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Furniture rental leasing retail singapor

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Dining Tables that are Waiting to Hear Your Daily Mealtime Stories

When you are looking for quality furniture in Singapore, you'll be greeted by our wide range of dining tables - square, rectangular, oval, circular and in different materials- wood, marble and glass.

Our dining tables and chairs make their presence felt with remarkable elegance in your homes.


The dining table forms the centrepiece and sets a tone for the entire home to embrace. Dining tables tend to stay with their homes for the long term, so the choice to be made may need a considered view. WTP helps in making this choice easier with the range on offer. Be it a contemporary table or then a traditional one, high back chairs or low arm ones, every dining table and chair makes for an interesting pairing.

Furniture rental leasing retail singapor
Sofas by WTP - Furniture in Singapore
Furniture rental leasing retail singapor

Bringing Life To The Living Room

The living room can sometimes be defined as the heartbeat of the home. It often tends to play multiple roles-


Sometimes that of a family room or that of an entertainment room or sometimes simply as a lounge for everyday activities. It draws up

the central character of the home. The furniture you decide to put here needs careful consideration. We at WTP, have one of the widest ranges of furniture in Singapore, that bring life to the living room. The sofa often forms the hero item here. 


Our range of high-quality sofas come in varying shapes, sizes and designs with one common element- extreme comfort. Care, detail and craft with the option of custom-built upholstery is what makes every sofa, so good. Sit back, relax with feet up and nestle in ultimate comfort. Each sofa makes a different statement, be it the sectional sofa or then the love nest, the contemporary modern or the chesterfield, the chaise lounge or the daybed. Whilst the sofas tend to draw focus, the armchairs, coffee tables, shelves, sideboards etc. form the perfect ensemble cast to bring elegance to the centre-stage.

Furniture rental leasing retail singapor

For at Least Eight Hours  and Those Extra Five Minutes!

Beauty sleep and a beautiful bed make a dreamy combination. Four poster, canopy, traditional, modern, king, queen and anything in between. 'Good night- Sleep tight’ is what every bed wishes you as you slumber into dreamland. The importance of a good nights sleep should never be undermined. Make your bedroom inviting and welcoming. We believe there is no concept of waking up from the right side or the wrong side of the bed - It’s just having the right bed. Visit us for the perfect beds and a wide range of furniture in Singapore

Beds by WTP - Furniture in Singapore
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Furniture rental leasing retail singapor

Outdoor Furniture. Because Everyday Needs A Little Getaway. 

Balconies in homes in Singapore present themselves as unique getaways, whilst still being at home. They blur the lines

between the indoors and the outdoors, the private and the public. They make for perfect social spaces to entertain or unwind and often offer views that showcase the rhythms of Singapore’s urban life. At WTP, we offer a range of outdoor furniture - both as rental furniture or for sale. Our furniture is designed to effortlessly dress up your balcony, patio, lawn or garden.  We understand Singapore’s tropical climate and our furniture is weather-proof and durable to suit the sun and rain interplay. 

If you are looking to lounge or then dine, you can choose from our wide range of affordable and elegant furniture online or from our physical furniture store in Singapore.

Sofas by WTP - Furniture in Singapore
Furniture rental leasing retail singapor

When Comfortable Furniture Is What You Need For A While!

 Style, budget, number of pieces, length of lease are all variables to furniture leasing. Hence, one has the option to choose from different packages.  From 1 month to 11 months. From one item or for your entire home. Attractive packages that are practical and affordable.

Furniture rental leasing retail singapor

The perfect furniture range that will make you want to say- ‘I’ll see you in my Study.'

The study as a room in a home has its own character. It’s quiet, intelligent with a thoughtful air. Moreover, as more people increasingly work from home, it’s environment also has seen little shifts- from a private thinking space to a more active functional area. The furniture on offer at WTP has recognised these nuanced movements and has a range on offer as rental furniture in Singapore or then for sale, which can be shopped from its online furniture store or from its furniture physical store in Singapore which is spans three floors. The desks, shelves, chairs on offer keep functionality and style in mind that provide for productivity and comfort.

Customiseto your favourite


At WTP you have the choice to change your sofa colour, material or then fabric design.

Interior Design


We specialize in turning empty spaces into experiences. With a ‘Total Solutions’ approach, we work with you from concept to completion.

Furniture Rental & Leasing

WTP has played a leadership role in the leasing of furniture with its flexible leasing & furniture rental packages. 

The Outlet

Within WTP’s store is The Outlet that is home to the budget range of furniture in Singapore. A range that is both prize-worthy and price worthy. The Outlet offers interesting options for both furniture leasing and retail purchase.

WTP Furniture Solutions 


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