originates from traditional country houses and elegant old chateaux, but the warm and casual feel of this style will fit anyone’s home.

French country style colors come from all sections of the color wheel. Accessory pieces are defined with bright black and dull grays which punctuate the brighter colors. Typical French country style pieces have contrasting colors and textures.

Natural materials is an important element in French country style décor.

Homes decorated in this style utilise stone walls and floors, raw wood distressed ceiling beams and timbers, and also plaster walls. Stone, clay, brick and old wooden boards work well to defining the rustic flooring. Old and charming are the keywords for this style.

Tuscan Style Décor

Homes designed in this décor style should be inspired by the elements of nature. Simplicity is where its appeal resides. A room becomes warm and inviting by combining comfortable, worn and well-loved pieces. The combination of natural stone, wood and earthy colors is what makes Tuscan style décor appealing for modern homes.

Tuscan style décor has walls painted with a soft white or gray, while accent colors, natural woods and stone provide points of interest. Venetian plaster, which uses fired limestone, is another method to bring texture to a room.

Homes decorated in this style often use wide wood planks, timber boards, rough stone, unevenly colored terracotta bricks or clay tiles as flooring.

Swedish Style Décor

Swedish style décor plays with anything pale, light, airy and lustrous. The use of pale walls, floors and furnishings to reflect natural light makes the interior of this style of décor cheerful, calm and warm even on the darkest and gloomiest days.

The pale tone of white, cream, soft yellow, pale pink, soft green, and dove gray is usually accented with gold and red.

Blue and white are most used colors in Swedish style interiors. The colors incorporate the feeling of a clear and fresh day while it easily matches the other staple colors of this style.

Paris Apartment Style Décor

layered with mystery and romance, Paris Apartment Style brings to mind Baroque, rococo and neoclassical interior designs adorned with luxurious silks, rich jewel colors and large pieces of art. Vintage furniture and accessories adds beauty to this style of décor. Also, you might want to take into consideration having a custom made sofa or even a customised bed for a completely vintage feel.

Rich colors like emerald green, crimson and royal blues should be accented with black, white and gold.

The glamour and timeless European style, with a luxurious touch, is what Paris apartment style interiors offer. Also, if you find yourself getting bored with just one style – change it up a bit by renting furniture online!